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Short Guide to Get Volcanic Stone Drake Mount

Dec 23, 2010 2:58 am
Volcanic Stone Drake mount  is the reward of Cataclysm achievement: Glory of the Cataclysm Hero. You should complete 27 achievements in all the 5-man Heroic dungeons.

Nethris from wowhead just gave short tips for all those achievements:

Heroic: Blackrock Caverns

Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls
Difficulty: Easy
Comment: As long as tank positions correctly (AoE stuns help), this one is cake. Just dont zerg the boss too fast

Arrested Development
Difficulty: Medium-Very hard (Gear dependant)
Comment: Simple execution, hard in completion. The evolved hit extremely hard, so bring a geared group. Remember interrupts on boss AND adds and make sure you only take one at a time.

Too Hot to Handle
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Comment: All about the tank. Stack it slowly, 1-2 at a time and the damage wont overwhelm you.

Ascendant Descending
Difficulty: Easy
Comment: Dedicate one player to kite duty. Warlocks with exhaustion, frost DKs with chillblains, hunters with trap, pretty much anything works.

Heroic: Throne of the Tides

Old Faithful
Difficulty: Easy
Comment: Kill the two caster adds, bring the melee add down to ~50k hp, stack up, wait for geyser, move away and voila.

Prince of Tides
Difficulty: Very easy
Comment: Just dont kill the behemoth too early. You can tank it, kite it, do whatever with it. Doesnt really even hit exceptionally hard.

Heroic: The Stonecore

Rotten to the Core
Difficulty: Very easy
Comment: Pick up ALL the mobs in front of the boss, aggro boss and aoe like %#())/(. Make sure you interrupt force grip if you are slow on aoe to prevent tank death, as you cant attempt again with the same method!

Heroic: The Vortex Pinnacle

No Static at All
Difficulty: Easy (With priest)-Medium
Comment: If you have a priest, keep levitate on everyone except tank. If not, then just make sure you jump. Remember, only 1 second cast, so stay awake!

Extra Credit Bonus Stage
Difficulty: Zero
Comment: Just pick them up all around VP. They spawn under bridges, in the air etc. Just look around and youll see them.

Heroic: Lost City of the Tol'vir

Kill It With Fire!
Difficulty: Very Easy
Comment: Kite dark phoenix so Soul Fragment runs in to fire, nuke it down. Very simple.

Acrocalypse Now
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Comment: Many ways to do it, including staying mounted except tank/heal (you are screwed if tank/healer gets scent), hunter traps/snares and kiting (Works 100% if you can do it) and bugging by evading the crocs on the statue thingies (Not really intended). Just make sure you have 20+ crocs up and zerg them down, you can wipe afterwards-

Headed South
Difficulty: Medium-Very Hard (Healer Intensive)
Comment: EDIT: The DK bug has been fixed, but the intended way has been discovered. Kill the LAST spawning servant first, and the shield will drop. You should have enough time to dps down the boss without hitting the shield for ages. Still healer intensive thanks to all the aoe damage.

Heroic: Halls of Origination

I Hate That Song
Difficulty: Easy-Hard
Comment: Depends entirely on group makeup. If you have a pet or a healer that can interrupt the cast, its easy, but if not, your gonna have to be VERY fast in picking up the snakes on one side and running back up to be on time to interrupt boss. Just make sure you put 2 players on each side and healer stays on top.

Straw That Broke the Camel's Back
Difficulty: Very easy
Comment: Just dont get hit by the spike.

Sun of a....
Difficulty: Medium-Very hard (Depends on Gear/RNG/Classes)
Comment: This can be frustrating, as the boss almost randomly chooses how much energy he wishes to use. Sometimes you have 20 seconds to nuke before recharge, sometimes you can nuke for a minute before he starts. Warlocks can enslave adds from the chaos trash (turn off autocast on the aoe heal thingie!) to give free 7k dps if you are lacking dps. Kiting the boss to corner helps as well, as the boss runs to the center of the room always to channel. 1heal/4 dps or 4dps/1tank also helps.

Faster Than the Speed of Light
Difficulty: Medium-Hard (Bit class/Gear dependant)
Comment: Just move fast, and ignore troggs that you can. The timer isnt too strict, as long as you move quickly.

Heroic: Grim Batol

Umbrage for Umbriss
Difficulty: Easy-Medium (He can gib the tank)
Comment: Kill the first adds normally, on second one, have the tank pick up the malignant trogg, take boss to <10%, kill trogg, kill boss. Pop cooldowns.

Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet
Difficulty: Easy
Comment: Just make sure you focus DPS and have good slows. Warlock with portal/exhaustion is perfect for example.

Heroic: Deadmines

Ready for Raiding
Difficulty: ...
Comment: Do. Not. Stand. In. The. Fire. You can even jump over it.

Rat Pack
Difficulty: Easy
Comment: When the oaf smashes in to the logs, rats spawn. Critters with 100 hp, just wait for enough charges.

Prototype Prodigy
Difficulty: Easy
Comment: Just dont fail with it (Just ignore the knockback), and do not get damaged on trash either, it counts as well.

It's Frost Damage
Difficulty: Easy (If you can spare a wipe)-Super hard
Comment: Take boss to 75%, move inside hut, dont kill adds, explode for bazillion damage and wipe, but youll still get the achiev. If you dont want to wipe, do some fancy kiting with a ranged dps around the hut. Or something. Or just do it the easy way.

I'm on a Diet
Difficulty: Very easy
Comment: Just go one good-one bad-one good-one bad...and so on. Youll never go above 1 stack.

Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator
Difficulty: Hard-Very hard (Gear/Class dependant a bit)
Comment: At start, jump over ledge for free 15 seconds of time. On machine part, dont panic, dont die, take it slow if you must. Its all about hard, focused dps and not failing on stupid things. And remember, only one shot per instance, so make it count!

Heroic: Shadowfang Keep

Pardon Denied
Difficulty: Medium
Comment: Easy to perform, but little tough on healer. Just use self heals if possible.

To the Ground!
Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Comment: CC at least one of the adds always if possible (Trap/Shackle etc.), burn the other one down while stunning/interrupting it and then take the other one. If you have more cc, just burn boss and keep adds controlled.

Bullet Time
Difficulty: Easy-Medium (Curse dispel...)
Comment: Just kite adds in front of the boss when he uses Pistol Barrage. Chill on dps, and tank dont get suicidal.

Wish you good luck!

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