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TERA: Browser Version in Russia Coming Soon

Apr 3, 2016 9:07 pm

The official Russian TERA page has recently posted a rather surprising article regarding an upcoming feature for the Russian version of the Korean MMORPG.
TERA is still quite a firm MMORPG that managed to survive an evidently tough competition, especially after the arrival of its well-known nemesis, Blade & Soul. The non-targeting combat focused MMORPG is available in quite a few regions all over the world, and the Russian servers seem well-populated regardless of being limited to one country.

The Russian publisher of TERA has just posted an article which talks about a future feature for TERA that might just surprise you. This is none other than the release of a non-client version of TERA that can be reached right from your browser.  How a client game such as TERA is converted to a browser MMORPG is beyond me, but the Russian developer seems to have a few magic tricks up its sleeve.

I have attempted to translate the Russian post to English, and the title basically states "TERA Soon in Your Browser," and I doubt these guys are bluffing. The article further describes our long journey in TERA up to this point through which we have "reached incredible heights" and now our adventures become diversified by the release of the browser version of TERA.   

"Plenty of characters, a huge world, and incredible opportunities. Choose your role and fight! Everything is in your hands, do not miss your chance to become the best of the best!"

Along with the announcement, Destiny Development, the Russian publisher, also released a video for the arrival of the browser version, and it seems to be showing off a few shots of the game and to me, it looks like the game will have a sort of side scroller view. Then again, the announcement was made on April 1, and Destiny Development might just be fooling all of us.

However, if that is not the case, how do you guys feel about seeing the arrival of a browser version of TERA, that can enable you to play the MMORPG away from home? Check out the announcement video below.

Source: TERA Russia

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