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A Complete Mage Guide

May 8, 2010 6:53 am

There are three(3) races that can be a mage: Kanians, Elves and Arisen Zem. Mages in Allods – fairly difficult class. Playing as a mage, chances are you won’t be able to destroy everything with a push of a button. This class has skills that allow you to deal direct damage to the target, disable the target, and protect yourself. To use those skills mages need mana. During game play you won’t have to wait for it to regenerate for hours – usually you can regain all of it within 10 seconds of leaving combat. At first, being a mage may seem hard but eventually you will get used to it and the game becomes a leisurely walk through the world of Allods. The main potential of a mage is when he is a part of a group with other people. For a faster and easier game try to find a guild or friends for co-operative gaming. Together, every deed is faster, more fun and more safe; whether its quests, dungeons/raids or massive PvP with the opposing faction. If you have a guild or friends then the best way to communicate are voice programs(eg: TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Skype). That way you will get information from each other quicker and that will increase the success of your group in the game. All of this will guarantee good pleasurable experience as a mage in the game...and perhaps not only for mages ^^ Now I will try to explain to you the key moments of playing a mage...let’s get started.

Strength – affects physical damage. Absolutely useless for mages.

Finesse – affects your armour penetration(%). Absolutely useless for mages.

Expertise – affects your chance to physically hit the target(%). Absolutely useless for mages.

Agility – affects your chance to evade a physical attack. Fairly useful both in PvE and PvP.

Luck – affects your chance to critically hit the target(2x dmg) If your Luck is too low then you will get an anticrit (1/2x dmg) (Even if your Luck is high then you will still have a chance to get an anticrit) It also affects the Endurance of the target. Very important stat for mages. ”The fact that you could sacrifice your Luck without any real consequences was a bug in game mechanics. In reality if you sacrifice your Luck to raise other stats then there will be consequences. If you sacrifice your Luck right now your character doesn’t become “dead” he just becomes “unlucky”. You can still sacrifice your Luck but it won’t be as effective as before. Stories about impossible game play due to this change in Luck are really not all true. Don’t forget that the game developers are people too and play this game just like you and know what is happening in the game world by experience. I will repeat again: the mechanics of the game were MEANT to include anticrit and works as intended as long as the character gets gear with Luck. “ (c) Tango, game developer.


Instinct – affects the chance of you receiving a critical hit. Don’t allow the % to get higher then 10%.

Stamina- affects your health pool. Very important for mages.

Intelligence – affects your magical damage. Very important for all mages.

Intuition – affects the chance that your target resists your spell either partially or fully. Can be partial resist(1% – 100%). This can be read in the combat log. For enjoyable game play do not let the % get above 20%.(~10% ideal) Is more important for PvE then PvP. Persistence - affects the chance of disabling spells landing on the target and the duration of the spell on the target (eg: spell "Icy Grave").

Willpower - affects your chance to resist a disabling effect and the time you stay disabled. (ie: your chance to resist Icy Grave and the duration you stay in Icy Grave).

Rage – affects your chance to cure the target of an inflicted wound. You can see how grave the wounds are by looking at the health bar. The more blood drops you see there the graves and harder to heal that wound is.

Wisdom – affects your effective healing. Almost useless for mages. Mages have only 1 healing talent. Grows by itself without damaging any other stat.(goes hand in hand on gear with many other mage stats)

Spirit – affects your mana pool and mana regeneration rate. Should only be raised if you understand that you don’t have enough mana for a fight.

Armour – affects the damage you receive(reduces incoming damage by a %).

Resistance to ElementalNaturalDivine Magic – affects the magical damage you receive(reduces incoming dmg by a %). Elemental- Fire, Ice, Lightning. Natural - Poisons, Diseases. Divine - Light, Shadow, Astral.

Every level you will receive 1 point for you to spend on any characteristic you want except for Armour and Resistance. In total you will receive 39 points to spend which won’t really affect your character (it`s easy to get 300-600 points in any 1 stat at lvl 40) but they are still useful more or less. I suggest you pick 1 stat and use all those 39 points on it. For Elves it makes more sense to use those points to increase Intelligence(to increase racial ability), mages with crit builds will usually lack mana so those points should go into Spirit. Also if you want more/longer disables then it makes sense to toss those points into Persistence. If you want to spend less time disabled then it also makes sense to increase your Willpower. The reason for increasing those is that it is impossible to get higher then ~301 points in those stats at lvl 40 unless you have special talents from the Talent Trees.

