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World of Warcraft: Legion Best Experience

Sep 12, 2016 2:59 am
Fantastic experience on the new expansion pack players is now available. Have you played the new WoW Legion? Cool, down and relax. This is the most impressive action game I have ever played. In fact, now is the best time to jump into the WoW new expansion. Here is my experience on new World of Warcraft and features added to the latest pack.

In Legion, conquest and honor are not the used currencies to purchase gear from vendors. Characters or players who reach the maximum level are entitled to earn Honor points. How are these points made? You have to participate in an action competition in Arenas or Battlegrounds to obtain points. This is just similar to lower-level characters who typically acquire experience points. Improve your Honor level by earning more Honor Points until you attain the highest Honor level. You will also earn some rewards along the way such as Artifact Power, Gold, and a PvP instance.

The players who have attained the Honor Talents acquires a Brand new PvP. What do you mean by Honor Talents? These are a uniqueTalents that are activated when a player in a PvP. How? When you engage in a PvP combat or play more than your natural Talents, the Honor Talents are opened simultaneously. Once your Honor Level increases, the more you open Honor Talents. For instance, if you attain Honor Level 10, you will have just one option for each row. More options become available as you continue increasing your Honor level. TheTalents you point have a significant effect on how you control your character. It also allows you to design your abilities to fit the PvP type you are using or the participants you are using.

Your gears’ stats is canceled, once you attain your PvP. The game then provides a set of stats which is a pre-determined. These stats are uniquely configured according to your specializations. Any set bonuses, legendary bonuses, enchant and trinket effects will deactivate. Your Artifact and their related Powers will not be affected. What are the advantages of this gear? The equipment contribution will modify your overall power according to your average level of an item. Little incentive meant to increase your gear is also available.
In fact, these expansion changes are accompanied by a couple of significant benefits. It puts every participants or player in an organized PvP even on playing fields. To attain your full potential, you will need to open your Honor Talents. It also allows you more control to tweak the PvP-specific balance. How? In PvP, if the spec’s Mastery becomes too high, you can minimize the amount of Mastery they possess. If the spec's Mastery becomes too easy to conquer, increase their stamina. This clearly shows that you can change PvP classes.

The change of sceneries
This is an exciting addition I would like to share with you. The new World of Warcraft features two maps battleground. The Arena that is located in the Black Rook Hold fortress and features a huge statue at the center. At the sides, you will see three alcoves. The series of gates restricts access to those alcoves. As the match continues, they close and open randomly. Are they beneficial? Absolutely. They will assist you to hide for your opponents when gates are closed.

Another Arena is situated in the thick forest of Val’sharah. Once you enter this battleground for the first time, you will be enclosed in a dome of vines. The vines typically retreat when the battle commence. This leaves an exposed starting area to the rest of the field. At the center, there are three statues. They contribute in breaking the line of sight for your opponents. However, they are situated near to each one. It is wise to keep moving to play defensively.
The new pack has more impressive features than the other. In fact, I am jubilant about these improvements in PvP instance in the Legion. I hope you will also be excited.

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