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[MU]Relic Mu OPENING 08.12.2017|S12E1-2|25x/30%| NO RESETS |

Dec 6, 2017 2:44 am
[size=72px]B E T A ON

[size=72px]GRAND OPENING
08.12.2017 17:00

[size=28px]R E L I C [size=48px]MU O N L I N E
L e g e n d a r y no reset s e r v e r
[size=28px]WEBSITE [size=28px]FORUM [size=28px]FACEBOOK [size=28px]DOWNLOAD

Relic Mu Online is ready for beta testing.
Everyone is welcome to fallow the website link and do the necessary procedures - register, download client, register in forum, and report!
If you will report stuff via your account panel from Bug Report module, you will be rewarded with Goblin Points.
All progress (level, characters, gear, skills, zen, WCoins, Ruud) will be deleted. After official start your Accounts will be recovered and All gained Goblin Points will be set back to your account for your successful start, as a thank you for your help in server development.
During BETA period, in server is increased Experience!

Final Server Settings: NO RESTS, No Custom items, NO FO Items
Experience Normal: 25x
Experience Master: 10x
Regular Drop: 30x
Excellent Drop: 10x
Season: S12 Episode 1-2
Custom Features: New Invasions, New Jewels (rare reward), Balanced PVP, Boosted PVM,
Item Upgrade: Default (GMO)

Website Features:
Achievement system - Tons of quests what will make you sweat.
Support Kit - Claim packages from website to help you in leveling, questing.
Friend Recruit - Use your referral link to get 1k ruud for each.
Coin transfer - From account to account.
Promotion Codes - Free or in events won codes given from Admin.
Lottery - Guessing the numbers leads to great rewards.
Auction - Special system what allow players buy item for in-game currency.
Market - Player are able to sell hes items from game.
Dual stats - Can save up to 2 builds, and switch between them.
Dual skill Tree - Can save up to 2 builds, and switch between them.
Resets Stats or Skill Tree - All know what that mean.
Web Bank - Store your items and Zen in website.
Exchange system - Exchange your Zen to various currencies.
Monthly Reward - Top player from various rankings, get rewarded.

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