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World of Warcraft: Should Specs be More Balanced?

Apr 26, 2016 2:38 am

As classes have different specs in World of Warcraft, it feels slightly irritating that we cannot really choose which one to play as due to constant balance issues.

As patches keep coming, there are always a set of specs for classes in WoW that noticeably do better than others. This is often disappointing because basically we are told what to play as in order to have a sufficient DPS or healing output. The annoying nature of this phenomenon hit me when I returned to WoD with my Warlock. Currently, the Destruction and Affliction specs are both viable for endgame PvE, but personally, I have always wanted to play as a Demonology Warlock. At the moment, this is almost impossible since the spec seems to be falling behind greatly.

This nature of WoW results in players being limited to certain specs if they would like to take part in endgame content and that can really scare people off. In my opinion, players should be able to decide what spec they would like play and the performance should depend solely on the player's skill and gear and not on what build they chose.

The Mage is also in a similar situation, with Arcane spec being highly superior and yet I know a good deal of players who clearly prefer Frost and Fire over Arcane simply because it is more fun to play. Nowadays, having such barriers in an MMORPG usually results in players leaving the game behind because freedom is gradually getting more emphasis. I am pretty sure other classes also have similar issues in WoW, and Blizzard should perhaps attempt to take WoW in a direction that leads to players being able to choose to play any spec and produce a similar amount of DPS or healing.

Do you guys agree that there should be more balance between specs in World of Warcraft, or are you satisfied with having to choose the spec that gets buffed after a patch?

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May 1, 2016 7:28 am
Absolutely. I have always hated this part about the game.

It gets even worse when in some patches of the game, certain classes with only one DPS spec, like Priest, were so far behind that even the worst spec of a class like warlock was still better. (This was MoP, iirc)

So I was very unlucky that so often the class I wanted to play had the worst DPS spec. Even though I always heal for raiding, it made having a decent off-spec impossible and questing very time consuming.


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