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Sep 24, 2017 9:10 pm

Valor And Glory - Version 0.1.1p

Valor and Glory is a fantasy dungeon crawler with combat, character customization and a good amount of smut!
The country of Euphoria, where adventurer and monster exploit each others alike, you've grown up with very little to your name. An unfortunate event then sees you thrown out of your community, as you're forced to flee from a scene. Awakening in an unknown environment, you must find a way to make a life on your own.
After having designed your character (Name, gender, race, hairstyle, shoe size, etc.) you get to the zone map. As you click around the map there's a chance to run into enemies, which starts a fight that likely ends out with you exploiting the monster or the other way around. Monsters can also drop items and crafting components for you to design and improve your character, helping you with progressing. Other things involves finding quests, meet (and F**K) NPCs, solve puzzles, beat bosses and become a badass!
New features:
- Added a new (reeaally long) scene for the M/F crowd. Activate it by walking around Clover's barn on the map between 22pm and 2am.
- Added a new hidden event inside the Foxhole tavern. Click the background somewhere during service hours to initiate it.
- Added art for the bandit player lost scene.
- Added new art for the ratling blowjob scene.
- Added new art for the moohmin face-sit scene.
- Added new art for the cumquat riding scene.
- Resized the UI for the customize character screen.
- Added a pop-op when attempting to craft with a full inventory.

- Proof reading by FruitViking.
- Fixed a bug with the bandit's healthbar

- The hidden event is the first multi-choice scene, where you have have to decide one or the other. I hope to have many more of these, putting the player in dilemmas each time.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 122 MB



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Sep 24, 2017 10:50 pm

Horny Asylum Version 0.03

Horny As(s)ylum is a 3D game where you take on the role of our mute hero.
The hero was in a family tour/education trip along with others , when their bus broke down due to heavy rain. Stranded and without means of communication they find shelter in an abandoned asylum that they find.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 713 MB



Long Live the Princess Version 0.101

You live a simple life in a small fantasy town. You possess few talents except that of Truthsaying, the ability to magically tell if someone is lying.
One day news arrives that the King is dead of old age and that his daughter, Princess Selena, is coming to your town for her coronation. When a person close to you gets murdered soon after, and you learn that you are the only person who can save the world from an unspecified calamity, things get rather heated.
Serving under a powerful sorceress, you are taught the ability to manipulate people's minds. With this knowledge in hand and a potty-mouthed pixie in tow, you are told to prepare for the arrival of the Princess so that you can seduce her and save the world (the details of this elude you). Until then, however, you must practice. How appealing, then, that this practice means using your magic to seduce as many of the town's girls as possible.
Life is about to become... satisfying.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows/Mac
Language: English
Size 426 MB



MMOsite Special Offer

    Sep 24, 2017 11:52 pm

    Corrupting Jennifer – Version 0.4b

    Jennifer is a 24-year old girl living in New York with her fiance Mark. They just moved into a new apartment due to Mark getting a new job. Jennifer had just finished college so she was still unemployed. She hopes to teach in a highschool as that is her dream job. She even already got an interview in a highschool not too far from her apartment. Everything was going perfectly until today

    Censorship: None
    Platform: Windows
    Language: English
    Size 620 MB



    Sep 25, 2017 2:04 pm

    Mother or Sister Version 0.3

    Game guide:
    There are two ways to play the game I'm working on; Mom or Sister:
    1. Incest route: your mom and sister will become more attracted to you, and eventually have a relationship with you.
    2. Voyeur route: your mom and sister will be pushed away from you, but you will observe their sexual acts.

    By increasing your mom or sister points, you will make them more attracted to you.

    By decreasing your mom or sister points (going into the negatives), you will watch them become huge sluts for others.
    In this version, you can go to the mall with your mom. Depending on which path you choose (incest or voyeur) you'll have 2 completely different outcomes. Make sure to play them both if you want to see all the scenes! You'll have access to a key choice once you reach a certain amount of mom points for both routes.

    For the next version, I'll post a sneak peek before the release. I didn't do it for this one because I wanted to give you guys more content ASAP! Hope you like it, and thanks for supporting me in my first month! I really appreciate it

    Censorship: None
    Platform: PC/Mac/Android
    Language: English
    Size 164 MB



    Sep 25, 2017 2:47 pm

    Peasant's Quest Version 0.53

    It’s an Adult RPG game set in a medieval fantasy world, where you play a farmer’s son on his quest to make a name for himself, and perhaps rescue a few damsels in distress along the way.

