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[Event] Free CP for New Players

Aug 21, 2012 7:14 pm
Event News: http://www.talismanonline.com/newpage/2012-08-19-3669.html

Dear players,

Good news for new TO fans!

In the following one month (Aug 20 - Sep 20), new-registered players will get bonus for playing Talisman Online!

Event Duration

0:00, Aug 20 - 0:00, Sep 20, 2012 (PST)


All accounts registered during event duration

Event Rules and Bonus

If a player registers Talisman Online account during Aug 20 - Sep 20, 2012 and he stays online for the required hours in the following XX days, he will be awarded with Free Charm Points!

Three award levels are based on player’s accumulate online-time during certain periods. Let’s check details:

The Day after Register

Accumulated Online Time


7 days

5 hours

10 CP

15 days

10 hours

20 CP

30 days

20 hours

50 CP


The rewards can be accumulated, which means, one account can benefit max 80 Charm Points in this event.

Online data of section I and section II will be recorded separately.  

*If a player has the same account name on section I and section II. Two online-time records will be recorded apart.  If two records both reach winning condition, this account will win CP reward in both section I and section II.

About Bonus-giving:

System will check player’s accumulated online-time and send award to eligible player automatically. If a player meets winning conditions, he will receive award within 24 hours.

*If a player is online while award sending, he will see his award only when he re-login game. Check CP gains in Charm Shop interface.

*System will send reward to eligible players since Aug 28, until Octo 20.

Usage of CP:

You can use CP to buy items in Charm Shop.  Charm Shop has many interesting and special items. Visit Charm Shop NPC in game and buy your favorite!

Charm Shop Intro: http://www.talismanonline.com/CharmShop2.html

Enjoy the event!

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