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Lancer VS. Warrior, which is better as Tank?

Feb 23, 2012 10:16 pm
As far as my information go so far, there are 2 viable choices for tanks. Those are lancer and warrior.

While lancer seem to be able to tank because of their high hit- points and armor values a warrior relies on evading attacks and hit- points only as he wears leather. So which categories can be compared then?

Damage per second: According to all information i was able to gather the warrior will definitely outdamage the lancer. As other information say that the warrior still only deals 1/10 of the dps of a comparable dealer class though this might not be of any interest. Well then why does this guy mention it then? Well as other information as and as one might be able to imagine an evading warrior will have the enemy move aswell. As moving targets are harder to hit, a warrior might actually even drop the parties dps compared to a party in which a lancer is tanking.

Tankability: Well of course most people would probably see the lancers tanking skills better than those of a warrior. During my investigations I came across some other thread though, which said that it is situational. Bosses with huge attack ranged and consecutive strikes might be a problem for a warrior as he either doesn't get out of the range with his dodge or he only evade 1 strike while suffering from the upcoming ones. As for the lancer a boss with mighty attacks might be a problem as some attacks seem to bypass his shield values. So we might call it a draw, though I personally still see the lancer leading here. One might also mention, that the lancer does provide an aura for his teammates which gives them a higher defense, and that he can even take a good portion of the of the allies standing behind him.

Ability to draw aggro: Most sources clearly gave this point to the warrior, some even said that it is even difficult for a lancer to keep his aggro high enough to be the center of his enemies rage. Of course some other sources claimed that for a skilled or even intermediate lancer it is no problem to keep the aggro up.

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Feb 26, 2012 7:06 am
lancers can interrupt - pretty handy especially in the final boss in the second dungeon - Sinestral's Manor
Not sure if warriors can

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    Feb 28, 2012 11:42 pm
    I played a lancer to 27 on the NA CBT and done SM, the level 27 instance, over 30+ times and I've never had any problems with losing aggro against my sorc friend who had better gear than me as long as I push the aoe taunt button every 10secs. I could literally run around in circles and kite the boss with one spell and no attacks against a sorc that pumps out nukes that hit players for 10k+ and mobs for 20k+ while blocking 100% range dmg and evade any hits that can go through the max block value with a 8sec cd charge. During all of last week's cbt, I've not seen a single group advertise for a warrior for tanking or dps. I even invited a warrior to a run before and everyone else in the group just freaks out at the sight of warriors going "OMFG", "LOL WARRIOR", and "WARRIOR USELESS!".

    Also any class can interrupt with knockdowns, stuns, and roots on bosses, but Lancer have 3 ability that stuns, one of them on a 4sec cd.

    So as of right now, from what I see, there's no comparison between the one of the most overpowered class in the game and the most underpowered class. Warrior is just a super terrible class, and deserves a ton of retuning and buffs. Maybe they get better at higher levels, but I have lots of doubts.

    (and all the warriors that I know from CBT1 rerolled a different class, abandoned that ship real fast)

    Mar 2, 2012 10:56 pm
    Lancer 100% tanker.  Warrior can barely tank and they are more of a DPS class.


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    Jul 1, 2013 11:54 am

    This post has a one year and a half time delay and well... That changed.

    Warriors are just complicated, but it's more than possible. In fact, we are even preferred by advanced players at the most difficult instances (manuals core, at least).

    But keep in mind: shine as a warrior tank is the most difficult goal that you can achieve. You will suffer some bullying using instance match in first dungeons for sure, even by fear or newbieness from other players. If you got many hits you will need a good healer, and get a newbie player as a healer with you as a warrior tank will give you tough times.

    In fact, there are two problematic classes for newbies. Mystic as a healer and warrior as a tanker. My tip: do not be one of both classes at the beginning if you don't like to study, just certainly get one of those as alternative chars, when you already know the game.

    It will you give extra challenges to yourself, and fun for sure. I have both because I'm insane and love that game, but get at least one. xD

    Jul 10, 2013 9:59 am
    Lancer - tank + stuns.
    Warrior - off tank+dps or dps.

    Jan 13, 2014 9:57 am
    people here have no.idea about warrior at all.
    1. player skill: lancer can be noob and still do.decent job, warrior: need to know what yes doing and know enemy well, which we call skilled.
    2. character skills: lancer can block damage for players behind, more.defense aura, can hold block very long, very stationary
    warrior: can block but have to know how to manage RE and MP, time skills bcoz yes.block is not endless. Warrior can dps much harder than lancer which besides aggro skills generałem aggro too. warrior has also stuns. warrior have great traverse debuff 13 stack, better mobility and can.evade specials which lancer cant, including green at WH.
    sum up: theres not many warriors that are skilled, those bad make a bad opinion about warrior tank. All advanced.players know that warriors are superior in tanking and better than lancers if pro. MC teams always seek for pro warriors first. I know my class well and often say to bad lancer to.dps and take.over for good job. There are like 90% lancer capable, and 10% warriors capable. Thats why stupid rumour spreads around. I on my server am always first to be tanker whispered ;)

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