    Now, due to a new plugin I used, old savegames will crash, so you can't use them. I realize that isn't something that is popular. So as a work around I've supplied the game with a savegame with all previous quests completed. The character only has the equipment you find in the course of the game, instead you have a decent amount of cash to purchase your own equipment for. In addition you can activate the blinking sprite at the big tree in town, this will let you change the characters name. This was the best solution I could think of. Of course, any new players should start a new game as usual.
    maybe automating the fertility potions wasn't the best of ideas. I haven't managed to reproduce the failure to prompt, but enough people are reporting issues, so I'm probably doing something wrong.
    Anyway, this version returns manual fertility and barrenness potion consumption, yay!:-)

    It should also fix the rat-quest-bug.

    Censorship: None
    Platform: Windows
    Language: English
    Size 615 MB



    The Artifact Part Three – Version 0.2+Save

    A family of five (Son, Older Sister, Younger Sister, Mom and Dad) have just moved to a new town to start a new life. The player stumbles upon an ancient artifact. Accidentally infusing himself with it, and unleashes monsters into a world between worlds. These beings will stop at nothing to destroy the artifact’s host to gain entry into the real world.
    This artifact has uncontrollable powers, but feeds off of sexual energy to survive. The player will need to feed onto his own desires to prevent the artifact from killing it’s host and bringing terrible monster’s into this world.
    These powers may provide scenes with invisibility, instantly making people horny, Increase Penis Size, etc.
    The player will still need to find natural ways to get into his family’s pants.

    Censorship: None
    Platform: Windows
    Language: English
    Size 717 MB



    Sep 25, 2017 3:27 pm

    Wild Life Build September by Adeptus Steve

    Our Project, Wild Life, will be a sex rpg where you, as a player, can roam through an open world, encounter humans and beasts, collect different items with impact on the gameplay, and enjoy handcrafted adult content.

    More info:
    Sex-parings and fetishes the game is currently planned to cover will include:
    M/F - very vanilla, a guy and a girl. I want to include very different types of humans so that almost every finds something they enjoy the most. Also threesomes of MMF or FFM.
    F/F - we all like lesbian action, thats a no-brainer ;)
    F/Beast - Here I have already 3 creatures implemented: a goatman, an anthro panther and an anthro wolf. Also a regular horse and some canine (dog, wolf or coyote) are planned.

    Censorship: None
    Platform: Windows
    Language: English
    Size 2013 MB






    Cloud Meadow InProgress ver 2.01.4E

    Info: Cloud Meadow is a hybrid farming sim dungeon crawler, where the player can choose the solitude of a quiet sky high farm or the rushing adrenaline of a raging battle inside abandoned ruins, both of which benefit one another.
    Experience thrilling turn based combat versus a variety of enemies, using your own raised monsters, allies and an array of skills.

    Added a new font to replace the old buggy one.
    Added Eve X Male Dragon Climax

    Changed the chances for each type of event so no more everything is a shop.
    Fixed Breeding calculations for children.
    Fixed Being able to Incubate eggs if you have no space for them in your barn.
    Fixed Cat missing defeat animation.
    Fixed Auto-Forcing Fullscreen again.
    Fixed eggs giving a random species
    Fixed Movement being weird sometimes.
    Fixed some resources nodes in dungeons giving unlimited resources.
    Fixed Brontide Close Quarters buff using duration instead of value for the buff’s effect.
    Fixed the area behind the dialogue and it’s actor not darkening.
    Fixed a bug where you were able to get eggs that you shouldn’t have from dungeons.
    Fixed a few of the enemy abilities causing a combat lock.
    Fixed the combat music sometimes not switching.

    Censorship: None
    Platform: Windows
    Language: English
    Size 147 MB



    Sep 25, 2017 4:11 pm

    Lust and Power Version 0.5.1

    An old name of this game The Dark Prince (author changed name of this game)
    In this game you play as a young man, whose family inherited a mansion from a distant relative. There you are going to reveal some mysteries and to gain some dark powers. You will have to face demon attacks, to meet some strange persons, to protect your family (mom and sister), and to use their gratefulness to gain control over them and to make them your sex slaves.?

