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World of Warcraft: PUGs vs. Guild Runs

Apr 16, 2016 10:49 pm

World of Warcraft has undergone some obvious changes in the last few years, but one of the most significant ones is the decrease in Guild importance.
Since my return to WoW, I have never really seen so many powerful and successful PUGs before who can easily clear the whole Hellfire Citadel heroic content and even down some of the mythic bosses. But going with PUGs is never a simple activity. You will see such "unique" and weird people joining PUGs that it is a one of a kind experience.

Quite strangely, there are still plenty guilds who have not even completed the heroic mode of Hellfire Citadel, and yet a good deal of PUGs can easily (or not) rush through the 13 heroic bosses. So why would people need a guild if they can get a full heroic set with PUGs and boost runs?

Well, for one there is still the mythic difficulty which is not often countered by PUGs and two, when in a Guild, you are less likely to have to put up with circus-like behaviors and constant leavers. But one more question arises from this, and it puzzles me, why do certain guilds still use DKP and EPGP loot systems for normal and heroic HFC when their players might as well go with a PUG and then they would not have to wait weeks for someone to deplete their accumulated DKP or EPGP ( a looting system that revolves around bidding on loot using points collected by constant raiding with your guild)?

Illustration by Exilic

Since I lack the time to constantly raid every evening with a guild, I have decided to take the PUG route and easily geared up from heroic HFC as well as a few mythic bosses. I am currently standing at 730 item level which would probably allow me to join a mythic raiding guild if I really had the motivation, but I still believe that gearing up in a Guild would have been far more entertaining and perhaps less stressful, and I wouldn't have seen so many paranormal activities that one must endure during PUG runs.

However, I am satisfied with the fact that we managed to down mythic Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul with a Nihilum raid leader (Krushwarock) through a PUG team in just a few hours, and I finally got those awesome Gul'dan-like transmogs for my Warlock.

All in all, both PUGs and Guilds can progress through content, but eventually, PUGs are more likely to run into a huge barrier and that is mythic difficulty and the lack of communication. Guild raiding is probably a more pleasant experience, but if you lack the time to raid every evening, then PUGs are the way to go.

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Apr 18, 2016 12:52 am
70s for guild raid, 80 to team A, 90 goes random raid, 100 for mounts, 110 gone. That's my brief story of WoW.

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