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TERA guides and tips for beginners Mar 8, 2012 11:56 pm

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TERA Crafting Guide

Mar 8, 2012 12:23 am
Tera equipment can be obtained from drops, quests or crafting.

As you level up, drops of full items become less frequent and the  quality (stats) may not be what you are looking for unless you are  killing raid bosses. There is often a lot of competition for the bosses  which drop good items and most players are simply not able to farm them  enough to meet their equipment needs.

Quests which offer full items are usually one-time quests. The equipment  offered is very usable but the equipment is often normal quality rather  then the great gear most players desire.

Crafting offers players another alternative. Crafting requires both  materials and designs for the item you are making. You also need to be  at a crafting shop.

Material gathering is a process in itself and is best covered elsewhere. This thread will focus more directly on the crafting process.

Tera items are ranked with respect to quality. We are still awaiting the final terms for the English client but for now we will refer to them as  follows: common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue) and legendary (orange).

Why you should craft?
The best gear is obtained from boss mob drops but crafted items are still very useful. You can craft rare items very early on. In theory, crafted items can be improved indefinitely. Improvements can fail, which may reduce the quality of the item. Upgrading is a gamble. Every attempt consumes resources. They better the quality of the item you are upgrading, the higher the risk.

Crafting - Where can I go to craft?

Crafting is permitted in major cities. In Velika there are two crafting shops.

There are three different crafts areas. The Alchemy area is for magic  weapons. the Forge is for plate armor and weapons. The Loom is for  leather and cloth armor.

The equipment

Tera offers each player the ability to learn five different equipment  crafting professions. These professions can be learned upon reaching  your first major city, Velika. They are: metal weapons, magic weapons,  cloth armor, leather armor and plate armor.

Players learn these professions by speaking with a crafting NPC. The  crafting profession NPCs also offer materials and recipes you can  purchase. Once you have the materials needed for a recipe, you click a  button to begin crafting.

Metal weapons manufacture includes lances, swords, axes, bows and twin swords

Magic weapons production includes the sorcerer's disc, priest's staff and mystic's scepter.

In addition, Tera offers players the ability to break down items and recover materials from them.

The materials

Players can learn five professions related to the processing of raw materials. These professions are: sewing, alchemy, metal working, tanning and bone working.

But where do you get the materials? Materials can be purchased, gathered, traded with other players, exchanged with Pandora's Box, or crafted.

There are three main components:

Collectible Materials: crystal, ore and fibers.

Stones for weapons and armor, and leather.

[img]http://www.terapvp.com/attachments/crafting9-jpg.1202/[/img]Some materials can be purchased from NPCs in town.

Of course the crafting process is not yet done. You have to process the materials. For example ores are melted into ingots. There is a process where raw ingredients are processed into other materials, which are then combined to craft the main item.

The process

You can purchase designs from the crafting studio in cities, although you need a certain proficiency in order to use each design.

Designs in red require a higher skill level than you currently have.

There are three levels of crafting proficiency. Level 1 is for 1-50 points. Level 2 is for 51-99 points. Level 3 is for 100 points. Every successful craft boosts your proficiency by 2 points. Every failed craft boosts your proficiency by 1 point.

The description for designs includes the skill level required to use it and the materials required to craft with it. By opening your inventory and right clicking on the design, you can learn to craft the design.

Crafting is done through this dialogue option. After opening the crafting menu click on the design for the item you want to create. This will show the ingredients needed for the item. You can set the number of items that you want to create, or just select to craft as many as possible.

Crafting items will increase your crafting skill, allowing you to acquire more advanced designs.

In the crafting menu it shows the designs and skill requirements.

After choosing to craft this will pop up, showing the progress on that craft.

Additional Crafting Info

On the one hand the production has about a 20% chance of failure and  thus all materials would be lost. As the saying goes, no risk, no fun.

Pandora's Box allows players to gamble crafting materials in a chance to win more (or lose) materials.
There are two (maybe more later) levels for each item produced.

Tera offers an item enchantment system  which allows players to upgrade certain equipment with others of the  same type. Crafted items can be used to enchant gear acquired as drops  to improve the item. Enchanted items immediately receive improved stats,  and additional bonuses are acquired when the item reaches +3, +6 and +9  respectively.

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