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World of Warcraft: The Problem with Arena Boosts

Mar 18, 2016 1:35 am

Obtaining PvP gear in World of Warcraft is not such a hard task, but it seems many players still choose to get their set by paying for boosts.
It is a common thing to see players looking for Arena boosts on global channels and through the premade group finder. These Arena boosts are usually done for gold, ranging from 200 to 500g per win which is not a bad way to make gold if you know what you are doing.

It seems a bit odd, however, that players are still in need of boosts in the Arena, because it is so simple to get a basic PvP gear through Ashran, Battlegrounds and Skirmishes that will be enough to get you started in the Arenas. And what is exactly the point of obtaining an Arena set through boosts? For many, it is evidently a fast way to get gear with the help of a skilled PvPer, but this seems so boring and pointless to me as a whole.

Furthermore, boosts for gold are not the only way, as there are many sites out there that actually offer boosts for real money, and not only to obtain an Arena set, but to reach high ratings, obtain mounts, tabards, titles and achievements.

To me, all of these boosts are shortcuts that will make you feel smaller because it was not you, who earned the gear, whether it is a PvP boost or a PvE one. I can understand when some people want to quickly gear up an Alt, or perhaps they are returning players, but the whole fun part is supposed to be "fighting" for your gear and earning it.

The other issue with boosting is that it is not uncommon that those players who are boosting, are overpowered not because of their outstanding skills, but because of using third-party programs, namely combat routines that automate gameplay. Arena boosts highly encourage the usage of cheating programs, and that is another reason for my disapproval.

There will always be players who prefer to gain their gear sets the quicker way, but they will probably end up quitting the game, because of the lack of challenge and excitement that they decided to skip when they chose to get boosted.

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Mar 19, 2016 9:19 pm
I always found these service offers in chat to be quite odd. I'm surprised that people actually pay them for the service :\


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