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Feb 1, 2010 11:41 pm
1. Playstation 2
2. Xbox 360
Ups and downs of the both games?
Which is better in your view?

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Feb 2, 2010 12:01 am
Here is a good article for this topic: Allods vs. WoW: Let the Battle Begin

In the last few weeks there has been more and more heated arguments about these 2 games. I'm going to break it down to you guys and give you the facts. Allods Online is a sleeping giant that is ready to wake up and decapitate a few heads in the mmorpg industry. This is a Free to play game by Astrum Nival a Russian mmo developer. Yes you heard right, a Russian mmo developer. I never saw it coming...It kind of sucker punch me when i first found out. So, i decided to get in to the close beta, and see what this game was all about. I had never had such a full mmo experience since playing WoW, I played WoW for 5 years and I loved every second of it, always looking for the next big thing that would take me from the grip of this game. Allods Online is very similar in gameplay to WoW, also the graphics are a lot more polished than WoW, but still has that same cartoony look. So it was very easy for me to make the transition to this game.

WoW has plenty of end content to keep you occupied for years, but it has one flaw. The end game content of the game gets to be very repetitive and mundane. And the only way to get the best gear in the game is to join these so called raiding guilds. And this usually means having to make a gaming commitment, kind of like a part time job. This means having to be ready for raids, being on time every single raid and have good attendance. Not only that but you have to also help the guild gather materials to craft such things as repair bots, potions etc etc. This takes the gaming experience and turns it in to a job. And when a game does that they have done something wrong. The PvP on WoW is a nice way to get out of these raiding commitments, but the gear you get from it is never as good as the gear from raiding. Also the World PvP has lost it's appeal. In WoW they use more resources for making raiding content, rather than to try to have World PvP events, to remind gamers that this game is at heart a game about a conflict Between the alliance and the horde.

Allods Online has taken key elements from WoW without aiming to be the next WoW or just another clone. The character classes and the mechanics in which they work have nothing in common with WoW.  Even the combat is different, starting with the fact that Allods Online has no auto attack. That's right no auto attack, you have to use your skills in the right times to win a battle. So.. it seems The Church of Gold Farmers will have a hard time in this game. Now let's talk about the end game content of this game which is quite unique. In astral space they have this allods, with means land owned independently without superior claim, rent, or payment in service. These floating masses of land act like Instances with a wide variety of monsters and bosses waiting to be killed and looted.You will constantly be at war with the other faction for the rights to these treasure gold mines. And the only way to get to this Allods is by Airship.
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    Feb 16, 2010 8:35 am
    WoW, Blizzard > All

    Feb 22, 2010 1:05 am
    Still WOW is better, but Allods is f2p mmo. That't its strong point

    Mar 2, 2010 12:03 pm
    I vote wow... based on i've never heard of this game & a millions have heard of WoW. End of really :P


    StormTrooper, Iop lvl 19x, Farmer lvl 100, Baker lvl 100, Tailor lvl 70+ -- Active.
    Mar 4, 2010 2:53 am
    WOW 4 life!

    Mar 4, 2010 8:18 am
    Haven't tried both :P


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      Mar 6, 2010 1:49 am
      WOW is better but   ALLODS is not bad

      Mar 7, 2010 2:52 pm
      I've never played WOW, so I can't tell.

      Mar 9, 2010 5:52 pm
      Originally Posted by fjim
      I've never played WOW, so I can't tell.

      I guess that your a allods player then?
      Anything you care to add about why that game is good?


      StormTrooper, Iop lvl 19x, Farmer lvl 100, Baker lvl 100, Tailor lvl 70+ -- Active.
      Mar 15, 2010 12:50 pm
      You can't actually compare these 2 games. WoW will be better by all means. Considering the creators and future plans. The gamestyles are pretty much the same. I liked Allods graphics more.

      And btw - in allods, healers are not required... everyone got their own heals, summoner has uber heals and has ressurection.. and a pet tank. Why would u play a priest when u can play summoner instead and have your own tank.

      Mar 17, 2010 9:37 pm
      i think wow will win!

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        Mar 19, 2010 12:37 am
        I am playing wow, and I like the rich choices in classes and skills.
        Glad to find I have many choices in class of Allods too, so I am ready to play it!

        Mar 19, 2010 6:03 am
        of course wow is the top..

        Mar 19, 2010 7:44 am
        wow is kinda better than allods...


        Mar 24, 2010 12:41 pm
        WoW is much better

        Mar 24, 2010 9:24 pm
        allods is the best.. because its free.. just my opinion.. ^_^

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          Mar 25, 2010 1:02 am
          I'm now playing Allods, but still WOW is the better one!

          Mar 27, 2010 3:54 am
          Wow > Allods but... allods is F2p :)

          Mar 27, 2010 10:55 am
          WoW is the better game when comparing apples to apples.  However, Allods is a F2P offering and, as such, can never be compared to a P2P.

          Allods very well may be the best F2P MMORPG.  Runes of Magic and Silkroad Online and (more recently DDO) are very much in the conversation but they all share the same F2P-traits:  cash shop is needed to either be at the forefront of competitiveness (w/o insane time commitments) or the cash shop is necessary to unlock content.


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