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Stay away from wow gold farmers, they are all scammers

Apr 13, 2018 12:18 am
There was a rare mount on black market andi wanted it so much, but i had no enough gold and it would take quite a whileto gather gold from selling wow tokens, so i tried my first time to purchase wow gold from a third party site, i never did this before and, its a horribleexperience.

raiditems.comthis is a totally scam company, i ordered 3000k from this stupid site and theypromised to deliver within 1hr, i never got my order, they said they would callme for the trade but they never did, so i spoke to a webcht agent who thenasked me to wait in game, i waited 3 hours and no one showed up, then i wentback to the stupid webchat only to wait in the queue for another 1 hour forsomeone to answer. GUESS WHAT? THEY SAID THEY WERE OUT OF STOCK!!! Sorry,sorry, sorry, thats all the agent could tell me, she said: “there was amisunderstanding our apologies so sincerely’, i said i wanted a refund, shesaid:’ would you like to wait and give us another chance”  OMG, after saying TEN TIMES I WANTED AREFUND, she obviously couldnt comprehend anything i said, its like banging yourhead again a brick wall, when i said: i want my money back and i want to talkto your director and he better speak english, guess what,she banned my from thechat,

This site is really a disaster!

Their customer service is abominable, theydont deliver items or give refund, they cant speak english, they spam a lot,their ads are misleading and totally #$%^

They treat us like idiots.

I m filing a chargeback and you guys betternot buy wow gears unless you enjoy pain!

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