By navigating your mouse on any of the stats you can see its exact description. Some of those stats have a anti-stat. Finesse – Armour (the more Armour you have, the more Finesse the enemy needs, to effectively reduce your armour and hit you hard.) Rage- Wisdow (chance to heal a wound is affected both by the Wisdom of the healer and the Rage of the attacker) Persistence -Willpower (chance to disable a target depends on both your Persistence and the target’s Willpower) Luck -Instinct (chance to critically hit a target depends on both your Luck and the target’s Instinct) Intuition - Resistance (The more resistance the target has, the more intuition you need to hit the target effectively.) To be honest, the description is based on “vacuum target” and may not be what you see in real game play.


Fire Arrow - |Element: Fire|Cast TIme:1.5s|Recharge:1s|Distance:40yrds|

Basic spell for all mages –you receive it from the start. Fast cast, fair damage. Useful skill, Fire Mages usually upgrade it to rank 3.

Icy Flow - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 0-3s|Recharge: 1s|Distance:40yrds|

Tactical Spell. For every 0.5 seconds you channel it hits the target for minor damage and debuffs it, reducing both movement speed and damage dealt by 15% per application. Stacks up to 6 times. If the target is damaged by a fire spell then 2 stacks of the debuff are removed and the target receives additional damage. Bonus damage is dealt only once.

Discharge - |Element: Lightning|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 1s|Distance: Close Combat|

Fair damage, close combat. This spell only achieves its True Potential if the target’s hp is less then 25% in which case the damage doubles. Good finishing spell. For beginner mages 5x Discharge + Electric Control is very easy way to kill mobs.

Fire Ball - |Element: Fire|Cast Time: 5s|Recharge: 1s|Distance: 40yrds| AoE spell with incredibly high damage. Can only be precasted, after the precast is done, you can activate the spell and a pentogram-in-a-circle will appear where ever you point your mouse(range limit observed). Strongest AoE spell in the game. All fire mages should take rank 3.

Icy Grave - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 2.5s|Recharge: 10s|Distance: 20yrds|

Tactical Spell. Freezes the target preventing it from doing anything for the duration of the spell. Damage interrupts the effect. Priests can use their invulnerability spell to get out of it prematurely. If the target is under guidance of one of the 12 apostles then duration is significantly reduced.

Stone Barrier - |Element: Astral|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 45s|Distance: Self Only|

Defensive skill. Puts up defensive layers on the mage. If mage is attacked then a certain amount of damage is absorbed (depends on Intelligence). All mages should take 3 ranks of this spell.

Reflections - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 30s|Distance: Self Only|

Defensive skill. The mage creates several mirror images of himself. When he is attacked, there is a chance that the damage will hit 1 of the illusions instead of the mage. The illusion disappears regardless of the damage absorbed after hit. AoE spells remove ALL illusions at once AND hit the mage. All mages should take rank 2 of this spell. Rank 3 should only be taken if you have nowhere else to put your points because 1 extra illusion is hardly worth 3 points.

Thuderbolt - |Element: Lightning|Cast Time: 3s|Recharge: 1s|Distance: 40yrds|

Medium cast time, medium damage inflicted. The best part about this spell is that it destroys some of the target’s mana. Very useful against mana starved classes such as Necromancers and Druids.

Meditation - |Element: Astral|Cast Time: 0-10s|Recharge: 30s|Distance: Self Only|

When used, the mage regenerates ALL of his mana. At first rank it will take 10s, second - 8с, third - 6с(to regain all mana). If used in combat it doubles the time it takes to regenerate the mana (20s – 16s – 12s). If you are attacked while meditating you will receive Double Damage. Mana restoration rate is NOT linear. At first tick you will receive almost no mana, on second tick – slightly more and only on the final tick will you regain more than half of your mana at once.

