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The WoW Token and Its Effect on Gold Sellers

Mar 28, 2016 11:13 pm

Since Blizzard has introduced the WoW Token system that basically allows players to legally buy gold from them, the gold sellers have had to attune greatly.

In the last few months, plenty of servers have witnessed a significant increase in the price of the WoW Tokens in the Auction Houses and this must have had a serious impact on gold seller sites. Currently, the WoW Token's price basically doubled in just a few months from around 40,000 to 85,000 gold which basically means that you can buy 85,000 gold for 20$. In the past, this would probably have been a quite low price for gold sellers but nowadays they are forced to introduce some rather stunning sales.

The WoW Token has basically forced all the gold seller companies to adjust their prices to that of the WoW Token because no one would ever buy gold from them if it was more expensive than buying it from Blizzard itself. Blizzard might have thought that introducing the WoW Token system would perhaps encourage people to leave gold seller sites behind and perhaps that would have solved the botting issue in WoW as well, but sadly this did not happen. Instead, the introduction of the WoW Token lowered gold prices to a level that has never been seen before.

A quite well-known gold-selling website constantly holds events through which players receive extra 50% gold at the risk of getting banned by Blizz. Higher population servers have even lower gold rates and I am pretty sure the WoW Token prices will continue to rise until Legion kicks off and possibly beyond.

Many players estimate the WoW Token prices to be above 120k by this summer which is a price that not every player can manage to afford and it is also something that greatly encourages players to bot. Make no mistake, the WoW Token is really an excellent addition to WoW as those who don't wish to spend real money on their gaming can now pay for the game time with gold.

WoW Token prices are indeed bound to keep rising and thus, the gold selling businesses will continuously be pressured to drop their prices accordingly. Eventually, we will probably get to see most players choosing to obtain gold through purchasing WoW Tokens instead of buying from gold seller sites for it will not be worth the risk of getting banned.

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