    Lust and Power v.0.5 changelog:
    - a bug was found in v.0.5, that ends the game after you've reached
    sister's corruption level 2 and mom's corruption level 4. It was fixed in v.0.5.1

    Censorship: None
    Platform: Windows
    Language: English
    Size 217 MB



    MMOsite Special Offer

      Sep 25, 2017 9:39 pm

      Dope's Lustful Adventures Version 0.08.1a

      About this game:
      Lust. It can consume you, devouring your soul as it corrupts you and those around you. Leading you on a journey of debauchery and immorality so perverse that "lust" has been labeled one of the seven deadly "sins." But what is lust? Is it really that bad? Are the other six "sins" truly so bad as well? Find out as you take control of Dope as he becomes the champion of lust, where he is thrust into a plot in which the survival of the human species rests with his sack.?
      Added renders for the "negative" branch of Elise's scene
      Added the Temple of Lust and story elements
      Added basement to Dope's house.
      "Finished" prologue.
      Added gab window and tested out its functionality (unfinished)

      Censorship: None
      Platform: Windows
      Language: English
      Size 775 MB



      Sep 25, 2017 11:17 pm

      Good Girl Gone Bad v0.8

      You play as Ashley and make choices that will affect her story in a meaningful way. Are you a good girl or a bad one? Will you stay in the right path or deviate and fall prey to the temptations you'll find in your way? Whatever you choose, it will lead to interesting, exciting and vastly different outcomes. This game aims to present you a complex, branching and coherent story, with deep characters and a lot of freedom, with completely hand crafted, hand drawn assets and a very unique art style, different from the usal 3D models. And a lot of kinky scenes and situations

      Censorship: None
      Platform: Windows
      Language: English
      Size 287 MB




      Sep 26, 2017 1:54 am

      Hard Times in Hornsville v0.63

      Hard Times in Hornsville is a sandbox time management game focusing on adult themes, including several fetishes.
      The game is focused on player choice and interaction. Compared to similar games the descriptions are shorter but can vary significantly depending on the players looks, statistics and previous decisions. The content is highly modular, separate pairings and fetishes can be accessed independently from each other. You can become a headstrong, dominant transwoman with a huge dick or a freakishly muscular but meek man working as a submissive housemaid.
      The game currently contains more than 718k characters (about 140k words) worth of text, over 70 3D rendered images and a dynamic player avatar.
      This release is considered an alpha state of the game with about 1/3 to 1/5 of the planned content ready.

      Please be aware: Large content updates happen monthly.The game's latest update is only available for patrons. All updates will eventually become available to everyone.

      Current content:

      Pairings (from most to least common): MF, MM, FM, FF
      Transformations (from most to least content): MtF, Feminization (without actual physical transformation), Muscle growth, Dumbing down
      Fetishes: Player submission, Player dominance, Humiliation, Maids, Crossdressing, Sissyfication, Exhibitionism, Hypnotism, F**Kmachines, Spanking, BDSM, foot worship
      Player customization: A highly customizable player character with several available hairstyles, beardstyles, makeup options and clothes
      Endings: Five are available( Depraved bum, Lab freak, Sissy mannequin, F**Kmachine victim, Whore\'s plaything)
      Other erotic content: Masturbation and prostitution (the ability to pick up hookers of either gender)
      Non-erotic content: A complex time and money management system, with purchasable things, jobs and a daily upkeep.

      - Most featured fetishes have a voluntary and an involuntary access route
      - MM content in this game means actual gay content (sex between men), not just the player getting transformed into a woman and then sucking some dicks.
      - The more extreme transformations are currently contained in Bad Ends
      - There is only one ending available apart from the Bad Ends

      Censorship: None
      Platform: Windows
      Language: English
      Size 124 MB



      Collared Prey Hunting Club Redux by Logan Scodini

      Luck smiled upon you – or so you thought – when you were offered a position at Onytech, a leading firm in the emerging field of superconductors. However, things are often not what they appear to be, and you now find yourself a Collared Prey, pursued by Hunters seeking sensual pleasures.