Wall of Flame - |Element: Fire|Cast Time: 0-8s|Recharge:1s|Distance: 40yrds|

The mage creates a wall of flame in front of him. If the Wall of Flame is created upon a target then the target cannot move but can attack. One mage can keep a target in a Wall of Fire until his mana is gone. Two mages can keep the target immobile forever. (1 keeps up the Wall, the other meditates)

Pulse Lightning - |Element: Lightning|Cast Time: 0-8s|Recharge: 20s|Distance: 40yrds|

The target receives some damage every second. Huge mana cost, small damage. Can be used as a tactical anti-mage spell(Removes Reflections very fast). Hard to say if it’s worth the points.

Ice Comet - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 4s|Recharge:1s|Distance: 40yrds|

The mage creates an ice comet which flies from the mage to the target in a line damaging everything in its path(AoE spell really). Long cast time, medium damage. Hard to say if it’s worth the points.

Elemental Shield - |Element: Astral|Cast Time: 0s|Rechage: 45s|Distance: Self Only|

Defensive Skill. The mage puts up several magic barriers. If the mage is hit with a Magical(Elementa/Divine) attack then the barrier absorbs some damage(depends on intelligence) and 1 barrier is removed. The shield will not save you from dots of Necromancers because Natural damage is not absorbed. The shield will prevent damage from Priest dots only if the first tick is absorbed fully. Conflagrate completely ignores this shield. All mages should take 3 ranks of this skill unless more important skills are available.

Conflagrate - |Element: Physical|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 60s|Distance 20yrds|

Tactical Spell. Sets the target on fire causing it to be disoriented(disabled). The target will move chaotically in random directions for 4 seconds while receiving decent damage every second. The target is completely disabled during the duration of the spell and thus cannot do anything. Any mage should take at least 1 rank of this spell. Persistence increases the duration of this spell.

Prism Lightning - |Element: Lightning|Cast Time: 3s|Recharge: 1s|Distance: 40yrds|

Mass Target Spell (a target is needed for cast). Deals medium damage to all targets in a 10yrd radius around the target . Additionally it blinds the initial target for 4 seconds(broken screen effect) Works with “Gift of the Heavens”(chance to restore mana after dealing critical damage). All Lighning mages must take rank 3.

In the beginning of the game you start off with “Fire Arrow” spell. When you get level 2 you will automatically receive “Icy Flow” and when you receive level 3 you will be gifted with “Discharge”. After that you can put your points where ever you like. To get 1st rank of a spell you need to put in 1 point. To get 2nd rank of a spell you need to put in 2 points. To get 3rd rank of a spell you need to put in 3 points. To progress further down the Skill Tree you need to put in a certain number of points into the spells that are available to you. Every lvl you will receive 1 point. Every 5 lvls you will receive 2 points instead of 1.

There are also several abilities/spells that can be received from doing special quests. The first one is your unique racial ability (quest from lvl 7)

Kanian Mages get: "Concentration" - |Element: Physical|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 60s|Distance: Self Only|

Once every 60 seconds for 20 seconds the mage becomes immune to interruptions and the time to cast a spell will not increase when attacked. However, any disables that hit you will still have full effect on you.

Elven Mages get: "Might of the Archmage" - |Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 180s|Distance: Self Only|

Once every 3 minutes the mage increases their intelligence by 30%. Many believe that this is the best racial for mages.

Arisen Mages get: Astral Arrow - |Element: Astral|Cast Time: 4s|Recharge: 20s|Distance: 40yrds|

This spell deals high damage to 1 target. As well it knocks it down for 2 seconds and interrupts anything the target was doing at the time. The knockdown is not affected by Persistence.

There are also several abilities all mages can get by doing special quest chains called “World Secrets”. World Secrets – are special quest chains that award you something for every quest in the chain you do. If you complete all of the quests in a chain you will get a special prize(ie: spell, talent point)

Invisibility - |Element: Astral|Cast Time: 2s|Recharge: 60s|Distance: Self Only|

You become invisible for 10 seconds. Using this skill you can get past dangerous places or escape from attackers. If you use this spell while fighting a mob then it will reset and stop attacking you. In PvP AoE attacks will destroy your Invisibility so take care.

Gift of Tenses - |Element: Light|Cast Time: 15s|Recharge: 20h|Distance: 40yrds|

Allows you to resurrect a fallen ally once every 20 hours. Doesn’t need mana and cannot be used in combat.

