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Reach Exalted with Lorewalkers

Aug 22, 2012 1:37 pm
The Lorewalkers are a pandaren faction bent on exploring the world, finding things and relics to fill out libraries. Caretakers of the mysteries of Pandaria, these brave souls roam the continent, hoping to learn from their history.    -Wowpedia's description

The Lorewalkers are a completely optional faction (in the sense that they will not provide the best gear). This faction is designed for players who care about lore and the story. Skip this faction if you don't care about story. Reputation for them is gained by completing the meta achievements for exploring all the lore artifacts located in every Mist of Pandaria zone.

Quartermaster: Tan Shin Tiao
Located in the Seat of Knoweldge, Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Reputation Item
Cost Type
Exalted [Lorewalker's Map] 5 Artifacts
Archaeology teleport
Exalted [Lorewalker's Lodestone] 5 Artifacts
Archaeology revamp
Exalted [Disc of the Red Flying Cloud] 500 gold
Flying Mount
Exalted [Lorewalkers Tabard] 8 gold

Below is a guide to reaching full exalted reputation with the Lorewalkers. Full credit goes to dragonfire6665, who uploaded the video.

This guide will get you quickly and easily exalted with the Lorewalkers with the use of maps, timestamps and a route for you to use. All maps can be found by clicking the map links at the bottom of the description. If you don't want to do the entire route with us just use the timestamps below to find the particular sites you want.

Remember to take the scrolls out of your mail after and hand in the quests for your last bits of rep. This was recorded on beta so phasing issues and sites maybe moved but we will update the video in the future if needed. Enjoy.

Unfortunately i can't link the maps individually via annotations but the albums per zone are further down and the individual folders at the bottom otherwise you can simply pause the video :-)

Big thanks to Nef for doing the maps for me.

Edit: Just noticed that the route map on the video is wrong where it goes to dreadwastes then back into Townlong, i'll reupload one that is the same as the video timings. Sorry.

Sunrise -- DJ Niamek

Confused Love - Xayberoptix

Oxygen -- B4M

Zone Maps and Time Stamps:
Sites by Achievement:
JF -- Jade Forest
V4W -- Valley of the Four Winds http://i39.photobucket.com/album ... alley%20of%20the...
KS -- Kunlai Summit
VEB -- Vale of the Eternal Blossoms
TLS -- Townlong Steppes
DW -- Dreadwastes
KW -- Krasarang Wilds

Ballad of Liu Lang:
The Birth Place of Liu Lang -- V4W -- 04:23
The Wandering Widow -- V4W -- 04:42
Waiting for the Turtle -- KW -- 06:14
The Most Famous Bill of Sale -- V4W -- 06:33

Fish Tails:
Origins -- KW -- 05:10
Waterspeakers -- V4W -- 06:46
Watersmithing -JF -- 07:53
Role Call -- KS -- 10:40

Between a Saurok and a Hard Place
The Deserters -- DW -- 03:53
The Last Stand -- KW -- 04:54
The Saurok -- JF -- 08:46
The Defiant -- KS -- 10:25

Heart of the Mantid Storm:
Amber -- DW -- 02:35
The Empress -- DW - 02:54
Cycle of the Mantid -- DW -- 03:11
Mantid Society -- DW -- 03:31
The Deserters -- DW -- 03:52

Hozen in the Mists:
Hozen Maturity -- KW -- 05:43
Embracing the Passions -- V4W -- 07:05
Hozen Speech -- JF -- 10:09
Hozen Ravage -- KS -- 12:57

The Dark Heart of the Mogu:
The Thunder King -- VEB -- 00:46
The Lost Dynasty -- KW -- 05:58
Spirit Binders -- JF -- 09:03
Valley of the Emperors -- KS -- 11:51

The Seven Burdens of Shaohao:
Part 8. - VEB -- 00:25 -
Part 5. - TLS -- 02:20
Part 4. - KW -- 05:27
Part 3. - JF -- 08:11
Part 1. - JF -- 08:30
Part 6. - KS -- 10:15
Part 7. - KS -- 12:06
Part 2. - KS -- 12:35

Song of the Yangol:
Trapped in a Strange Land -- TL -- 01:22
Dominance -- TL -- 01:58
Yaungoil -- KS -- 10:55
Yaungol Tactics -- KS -- 13:12

Whats Worth Fighting For:
Always Remember -- VEB - 00:33
Together, We are Strong -- VEB -- 01:02
Pandaren Fighting Tactics -- V4W -- 04:09
The First Monks -- JF -- 09:19
Victory in Kunlai -- KS -- 11:30

Legend of the Brewfathers (optional)
Quan Tou -- KW -- 07:31
Xin Wo Yin -- JF -- 09:26
Ren Yun -- KS -- 12:47

Restore Balance (optional) -- JF -- 09:49

Map Folders:

These are the folders holding all the maps per zone:

Thanks to daholyone's little guide that we used for some of our sites, hopefully ours can help you update yours.

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