      You must now play this deviant Game, and escape the Proving Grounds of the company. Otherwise, you risk being transformed into a Trophy by the device you wear, bound to serve and entertain rich patrons.

      Start to play as a man or a woman.
      Customize the game preferences to fit your tastes.
      A story tailored by the choices you make.

      Censorship: None
      Platform: Windows
      Language: English
      Size 147 MB



      Sep 26, 2017 2:34 am

      Pervert Action Legacy In Progress v 1.2.0


      The game features:   
      Over 800 images (the majority are NSFW and some are animated).   
      Around 900 recorded lines of English voice acting.     
      Indulge in 11 highly interactive sex scenes. Your typed commands will guide the scene!     
      Achieve 11 different endings, including the extra-long harem ending.     
      Lots of non-interactive sex scenes.   
      A special selection of bonus content after the harem ending.  

      Censorship: None
      Platform: Windows
      Language: English
      Size 868 MB



      Sep 26, 2017 5:33 am

      Train the Young Noble Girls as Much as You like

      At a prestigious school attended by daughters of the rich and royal, the protagonist spends his days getting kicked around. Those days end when he obtains the power of "saimin". Without even knowing it, the minds of all the privileged ojosamas are being bent to his will. His vengeance begins......

      With hard work and excellent grades, he managed to earn a spot at the historic school. He thought he was special, but only the first day. Elite politicians, vastly wealthy kingpins of industry and actual kings all sent their snotty, spoiled sons and daughters here. He wasn't special. Compared to them he was low class.

      He'd earned his way here, like a sucker. But in their eyes he didn't deserve it, and as he toiled to keep his spot the girls trod over him like garbage.

      One day I'll get even, he thought as he silently endured the bullies. It was in the library one day that things changed. He found an old book that taught "saimin-jutsu". The craft of hypnosis.

      If hypnosis was real, it was the key to his revenge. He borrowed the book and, if only to amuse himself, studied it. Then he tested it; success. A revelation.

      Censorship : Yes
      Platform: Windows
      Direct X: 9 or higher
      CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.0GHz or higher
      RAM: 1GB or higher
      Language: Japanese
      Size 520 MB



      MMOsite Special Offer

        Sep 26, 2017 6:15 am

        It's a New World Out There Version 0.018b

        You endure a post-apocolyptic zombie world by hiding in a bunker with your sisters. After a few years, a food shortage forces you to explore options in the outside world. Leaving your two sisters behind for their own safety, you venture out into the lifeless world and discover a small group of zombies having a loud celebration. On approach, they were scared and insistent the war was over, they had won their independence, and you had promised to leave them alone. Soon, a beautiful zombie (the leader, apparently) that looks vaguely familiar steps forward and hears you out. She smiles after hearing your explanation as to how you ended up in front of her. “Welcome to Posthuman town, we will think of a better name eventually, but if you call it zombie town I will kick your ass."
        - this is a brief synopsis condensed from a concept write-up by Flamecito from July 30, 2017.

        Censorship: None
        Platform: Windows
        Language: English
        Size 511 MB



        Sep 26, 2017 3:00 pm

        GeeSeki A Town Uncovered Version 0.11e

        A Town Uncovered is a NSFW Adult Visual Novel created by a one man team. The story, art, and programming are all done by me but community contribution is definitely encouraged heavily. You play a senior high school student who just moved into a new town, but straightaway, you have a feeling that it's not the usual town that one would expect. This town holds a secret that's causing the locals to disappear and act strangely. It's not going to be a smooth ride for you, it seems like trouble and weird events are attracted your way. Though trouble isn't the only thing that's going to be attracted to you.
        Alpha 0.11d
        +Added Jacob and MC sprites in conversation in the schoolyard after sister’s conversation
        +Added Note about missing CG scene in Sister’s Bedroom
        +Fixed Infinite Loop in the bedroom during the day that is related to mom’s side story
        +Fixed Map not showing up in the sex world at night
        +Fixed Spelling Errors
        +Fixed Infinite Loop that occurs when you pick ‘no’ when asked to wait for Effie outside.
        +Fixed Infinite Loop that occurs when you pick ‘no’ when asked to wait for Mom in the livingroom
        +Fixed Infinite Loop that occurs when you pick ‘no’ when asked to sit with Miss Allaway in the cafeteria
        +Fixed Incorrect Sprite placement during Conversation with Sister in the Schoolyard
        -Mom’s H-scene’s pace is strangely at hyper speed? For some people?
        -Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
        -Sister Art not present when talking to her in her room at night
        Alpha 0.11e
        +Fixed Mom’s H-scene Speed
        +Fixed Choice box size to fit longer text
        +Minor code and naming convention fixes in the files