Exodus - |Cast Time: 10s|Recharge: 600s|Distance: Self Only|

The mage teleports himself and allies that are close to him to a safe location. Pretty Standard Teleport ^^

Some spells you can prepare beforehand.

How does it work? If we click a spell that is capable of being precasted(ie: Fire Arrow) without selecting a target then you will cast the spell and the icon of the spell will start flashing and gray out while in your hand a nice shiny ball will appear. Then you can select a target and use the spell without its usual cast time(instant cast). This is very useful with spells that have a long Casting Time such as Fire Ball. Simply put, if you prepare your Fire Ball before the fight then you can use it as an instant cast in the fight.


Talents. They are additional abilities that strengthen your character. Some may be passive and some may work all the time or only when certain conditions are met. Some are actual spells and require activation and or special conditions. Most Talents have 3 ranks which open using the talent trees. Starting from level 10 you will receive the ability to buy a talent point every time you level. You will be able to buy those talent points from your class’s trainer. If you talk to your trainer and it says: "buy talent – no resources" then that means that you already bought the talent point for this level. After you buy your talent point you can put it into any talent. The talent trees are like a chessboard. Each cell is either a useful skill or is empty. You can only put points into cells that are “touching” a cell that has a point in it. In the beginning there are 3 talent trees with 1 talent cell already open in the middle. To get higher ranks of a talent you need to hunt down the cells with that same talent and put points into it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your spells and talents! You can reset them all by buying "Water of Death" which you can either buy in ingame Shop or from other players who bought it or from elite monsters.

Cells of a same talent can be in 1 Talent Tree or 2 or all 3.

Intuit – increases intuition by 5/10/15%

Every mage should have rank 3 of this talent. The bonus is % so it will increase as you level. You can see the numerical value by setting your mouse over the stat (bonus from talents +хх). Intellect – increases Intelligence by 5/10/15%

Every mage should have rank 3 of this talent. The bonus is % so it will increase as you level. You can see the numerical value by setting your mouse the stat (bonus from talents +хх).

Lucky – increases Luck by 5/10/15%

Talent is best for crit-mages. For other mages it is also great(for reducing the chance of anticrit) You can see the numerical value by setting your mouse over the stat (bonus from talents +хх).

Persistent – increases your Persistence by 5/10/15%

Because, at the moment, it is not possible to have higher Persistence then Willpower at max level (thats the balance of stats on gear at max lvl) this talent is very useful. Take it whenever you can. You can see the numerical value by setting your mouse over the stat (bonus from talents +хх).

Magical Cover – when your health is decreased to 10% then with a chance of 10/15/20% the mage will get a invulnerability buff which uses up 6%/3%/1% of your mana per second. Any spell cast by the mage will remove the buff.

In theory this is an excellent talent. However in game life you almost never get a hit that reduces your health below 10% and doesn’t kill you. Additionally it is hard to notice the buff appearing at times and you usually accidentally remove it by casting a spell. You should take those talents only if you have nowhere else to put your points in.

Hardened Shell – damage absorbed by Stone Barrier increases by 20/40/60%

Very important talent for ALL mages. The addition cannot be seen on the spell description but if you look in the combat log the difference is very noticeable.

Heat/Chill/Instability – all damage dealt with Fire/Ice/Lightning spells increases by 3/6/10%

This is a must have for whatever school you use the most. The damage increase does NOT show up in the spell description but can be seen in combat log. Is this a lot? – lvl 10 Runes gives you 6% but the estimated cost is thousands of crystals.

Gift of Fire/Northern Lights/Gift of the Heavens – with a chance of 10/20% after dealing a critical hit with Fire/Ice/Lightning Spell 14 of your mana pool will be restored.

Very useful for crit mages who lack mana. This doesn’t mean that if you have this then getting more Spirit is useless. It just increases the mana you regain. At the moment doesn’t work with the following skills: Fire- Fire Arrow, Fire Ball, Fire Trap (?)| Ice – Ice Comet, Ice Circle| Lightning - Thunderbolt, Prism Lightning

Unquenchable Fire/Avalanche/Cascade – with a 5/10% chance after dealing critical damage with Fire/Ice/Lightning spells your following spell of the same school will be instant cast.

