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My Lovely Sara [v0.3.5] + Walkthrough [Caizer Games]

Jul 11, 2018 1:45 am
   My Lovely Sara [v0.3.5]  + Walkthrough [Caizer Games]   

Adult Porn-Game

Updated: 06-July-2018  
Genre: Adult Game,Porn Game, POV, BDSM, Toys, Incest, Anal, Blowjob, Public Sex
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Caizer Games
Version: 0.3.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 476  MB

MLD simulate a type of "Visual Novel" and "Corruption".
Im using: TyranoBuilder, Daz3D, Photoshop.​

For now I full complete rus version. Now I translate it into english. So how you know I have a job and cant spend all time for developing. And now I cant say about release dates. But I can say this must be faster than 2 weeks. Just last steps



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