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[NA]Spirit Wings Event

Jul 31, 2017 11:47 pm

Event Name        Spirit Wings Event
Event Start        Wednesday, July 5th (End of Maintenance)
Event End        Wednesday, July 26th (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details        
Speak to the Strange Traveler in Colhen to obtain your Spirit Wings in either Green or Yellow
Complete Battle Quests above Level 10 to earn Heart Powder, up to 10 times per day
Exchange Heart Powder in the Exchange Shop for Growth Powder, which can be used to boost the size of your wings
Exchange Heart Powder in the Exchange Shop for Magic Powder, which can be used to enchant fully-grown wings with more power
Wings will remain usable until the maintenance on Wednesday, August 30th
Once your wings are fully grown and empowered, return to the Strange Traveler for a special emblem that matches the color of your wings, the "Spirit Wing Witness" title and a free Enhancement and Enchant Rune!
Heart Powder Exchange Rewards        
15x Powder: Magic Powder
10x Powder: Growth Powder
1x Powder: Luck Blessing Stone
1x Powder: AP Blessing Stone
1x Powder: EXP Blessing Stone
Emblem Reward can be traded to other characters on the same account
Title grants no stat bonuses

Continuing Event: Revolution Weeks Event

We're kicking off the Rise: Revolution event with three weeks of big giveaways for anyone that stays logged in! Each week, join us in Vindictus for 60 hours total to claim items with flashy or adorable styles that's all yours!

Event Name        Revolution Weeks Event
Event Details        
For each of the three weeks following the Rise: Revolution update, spend 60 hours logged into Vindictus to earn special rewards each week!
Week 1:
10 AM PDT June 21st - 10 AM PDT June 28th        
Sparkling Sprout Cap Box: A special Head item that puts a flashy little plant on your mercenary's head
Week 2:
10 AM PDT June 28th - 10 AM PDT July 5th        
Golden Headcat: A cute little golden kitten hugging your mercenary's head
Week 3:
10 AM PDT July 5th - 10 AM PDT July 12th        
Emanating Fists: Cloth gloves glowing with an eldricht blue flame

Continuing Event: Power of Change Event

We're welcoming back our old friends and giving everyone the chance for a ton of items with Power of Change Event! Team up with new or returning players for special Exchange Shop Tickets. Stay logged in to claim even more and turn them in for special Emblems, powerful utility items and more!

Event Name        Power of Change Event
Event Start        Wednesday, June 21st (End of Maintenance)
Event End        Wednesday, July 26th (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details        
All accounts will earn 5 Power of Change after being logged into Vindictus for one hour, once per day
New Accounts and players returning after at least 60 days of inactivity will receive a buff, marking them for the event
When playing alone, buffed player will gain 1x Exchange Coupon and a bonus Evil Core upon completing a Battle Quest
All players in a party with a buffed player, including the buffed player, will earn 2x Exchange Coupons after completing a Battle Quest, in addition to a bonus Evil Core!
Exchange Coupons can be exchanged for Power of Change with the Strange Traveler, up to 10 times per day
Take Exchange Shop Tickets to the Exchange Shop for a variety of prizes!
Power of Change Exchange Rewards        
200x Tickets: On-Time Bonus Reward Box, containing one of the three rewards from the On-Time Event! (1 per account)
50x Tickets: Premium Enhancement Rune (1 per account)
50x Tickets: Premium Enchant Rune (1 per account)
40x Tickets: Emblem: Goddess (Black) (1 per character)
40x Tickets: Emblem: Goddess (White) (1 per character)
40x Tickets: Emblem: Goddess (Mix) (1 per character)
40x Tickets: Pioneer of Change Title (1 per character)
For the duration of the event, this title will grant 500 ATT/M.ATT. This bonus will be removed with the end of the event
15x Tickets: Resenlian's Wings (7 Days)
10x Tickets: Forceful Epaulet of Technique (7 Days)
+2 Balance, +2 Critical
10x Tickets: Adept Epaulet of Experience (7 Days)
+2 Attack Speed, +100 Attack Limit Removal
8x Tickets: Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (7 Days)
6x Tickets: 50 Brynn Elixir
4x Tickets: 10 Brynn Elixir
2x Tickets: 1x Goddess Grace
1x Tickets: 5x Merc Recovery Potion
Power of Change cannot be traded or mailed, even to characters on the same account

Source: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/23810/spirit-wings-event

Aside from the flaming hands, i think all these items look terrible.

[ The post was edited by ZephyAlurus at Aug 1, 2017 12:18 am ]

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Aug 6, 2017 11:19 pm
not the leaf thing again. ew lol

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    Sep 13, 2017 11:33 pm
    Reply 1#  zerofin

    It's a continuation reminder not really happening again. Just being extended.


    Nov 14, 2017 8:23 pm
    Reply 2#  ZephyAlurus

    It's possibly the ugliest thing ever created in the game.. After Karok


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