Really you get 2 spells for the cast of 1. The chance isn’t great but the usefulness certainly is. Should only be taken by crit-mages.

Eruption/Ice Age/Lightning Rampage – with a chance of 56% after dealing critical damage with a Fire/Ice/Lightning spell all spells of the same school will have their cooldown timer set to 0.(can be used again immediately)

For crit-mages this is useful to remove cooldown for spells like Blink, Pulse Lightning and Conflagrate. After several tests the chance really is smaller than 56%( ~20-30%).

Relative of Fire/Ice/Lightning – with a chance of 5/10% after receiving a hit with Fire/Ice/Lightning damage you will restore 1/3 of your mana.

The chance is really not that great not to mention that chances are you won’t be hit by the school you picked anyway. You should take anything but this.

Fire Barrier/Icy Dam/Protection – all incoming damage is reduced by 1/2% per stack of Entropy of Fire/Ice/Lightning.

Theoretically it could save lives. However usually the incoming damage is so great that even 10% will not save you. Not to mention that as a mage you constantly reduce your entropy through special spells. Medium usefulness.

Fiery Hell /Never Ending Winter/High Voltage – damage with Fire/Ice/Lightning spells increases by 1/2% per stack of Entropy of Fire/Ice/Lightning

The more you hit the target the harder your next spell will hit. Every following spell will hit harder by 1/2%. Can take this to increase your damage. Useful talent.

Elemental Harmony - |Element: Physical |Cast Time:0s|Recharge: 0s|Distance: 40yrds|

The mage uses stacks of Entropies of Fire, Ice and Lightning to hit the target for a lot of damage. In order to use this you need at least 1 stack or Entropy per school. In theory you can do insane damage to a single target. In game play you will rarely have that many stacks of Entropy lying around. (Need 3 types at once). Usefulness is under doubt.

Fire Trap - |Element: Fire|Cast Time: 4s|Recharge: 15s|Distance:??yrds|

АоЕ-spell, which you can use outside of combat. When an enemy steps within the radius of the trap(8yrds) it explodes dealing fire damage to all who are in the radius. Exists for 2 minutes. Deals more damage at lvl 40 then a fireball(by 3-4k). Should be used when preparing for combat, i.e: you know that you are going to get ganked and are luring the enemy into the trap or you set it where the opponent will most likely run thought. (c) Hennail

Obsidian Mirror – Increases your resistance to Fire/Ice/Lightning spells/effects by 510%, as well as you have a 3/6% to retaliate against the attacker with fire.

The chance isn’t high, damage done is low, however resistance to 3 schools of magic is useful. This talent lies in the path to Magical Dominance and Fire Trap so take it.

Magical Dominance - |Element: Astral|Cast Time: 3.5s|Recharge: 1s|Distance: 30yrds|

Removes a negative effect from an ally or a positive effect from an enemy. Physical, Poison and Disease abilities do not count. Theoretically a very good spell however its not quite good in combat right now due to long cast and its inability to remove some spells.

Fire Control - |Element: Fire|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 1s|Distance: 40yrds|

Turns every stack of Entropy of Fire into damage over time effect with each stack prolonging the effect by 2s. Excellent to throw off your stacks of Entropy of Fire. Is practically a must for Fire Mages.(unless you take "Elemental Hit").

Elemental Hit - |Element: Fire|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 0s|Distance: 20yrds|

Using the stacks of Entropies of Fire and Lightning you stun your opponent for 0.5s for each stack lost. Needs at least 1 stack of Entropies of Fire and Lightning. IMHO: is a very useful tool if you know how to use it. An example would be to interrupt a powerful spell that your opponent is preparing to cast. The time the opponent is stunned (disabled) depends on your Persistence.

Elemental Contrast - |Element: Fire|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 0s|Distance: Self Only|

Using the Entropies of Fire and Ice you remove 1 negative magical effect from yourself. If you succeed then you will gain 10% of your mana per stack of Entropy lost. Needs at least 1 stack of both Entropies of Fire and Ice. Attention! Necromancer DoTs will NOT be removed. It is easy to find a use for this talent especially with that mana replenishment

Enlargement - |Element: Astral|Cast Time: 1.5s|Recharge: 0s|Distance: 30yrds|

Enlarges your target visually. Decreases their Agility by 10% and increases their Strength and Stamina by 50% of Agility lost. Is only useful in PvE. In PvP makes you an especially noticeable target.