        Censorship: None
        Platform: Windows
        Language: English
        Size 702 MB



        Sep 26, 2017 3:19 pm

        School, Love and Cousins Version 0.5.3

        Plot: Experience the daily life of a high school student, forced to live with his aunt. Your choices will guide your adventure, some are irrelevant, others are permanent. They will influence your relationship with your family and your classmate. You could become their BFF, or even more... Maybe your different skills will help you achieve your goals. Good luck!?
        Finally! The update is here. As you may know, I've started a new job so less time for the game, but I continue to try doing my best for it.
        Saves not compatible
        - You can now discover the Hack'tivist event, even if you already have met Lily at the bar.
        - No more training solo in the gymnasium.
        - No more crash when you enter in the dance studio without a short.
        Updated with the following corrections:
        - No more training solo in the gymnasium.
        - No more crash when you enter in the dance studio without a short.
        Finally! The update is here. As you may know, I've started a new job so less time for the game, but I continue to try doing my best for it.
        Saves not compatible
        - All images for school are using my new coding system (because of the bug of the previous version). For some image, it misses some pixel, I don’t know if that depends of the computer.
        - Some corrections of the 0.4.
        - Few images remade (shower and others)
        - Continuation of the new programming for all images. Some have pixels issues but the game size is less than 1Go (instead of 3Go).
        - New interface: the phone is now a journal, with all the characters and information about them will be updated when you discover something new.
        - New interface: the journal is now a check-list. All events are there, and your objectives are clearer than before.
        - The high school. Now, the school is living. Every day, every hour, all the characters have their schedule. You have to move room by room in the school, helped by the map.
        - A lot of new characters. To make the school more living, I’ve created a lot, but don’t worry, each character have its own personality and its own story.
        - The popularity (which wasn’t useful) is now… replaced, by a reputation system. This system will be the base for all interactions (present and future) at school.
        - The Cheerleader Route: the first route of the school (just the beginning), including an event with sex!
        - A new event to take Alice’s virginity!
        - A continuation for the Bar Event (with sex!)
        - A new Stealth mode with… Maria (as a lot requested)
        So in this update: HIGHSCHOOL and SEX!

        Censorship: None
        Platform: Windows
        Language: English
        Size 963 MB



        Sep 26, 2017 3:55 pm

        Bounty Hunter - Lesson of Passion

        Censorship: None
        Platform: PC/Windows x64
        Language: English
        Size 405 MB



        Sep 26, 2017 7:03 pm

        Dreams Of Desire (Episode 7) + Walkthrough

        You play as the middle sibling of a family living together with Mom, an older and a younger Sister, and a military Father.
        As the summer holiday is coming to an end, things are looking grim for our hero, his Dad coming home soon to take him to the military school he was once a student of.
        Our hero however, has other ideas. He never wanted to be a soldier. As things start to look inevitable, he stumbles upon an old book about the ways of the mind.
        With the help of newfound knowledge he can change the course of his life. But how will he do it?

        – Mom
        – Older Sister
        – Younger Sister
        – Aunt
        – Friend’s Mom

        Censorship: None
        Platform: Windows
        Developer / Publisher: Lewdlab
        Language: English
        Size 2500 MB






        MMOsite Special Offer

          Sep 26, 2017 10:56 pm

          Roundscape Adorevia V2.6b

          Emek's Rest!
          This is one big Patch and we're quite proud of it. You've folks voted for it and here it is. :)
          In Emek's Rest you'll experience a whole new adventure with your companions. Set in the jungles of the feral lands you'll encounter curvy minotaurs, Scaly Lizagons and many other different exotic characters.
          In 25 new maps you'll see that we tried to raise the bar for the maps in Roundscape, every map features parallax mapping and we tried our best to make emek's rest outstanding.
          But we don't want to spoil too much, the feral lands are an exotic and wild place. It's best to experience it yourself!
          We'll expand on it in future updates, especially if you folks want to see more minotaurs, lizagon and more of the feral lands in general.

