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Does World of Warcraft Need a New Engine?

Mar 22, 2016 1:33 am

This topic seems to be coming up more often than it really should and it seems slightly unclear why everyone wants the MMORPG veterans to be "modernized".
First off, World of Warcraft's homemade engine is actually quite a good one, if you consider the fact that it is not young and yet performs a lot better than many of the newer MMORPGs' engines. Most people who would like to see WoW getting a new engine are probably not satisfied with the visuals of the game, which seems like a slightly silly reason.

It is important to understand that WoW's graphics were never intended to be "photorealistic", and the graphics are meant to be this way, efficiently matching the game's atmosphere. For those, who seek to get realistic graphics, it is probably a good idea to check out one of the newer MMORPGs with life-like visuals, and you might just end up realizing that behind those perfect visuals there is not much story to tell.

Blizzard's recent improvement to character visuals actually helped a lot to enhance the gameplay experience, although the Blood Elf faces could have been done in a better way. I can hardly imagine WoW to ever get its engine swapped, it is far more likely that Blizzard will, instead, produce a brand new MMORPG perhaps even WoW 2.  Many of you must have seen the recent fan-made videos showing how WoW would look like with an Unreal engine, and I must admit, it does seem relatively exciting, but will probably never ever happen.

For those who cannot cope with WoW's graphics, I would recommend simply moving on, because WoW has never been revolving around top-notch graphics, instead, it is a game that is built upon a huge storyline which is something that you will not be able to find in many of the newer MMORPGs.

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Mar 24, 2016 1:49 pm
The game uskcs and is dead RIP

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    Mar 24, 2016 4:20 pm
    Three factors play here about WoW lately.

    1: It's engine is nothing of sort to be bothered by. It might not be a beautiful game like BnS, and a couple few other "coughspectaclegamescough". Though WoW had by far intense Content to roll your whole life in nearly, as one would like to put it in terms. Storyline? The Storyline actually isn't that good. Cause reasons is that they revive dead Characters from past...so no. Storyline doesn't add up for several reasons. Go and ask some huge arse fans and experts at this, cause i'm not that much, but i know that they told me truth, considering how far they were obsessed about it and knew what they were talking about.

    2: While Blizzard made loads of Money from it. The WoW was never supposed to be anything advanced, and anyone was forewarned ahead of time, though many considered it not. Sure. There's tons of Skills and ways to max out one's Stats and stuff, but that isn't it. WoW itself revolves around the Targeting System and by using some really interesting way to play it, especially after it's Expansions made it a bit more weirdly fun enough to play again. Though that...didn't last very long.

    3: WoW isn't gonna go much forward anymore, and it's Player Base is diminishing surely. Their trials to expand and make the Game more interesting isn't gonna help. WoW has survived long enough and has done amazing simply by the fact the way they made it and it played out. But WoWs time must end at some point, and that won't be long enough.

    Hope these tidbits of trio helped.

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    1 DanielCsaki +5 Points 2016-03-24 23:43:16 Logical, constructive feedback  
    Mar 24, 2016 11:00 pm
    As some ppl have put it, it's better off dead, ahahaha well I do agreed it does needs an engine upgrade, like I said most game in general will be out of date from 3-5 years mark, and 5 is pushing it far.  Currently mmo games don't have any system in place to be upgrade of said game engine without re-made from scratch.  

    They could overhaul it completely again to say a better engine but the work/THE COST mostly invoking it might be just as well re-made it from scratch.  Blizzard did gave it a face-left but the game itself is ageing or the game design, what I'm getting at is for some ppl want to experience Warcraft in a different setting/game design.  Like for example Warcraft with open world sandbox RPG or sci-fi rpg O_o oh Futuristic WoW now that's an idea, I really should be pay for coming up with ideas cause I have a lot more.

    Any sound logical mind person would knows why Blizzard fear to do anything to the game itself, because of the obviously reason, what works and getting pay in millions each month is something NO ONE want to mess with and that's the bottom line.  Blizzard won't do much else other than expansion pack, the FEAR is all too REAL for them atm, currently they are still making enough incomes for Blizzard not have the needs to reinvent the wheel sort to speak.  But it's been a great run for 10+ years so it's about time to put on the thinking cap, lol and make WoW 2 or some such.

    Mar 24, 2016 11:42 pm
    Reply 3#  Sol2009

    Indeed, WoW 2 is timely.

    Mar 25, 2016 5:23 am
    WoW 2, if should be made, would be after everything happened in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne and Characters killed permamently is dead forever. Let's be real. WoW 2 should stay with the cartoonish graphics but with greater addition to detail and superior animation, on everything that happens. The Characters look and feel so interesting when their movements shows their racial attitude and conversational approach. I'd happily play a Game that MAKES sense of it's Storyline rather then not.

    But i disagree that i would happen. WoW 2, i mean. Blizzard isn't gonna make another giant MMORPG like that out of the crystal clear blue sea, without as much as sneezing after all this discussion about it, and i am pretty sure that's the real end of the line. One could hope only for a limited belief it could occur.

    Jul 8, 2017 10:56 am
    [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/179/20160322/Does_World_of_Warcraft_Need_a_New_Engine-56f103434adfa0c13-1.html#p56f4ddd4b7a674]4#[/url] [i]DanielCsaki[/i][/b] [br] [br]holy moly i totally agree

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