Elemental Combat - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 0s|Distance: 40yrds|

Using the stacks of Entropies of Fire and Ice you hit your target. Works just like Fire Control but needs 2 types of Entropy. The damage isn’t all that high so it’s easier to take off the Entropy of Ice by using “Ice Control”.

Elemental Aid - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 0s|Distance: Self Only|

Using the Entropies of Ice and Lightning you heal yourself. Needs at least 1 stack of both Entropies of Ice and Lightning. Health restored depends on your Wisdom and stacks of Entropies spent. Because Wisdom of mages isn’t as high as the one of healers you will not be able to heal yourself for a lot. Not very useful.

Ice Control - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 0s|Distance:40yrds|

Tactical Spell. Freezes the target for 1s per stack of Entropy of Ice spent. The spell is disrupted by damage. Priests can use their invulnerability to avoid being frozen for the full duration. If the target is under guidance of 1 of the 12 apostles then the effect of Ice Control is NOT diminished. This does NOT interrupt spell casting.

Decrease - |Element: Astral|Cast Time: 1.5s|Recharge:0s|Distance:30yrds|

Decreases the target’s size visually. Decreases the target’s stamina by 10% but increases the target’s agility by 100% of the lost stamina. This is fairly useful both in PvE and in PvP where it makes you harder to target. The effect doesn’t “stack” with any other size decreasing abilities.

Blizzard - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 0-6s|Recharge: 0s|Distance:40yrds|

This talent has the greatest AoE radius – 15yrds. Deals medium damage every 2 seconds. Also has a 50% chance to slow all enemies by 90% for a short while. This talent’s usefulness is under question because it takes a lot of talents to get to it and the slow effect is short while costing a lot of mana. However it’s easy to find a use for it in many places.

Ice Ring - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 2s|Distance: Self Only|

Deals medium damage to all targets within 10yrds of you. Costs almost nothing and the damage is slightly less below average. Allows you to get stacks of Entropy of Ice fast outside of combat.

Crystal Mirror – Increases your resistance to Light, Shadow and Astral schools by 510%, as well has a 3/6% chance to hit your attacker with Ice.

Chance to repel an attack isn’t all that great however the resistance to the Divine school of magic is great. Good talent to take if you’re on your way to Blizzard, Ice Ring.

Clear Mind - |Element: Astral|Cast Time: 6s|Recharge: 0s|Distance: Self Only|

Increases your mana regeneration rate for 15 minutes. In game it increases the amount of mana you regenerate from Spirit by 20%. Works on all group members who use mana. The more Spirit you have the greater effect this will have but that doesn’t mean that at low Spirit its useless.

Blur - |Element: Physical| Cast Time: 1.5s|Recharge: 60s|Distance: Self Only| The mage blurs himself for all attackers. All physical attacks have a 50% chance to miss when used against the mage. Lasts for 18s. Great talent against classes with physical damage especially Stalkers but it eats a lot of mana and has a fairly long cooldown.

Blink - |Element: Lightning|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 20s|Distance: Self Only|

The mage travels 35yrds forward. Any object in the way (even uneven terrain) will cause the mage to stop. Can travel up/down slopes. Allows you to escape from a battle or chase down an opponent. Very important talent for all mages. Example of use: In front of you is an enemy mage, you blink to him. The spell gives you 1 stack of Entropy of Lightning. You can use that stack to hit your opponent with Lightning Control which is an AoE. This way you will remove all of their Reflections and deal some damage to them.

Lightning Control - |Element: Lightning|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 1s|Distance: Self Only|

Uses all stacks of Entropy of Lightning to deal damage to all enemies within 5yrds. The combination of 5 Discharges + Lightning Control has the greatest DPS (damage per second) in the beginning of the game.

Elemental Control - |Element: Lightning|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 1s|Distance: Self Only|

Uses stacks of Entropies of Ice and Lightning to freeze all enemies within 10yrds for 1 seconds per stack used. Needs at least 1 stack of both Entropies used to be present. Targets can’t move but CAN attack and cast.

