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Allods online Mage class builds

Dec 6, 2010 1:10 am
PVE Oriented Build

build link: http://allodsbase.com/en/talents#_39xrvu10fx4d2bj0fhw2y1086082w3y30c218r0c6

The key highlights of this build are:

   1. +15% Luck/Intelligence/Perception
   2. +60% Stone Barrier absorption
   3. +10% Fire and Lightning Damage
   4. 25% Chance to restore mana with fire and lightning spells on a crit
   5. 10% Chance to generate an autocast with fire and lightning spells on a crit
   6. Clarity - Increases the mana regen of all party members by 10% for 15 minutes

One change many players will pick is r3 firewall over r3 conflagrate, and if you prefer firewall I would certainly agree. Personally I am a fan of conflagrate and use it religiously.

Another change that I might suggest is to go with only r1 icy grave, and instead get r3 firewall. Icy grave isn't too incredibly useful PvP, and even at just r1 does its job good enough in PvE to justify spending those five points elsewhere.

PvP Oriented Build

build link: http://allodsbase.com/en/talents#_39x6v7s8fx4d2fh0fhw2y1086082w3y30c218r0c6

In PvP, you can sacrifice your icy grave entirely (useless against others as the stun is only 5s long on an incensed player) and get elemental shield instead which will ensure that any fights against other casters are in your favor.

Dispel is another PvP oriented skill. It can mess with summoner barriers, a class which is devastating to mages because of their ability to penetrate through our barriers. It can also remove some buffs like clarity or perpetual healing from your enemies. In the above build I chose firewall over dispel, but you may have different opinions. (One option if you want both dispel and firewall is to get r2 conflag, r2 firewall, and r1 dispel).

Instead of r3 Prismatic Lightning, you will want r3 Thunderbolt for PvP. Though you lose the cool AoE of Prismatic Lightning which makes it so useful when fighting the environment, you earn something more useful against other players - mana drain. Mana is very scarce in this game and many classes can be crippled simply by sucking their mana from them. In particular, healers begin to have a real rough time maintaining their group heals when their mana is kept at zero.

Hopefully now you've had enough of listening to me talk and want to go try making your own build!

In summary, if you want to focus on PvE, your build should look like this, but if you prefer PvP then this will be more your flavor. No build is perfect and I suggest tweaking these until you're comfortable with the results.

To find about other classes here http://forum.mmosite.com/list.php?id=518&sid=519
More info at MMOSITE GameList http://gamelist.mmosite.com/g/allods_32_online.shtml
Original http://allods-forum.gpotato.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=32781

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Apr 26, 2011 11:55 pm
you said dispel pvp  but pic is wrong

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