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Lil' Conquest Newbie Pack Giveaway

Oct 19, 2016 7:42 pm
Event Link:

MMOsite has teamed up with LOYGAME for a Newbie Pack Giveaway of their brower-based strategy game, Lil' Conquest.

Play Lil' Conquest and conquer the world with the bravest historical heroes. Build your production empire tactically to support and expand your army.

FREE Code Giveaway Period
Oct 19th – Nov 30th 2016 PDT

Each Free Code will grant you
50K Coins
100 Diamonds
Jin Sword*1

Event Rules
1. Login Lil' Conquest Here.
2. Copy and paste the code in “Redeem”.

* Please note
1. All codes are Permanent.
2. Each account can only redeem code ONCE.

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