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Mar 29, 2007 7:10 am
credits goes to Daymya


Level 65 - The Grave Diggers

1. Talk to North Guard Haidungddashu
2. Collect 1 Cabinet Map
3. Bring Cabinet Map back to North Guard Haidungddashu
Reward: 1M Pranas
4. Go to Rui Shan
5. Collect 40 Gun Powders
6. Go back to Rui Shan
Reward: 1M Pranas
7. Go to Wangdappo
8. Collect 20 Nameless Tapelines
9. Go to Ryupuwei
Reward: 1M Pranas
10. Go back to Wangdappo
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Restored Medicine
11. Go back to Rui Shan
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Restored Map
12. Go back to Haidungddashu
Reward: 4.6M Pranas, Money Item

Level 67 - Doll Maker

1. Talk to Ryupuwei
2. Collect 10 Head of Tongon, 10 Helm of Hwangbyon, 10 Eye of Tongon, 10 Breastplate of Tongon, 10 Leg of Tongon, 10 Item of Tongon
3. Go back to Ryupuwei
4. Go to Priest Vananta
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Head of Tongon
5. Go to Kirika
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Helm of Hwangbyon
6. Go to Monk (Anu Store Keeper)
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Eye of Tongon
7. Go to Saranu
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Breast Plate of Tongon
8. Go to Haiddengsu
Reward: 1M Pranas, Receive Ressurected Item of Tongon
9. Go to Ryupuwei
10. Collect 10 Azna Stone Hearts, 10 Utara Amrita, 10 Utara Panaka
11. Go back to Ryupuwei
12. Go to Craftsman Chin (1st Room Emperors Tomb)
13. Kill Ressurected Tongon before it disappears
14. Talk again to Craftsman Chin
Receive Bottle of Hu Li
15. Go to Ryupuwei
Reward: 6M Pranas, Emperors Amulet (Allows you to summon Tongon inside Emperors Tomb, last 2 minutes)

Level 69 - The Altar of the Dead

1. Go to Zangzu
2. Collect 10 General Sword, 10 Palace Piece, 10 Flag of Great Bear
3 Go back to Zangzu
Reward: 4M Pranas
5. Go to Priest Vananta
Reward: 4M Pranas
6. Go to Pots and donate 1M Rupiahs
7. Return to Zangzu in Jina
8. Collect 10 Gems of Spirit, 10 Ancient Sorcery Books, 10 Charm of the Hero, 10 Stone Heart, 1M Rupiah, 5 Azis and a Surapa
9. Turn items in to Zangzu (must have 1m Rups in inventory)
Reward: 8M Pranas, Rare Accessory

Level 71 - The never ending fun of learning

1. Go to Zonkui
2. Kill 4 monsters in library to collect their books. (PARTY BONUS PRANAS)
3. Return to Zonkui
4. Go to Zangzu, who turns the books into a charm
5. Go to Chin in ET to trade the charm for your item.
Reward: 8M Pranas, 1 Prajati, Charm for Item/Item

Level 73 - The respose of the dead

1. Go to Zangzu
2. Collect Bronze Pitch, Bronze Armor and Hwang's Army Plate from the 3 Che mobs in ET
3. Return to Zangzu
4. Go to New Elder Zangu in ET
5. Use the sword the elder gives you to kill the Resurrected Emperor
6. Talk to Elder again
7. Go to Chin to trade your Charm for your Item
Reward: 20M Pranas, Belt of Great Bear, Charm for Tribe Item/Tribe Item


Cabinet Map: Guryasu and Dogurpasu (both drop it)
Gunpowder: Dogurpasu
Nameless Tapeline: Guryasu
Head of Tongon: Kembo Tonyo (easy sword-tonyo)
Eye of Tongon: Kungbo Tonyo (easy archer-tonyo)
Leg of Tongon: Mob Tonyo (easy spear-tonyo)
Helmet of Hwangbyon: Kemsa Tonyo (medium sword-tonyo)
Breastplate of Tongon: Kusa Tonyo (medium archer-tonyo)
Item of Tongon: Mosa Tonyo (medium spear-tonyo)
General's Sword: Kemcha Tonyo (hard sword-tonyo)
Palace Piece: Kungcha Tonyo (hard archer-tonyo) (also kusa and kungbo drop it, but rarely)
Flag of Great Bear: Chang Tonyo (hard spear-tonyo)

TY to Keruya for helping put the quest pieces together - THANKS!
if you find something thats not quite right plz let me know so I can fix it for others.

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Mar 29, 2007 7:11 am
there you go kids have fun


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    Jun 27, 2007 7:35 pm
    waaaaaaaaaaa...........ang hirap ng mga quest.....!!!

    Jul 28, 2007 3:23 pm
    ang hirap ng mga quest pero nakaka chalenge talaga...

    Feb 27, 2008 3:06 am
    wow.. mkhang gaganahan aq mgquest ulit. hehe

    mukhang mganda mga premyo. wehehe

    Mar 4, 2008 5:24 pm
    awts ganun ba talaga kahirap?

    Mar 6, 2008 5:25 pm
    wow, your guide is really useful.. so, where did you get it? hehe.. I'm actually new to tantra, i've just played mine last week and turned 52.. Actually, thanks to my friends, they treat me for RO session. So far, i'm liking the game and actually have lots of fun doing the quests, i don't know, i think tantra's quests are like no other in other games. See you in Tantra phil-samadi! hehe.. peace out!

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      Mar 6, 2008 5:43 pm
      indi naman po yan ganun khirap kpag u're getting the hang of it...

      saya nga eh nkakalibang and persevere pag ginagawa n...


      Mar 6, 2008 5:46 pm

      yup... it's nice especially when the New Patch is coming, the Ruins Patch...

      lots of xciting new things will happen...




      Apr 28, 2008 9:11 pm
      ang hirap ng quest waaaaaaaaaa mga aabutin ka ng 5 linggo bago mo matapos ang quest waaaa

      Oct 18, 2008 12:40 am
      1 quest equal to two hours waaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T


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        thx i copleted all

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        AH SWEEEEEEEEEEET NMN TNX!!! pero cra un Cp namin wakokokokokoko

        May 6, 2009 10:07 am
        thank you for the quest guide! saved me a lot of time...

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        jajaja yo soy de venezuela estado lara  es algo jenial grax mi pJ se llama nazca  me pueden hablar cuando quieran desde 5:00pm  hasta 12:30am xD

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