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Cata Frost Mage Raiding Talent Builds

Dec 28, 2010 1:47 am
An issue (or an advantage, depending on your point of view) frost currently has with raiding talent builds is that there seem to be very few logical choices for the discretionary points that all specs are suppose to have in Cata. The starting point for almost all builds is represented by the following partial spec.

23-point Base Spec

We are two points shy of getting to the next tier. One could make some arguments for other talents, but two points in Piercing Chill seems like the most obvious choice. This gives frost mages extra damage on boss fights with adds close to the boss. Once the next tier is unlocked, two points into Frostfire Orb. There are now three points to choose and these are about the only free points in a frost build. Logical choices would be Permafrost (for pet healing and the healing debuff), Enduring Winter (for more mana efficiency and Replenishment uptime), and perhaps Reactive Barrier (for survivability and to help out healer mana). After those three points, the remaining talents fall into place:

Complete Frost Raiding Spec(2/8/31)

Ignite is simply too much of a damage improvement to pass up so that locks in most of the remaining points. The build as listed above probably runs with mage armor. If molten armor is to be used, then some of those three points in frost must be put in Enduring Winter and perhaps a point or two moved from Netherwind Presence to Clearcasting. Simulations are showing mana to be really tight without mage armor. So yes, 6-8 points in mana regen / efficiency talents may be required with molten armor.

This is another Mage DPS Build (3/0/33)

Rotation Priority:
Frostfire Orb, if cooldown is up.
Deep Freeze, if cooldown is up and Fingers of Frost is active.
Frostfire Bolt, if Brain Freeze is active and Fingers of Frost is active.
Ice Lance if Finger of Frost is active.
Freeze, if cooldown is up, Deep Freeze cooldown is up, and Finger of Frost is not active.

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