          Censorship: None
          Platform: Windows
          Language: English
          Size 4080 MB








          Sep 27, 2017 12:05 am

          Adventure of Willy D Version 0.0.5+Walkthrough

          Adventures of Willy D. is point and click adventure type of game. If i would compare it's game play most similar would probably be "Broken Sword" but with adult content.
          Everything in game is animated so that means it is not type of graphic novel where you just see pictures or animations only in certain situations. Even when character just stands you may see his movement of breathing.
          Here is new version of game. Please read "How to use save games from 004" if you wanna "re-load" those saves. Do not use your save games from 004 that may cause a number of glitches in game. There is full explanation in text file so read it.
          There is new "feature" in this update. When you double click your left mouse button Willy will fast walk (about 40% faster then his normal walk). You may use this function always if you wish. There are total 8 new dolls (6 on each path meaning 2+2 are sharing same spot). 2 New map locations many new cut scenes and animations. I hope that I will be able to compress all graphic for next version since game is already sort of big. I will be able to compress around 40% of memory and disk size of game without losing any quality. There is again full walkthough for version 0.0.5 as always. In save games that I uploaded all dolls from previous version are collected but none from new ones so have fun with those. Also new thing is that couple that Willy may peek on first floor of his building now have "buttons" so you may check all animations you unlocked for them. They unlock with "random" event during gameplay. Sometimes main story sometimes "side quest". I hope you will enjoy playing this version as I enjoyed making it. Have fun and take care.

          Censorship: None
          Platform: Windows
          Language: English
          Size 2740 MB






          Sep 27, 2017 2:11 am
          Teacher's Pets Version 1.632

          Teacher's Pets is an adult game. You play as a teacher starting out at a new school. There are schoolgirls, there is your wife, there is your beautiful daughter. How you interact with each of them is up to you but, yes, there will be sex.

          Sara is in the midst of a heated election? Will you help her?
          Lots of Kaitlyn blackmail material is now in the game. How much will you take advantage of it?
          Tensions with the daughter are boiling over. What are you going to do about it?
          Not Quite Major, Not Quite Minor

          There's a new girl at school, Zoe. She's the girl from the boutique. I've redesigned her and retconned it so she's a different girl than the first girl you meet on D's shopping trip.
          Boutique visits are now changed accordingly.
          There are no immediate plans any romance or MC paths with Zoe, but she was necessary to populate the school.
          "Chat" has been overhauled to play a larger roll in the game. many new chat subjects, including ones that can affect relationships significantly and may even lead to additional events.
          Lots of changes to existing events resulting in new dialogue choices/options/interactions.
          Multiple new minor events have been added to the game.
          You're now free to lounge around your house in your underwear if you please. New action in the bedroom allows you to dress. This could lead to new and unexpected interactions.
          Toilet can now be fixed permanently, finally ending the eternal cockblock.
          The new ePhone is coming to TP. Guess who wants one?

          You can now lose romance points even if romance is not triggered with a girl.
          Opportunity for romance points with girls greatly increased if you choose to turn down the drug dealer.
          If you get drunk at school you now sober up before getting home.
          You can now only drink once per day in the girls locker room.
          Meg's lunch chats are now independent from which visit she is on, they progress sequentially regardless of when you trigger them.
          You now must agree to help Meg with her college application in lunch chat before the college even can be triggered(may not apply to older saves)

          Censorship: None
          Platform: Win/Mac/Linux
          Language: English
          Size 750 MB



          The Twist Version 0.14 Final+Walkthrough


          Info: It's a choise-based dating sim/visual novel game. The game is real-time 3d (not rendered images), most scenes you can freely orbit around and see the action at the angle you like.
          - 5 new scenes.
          - 3 new items.
          - 2 New locations: The beach, Billy's home.
          - New Character: Billy's mom - Rachel.
          - Updated scenes:
          -Living room
          -Jason's room (night)
          -UI improvements. Added visual elements to score increase/decrease notification.
          - Grammar in some scenes drastically improved.
          - Various bug fixes and minor adjustments

          Censorship: None
          Platform: Windows
          Language: English
          Size 728 MB



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