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Ashran: A Returning Gamer's Paradise

Mar 22, 2016 5:03 am

Ashran is all about catching up and gearing for PvP, and it is evidently a pretty awesome way of doing so.
As I told you guys about my recent unexpected return to World of Warcraft, I had plenty of catching up to do and my first choice was a few days in Ashran, and it was a few days well spent. Of course, Ashran is not always an enjoyable activity and there are plenty of nuisances that are worth mentioning.

Fundamentally, if you are lucky enough, you can get tons of Honor and Conquest Points here, as well as BG and even Arena gear from Strongboxes. Ashran can serve as a starting point for your PvP career in WoW, and if you are planning to do some Arenas later on you are probably better off here than attempting to win Battlegrounds, that are often highly bot-infested during the day. Sadly, Ashran is not bot-free either and you are bound to bump into them eventually, but it is probably not as irritating as in BGs.

If you have your BG set ready, it is till worth it to continue attending Ashran because the amount Conquest points you can gain here is pretty amazing. As I explained earlier, I decided to focus on PvP and farming until Legion arrives, and if you guys are doing the same, then Ashran can serve as a great way to gear up alts and get them ready for serious Arena matches.

I will probably continue my activities in Ashran for a few more days, then it is time to start raising that Arena rating. If you just leveled up an alt, but don't want to waste time with failing BGs, Ashran is the place to be.

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