Elemental Protection - |Element: Ice|Cast Time: 0s|Recharge: 1s|Distance: Self Only|

Uses stacks of Entropies of Fire and Lightning to add a layer of Stone Barrier per stack used. Needs the spell Stone Barrier to be present on the user. Needs at least 1 stack of the Entropies required. This spell doesn’t need mana and doesn’t affect the cooldown of Stone Barrier which is the best part about this talent.

Amber Mirror – Increases your resistance to Poisons and Diseases by 510%, as well you have a 3/6% chance to hit your attacker with Lightning when attacked.

The chance to reflect damage isn’t all that great but the resistance to Poisons and Diseases are very useful. Great talent to take while you’re on your way to Blink and Clear Mind.


When using a spell of a certain school (Fire/Ice/Lightning) you will receive a stack of Entropy of that particular school. (You can see beneath the your character’s portrait in the debuffs section. You can also see it as 3 spheres above your 1-6 skill bar). File:Mage entropy.jpg If you receive more then 5 stacks of any particular Entropy then you will automatically remove them and receive a buff(70%) or a debuff(30%). With a 70% chance it will be a Buff (Strengthen your spells, reduce cast time, restore your health or mana). With a 30% chance it will be a Debuff (Loss of health or mana, forced Recharge upon all spells of that school).

You can remove stacks of Entropy in 3 different ways: 1. Automatic Removal (Release of IceFireLightning).

The more stacks you have the stronger the effect of the release. That means that the buff/debuff you receive will be more powerful if you use the Automatic Removal yourself rather then let the system do it for you. For example if you do a controlled Automatic Removal then you receive/loose 10% of mana/health per stack opposed to the 33% for 5 stacks offered by uncontrolled Automatic Removal. 2. Special Talents or spells that use up those stacks. In this case the talents/spells effects will be used. 3. Using a spell from an “Opposite” school of magic. Ie: a stack of Entropy of Lightning is removed by using a Fire spell, a stack of Entropy of Ice is removed by using a Lightning spell, a stack of Entropy of Fire is removed by using a Ice spell.


"A build is the arrangement of all skill points and talent points on the given level of a character. Because there will always be less skill and talent points then you want you will have to think up a strategy using which you will develop your character: which skills/talents to pick, which ones to leave out in order to get a liveable build. The best gamers use builds that are "perfected" for a certain game play style. Or the tactic can come from the build chosen." (с) V00ddha

There are 2 main groups of builds.
Intelligence – Intuition Mage

This mage build maxes out Intelligence for great damage, Intuition for less resists by the enemy and Spirit for huge amount of mana. This build has the strongest shields, stable damage and great amount of mana. Gear is very simple to get for this build because almost all Reputation Vendor Gear have Intelligence-Intuition-Spirit setup. That gear also usually comes with high Agility. Chance to evade an attack will by higher than usual for this build. However, even with this build you need at least some Luck in order to reduce the chance of getting anticrits. Theoretically it should be enough to have 1-10% chance to crit so that the chance to anticrit is not higher. (unverified information)

This build is harder to play as. In order to get high Luck, stats like Intuition, Intelligence and Spirit are sacrificed. This build has weak shields and a small mana pool. The maximum damage from this build is greater than normal but it’s also very unstable. In order to succeed you need crits. However even with high Luck you will still get occasional anticrits. Many talents are designed to work when a critical hit occurs so crit-mages get the benefit there. Those talents give the mages: mana regeneration, resets cooldowns or allows the next spell to be instant-cast. The best gear for this build give Luck-Stamina-Intelligence combo. Which means the mage will have less Agility but much greater health pool.

No matter what build you pick you need the core talents: talent combo necessary for any mage.

