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Forum Home World of Warcraft Rumor: Pandaren mount revealed? To be nine-tailed fox?

Rumor: Pandaren mount revealed? To be nine-tailed fox?

Oct 21, 2011 9:12 pm
It seems that the nine-tailed fox is Pandaren's new mount. Tbh, the nide-tailed fox is kinda ugly. Hope it will not be Pandaren's mount officially. :D. Anyway, check out the video:

Orginal from:

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Oct 21, 2011 9:54 pm
xD hopefully thats not official. or if they are gonna release that for sure, they might as well customize it more.

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    Oct 22, 2011 2:25 pm
    TROLOLOLOLOLOL.... Kung-Fu Panda on a freaking Kyuubi.

    Oct 22, 2011 8:47 pm
    Quote: Originally Posted by Rokurai at Oct 22, 2011 2:25 pm
    TROLOLOLOLOLOL.... Kung-Fu Panda on a freaking Kyuubi.     
    IKR? REALLY a Kyuubi too? I'd be fine with just a normal kitsune that's like a few tails or just one. Doesn't really matter much i'm quite disappointed with this expansion.


    Oct 23, 2011 12:32 pm
    I dunno...Cataclysm when it was announced I was really excited for. This one seems...I dunno...meh to me. Like, I don't have an urge to suddenly go back to WoW, like previous expansions have done. Maybe I'm just tired of it after all these years...


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    Jan 12, 2012 3:28 am
    I dunno i am OK with it, but they would really need to work on the tails. I mean can you imagine, riding behind one of those things? It would be like looking at the NBC peacock with a big anus on it. gross >:/

    Jan 28, 2012 3:36 am
    Does no one realise that this;

    1. A Joke

    2. It's a joke because the casting animations and Animations in general are that of the Ogre.

    3. The Mount is t he Creature 'Ninetails' from POKEMON .. It's a play on the whole "Pet Battles" and WoW turning into Pokemon >.>

    I understand a Kyuubi is a 9 tailed fox type creature.. But I can't believe no one In this thread figured out the connection between Pokemon and that video :S I thought it was the most obvious thing in the world.

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