Pure Fire: Intelligence-Intuition Mage  Crit-Mage Pure Lightning: Intelligence-Intuition Mage  Crit-Mage Pure Ice: Intelligence-Intuition Mage  Crit-Mage

However, builds based on 1 school generally are weaker then hybrid builds. Ideally you should pick 2 schools and evolve in them. Couple examples of Hybrid Builds: Lightning Crit-Mage by iLeastlic Build by 254th


After finishing the beginning instance you will appear in the world of Allods. First thing to do is to meet the game characters(NPC). AS you may have noticed in the beginning instance, some NPCs have an Exclamation symbol above their head. That’s a sign that that NPC has a quest for you. For completing quests you will receive experience, items and money. Aside from Exclamation Marks there are other symbols that can be over an NPC head: - Gray Question Mark – you took a quest that needs to be handed in to this NPC but you haven’t completed it yet. - Green Check Mark – you finished a quest and it needs to be handed in here. - Letter – that’s an NPC who you can use to check your mail or send mail. Using him you can send a letter to any one in your fraction and you can also send items and money. - "Sun" with a Small Exclamation Mark – these are special quests – World Secrets. You may get a special reward for completing them. - Hammer - this is either a Barman, who can activate your bonus(blue) exp for a small monetary sum or it can be an Auctioneer where you buy/sell items to other players. - Medal – this is a Reputation Vendor for a certain fraction. By completing quests from that fraction you will receive reputation with them. After getting a certain lvl of reputation you will be able to buy stuff from them. - Bag, Bottle or Shield with Crossed Swords – are shops where you can buy many different things. - Blue "Ventilator" – NPC that can teleport you to certain places you’ve been at. Will be of use later.

Take quests and go do them. Make sure to carefully read the quest description because chances are it will tell you HOW/WHERE to do the quest. At first killing mobs will be something like this: cast Fire Arrow and then immediately use Icy Flow. The arrow will hit the target and it will still have 5 stacks of the debuff on it. By the time the mob reaches you, you will have the time to cast 2-3 Fire Arrows and then kill the weakened mob with Discharge which will deal double damage to near death mobs.

Soon you will receive a lvl and a skill point which you can put either into Icy Grave, Fire Ball or Stone Barrier. Icy Grave is unnecessary for now, take it later. Grab Fire Ball if you like fighting from far away (new tactic: throw fireball and cast Icy Flow while it’s in the air. Use Fire Arrow and Discharge to finish the mob off) or take Stone Barrier if you like melee combat with Discharge. I took Stone Barrier because I was lvling Discharge.

At first my advice is this: take whatever gear you can find with Intuition on it (at start the resists can be more then 50%), because at beginning Intelligence gives you little. Secondly: watch your magic wand. It has the greatest affect on your magical damage. If the choice comes to take either a magical wand with 35magic damage but no stats versus a magical wand with 30 magic damage +4 Intelligence, take the FIRST one.

At the moment you may find magical wands that have no +magical damage on them at all. Those wands are useless to you so don’t equip them. As a mage you can use: Cloth Armour, Magic Wands, Staffs, Knifes and things that go in your left hand (shield slot ). Mages can’t wear shields though.

The next level of character development begins at lvl 10. At this point you can buy talent points from your trainer and spend it on talents in the 3 Talent Trees. First thing to put your talents in should be the ones that allow you to remove your stacks of Entropy. Why? Because they cost no mana, deal decent damage, are instant-cast and most importantly allow you to escape those debuffs the Automatic Removal may give you. Ie: Fire Control, Ice Control, Lightning Control. After that I suggest you take Hardened Shell in the Fire Tree. It is the closest to the middle with no talent cells lying in the way so you should take it no matter what build you are.

Example of development:

Fire Mages Develop: Fire Arrow -2 > Fire Ball - 1 > Stone Barrier -1 > Fire Ball - 2 > Stone Barrier -2 > Icy Grave - 1 > Reflections - 1 > Fire Ball - 3 > Stone Barrier -3 > after that you will start to see where to put your skills. Talents you should take first: Fire Control > Hardened Barrier(Fire) >Heat (Fire) > Intuit (Fire) > Intellect (Lightning).

Pure Lighting Mage Develop: Discharge - 2 > Stone Barrier -1 > Stone Barrier -2 > Stone Barrier -3 > Reflections - 1 > Discharge - 3 > Reflections - 2 > Reflections - 3. Talents you should take first: Lightning Control > Hardened Barrier (Fire) > ChillLucky(Ice) > Hardened Barrier (Ice).

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    lol1 Another long guide!
    tnx for sharing, but no pic will make the article boring!

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