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TERA's Elin VS. Blade & Soul's Lyn

Feb 23, 2012 11:03 pm

A Poster of Blade & Soul's Lyn Race

It's recently been known that such orcs can be made not only furious or elegant but also cute. Just take the case of Blade & Soul's Lyn race and TERA's Elin race.

Born in different backgrounds, the two races look very alike, either of which has a cute cat's face, two rabbit's ears & a tail and seems like a mix of kid and spirit. Lots of players expressed after Blade & Soul's first CBT that the game name might be the only way to distinguish the two races.

Today, let's check out the two races in a deep manner and unveil every mystery of them!

Sexy Elin
Consisting of females, the Elin race in TERA was created by the goddess Elin. The race is good-looking, and bears an animal-shaped figure.

We know that "sexy" and "cute" are used to define two different human characteristics. However, by means of a fine combination of "sexy" and "cute" and on the basis of substantial charm & an unclear aesthetic concept, the Elin becomes players' favorite race.

As introduced by TERA's developers, they actually intended to design the Elin with a touch of cuteness by modifying the female Popori at the very start, but finally got to endow it with large quantities of sexy elements. And now, it's said that the "sexy" elements will be erased from the European/American Elin.

As the guard of the nature in the game, the Elin bears responsibility for protecting the ecological balance, and aspires to peace and harmony.

But it's a shame that the Elin eventually failed to reap love. Anyhow, both sexy and cute, the race was favored by 20% players.

Oriental Girly Lyn

Different from the Elin that is sexy in a sense, the Lyn in Blade & Soul displays a sheer cute style with beefed-up cuteness.

In the game, the Lyn is the descendant of the legendary animal - kylin. Small but agile, the Lyn race has the greatest ability to survive.

Players got to better know the Lyn through Blade & Soul's first CBT, but many still found it hard to distinguish the Lyn from TERA's Elin simply resting on the appearance. However, those careful said that they didn't have such trouble at all.

First, Blade & Soul's Lyn features an oriental art style, while TERA's Elin features a western one. The former will come up with male characters in the future, while the latter has been confirmed to consist of females only.

In addition, Blade & Soul's unique appearance system gives players high freedom to customize their characters, while TERA's Elin is set with a sole look.

Two different games, two different feels they offer! Though sharing something in common in the aspect of characters' looks, the two games still inject new life into the character design that has appeared dull in Korean games.

Blade & Soul's Characters

Which do you prefer? Elin or Lyn?

Source from: MMOsite news

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Apr 14, 2012 10:54 pm
Lyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the way

MMOsite Special Offer

    Apr 14, 2012 11:41 pm

    psh...Adult Elin all the way!


    Pretty Soon, You-Tube, Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook are gonna combine and be called "YOU-TWIT-MY-FACE"!!!
    Apr 19, 2012 6:09 pm
    [b]Reply [url=http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/160/20120223/TERAs_Elin_VS_Blade_Souls_Lyn-4f473646a7579b713-1.html#p4f8a6da00bda83]2#[/url] [i]Windi3[/i][/b] [br] [br]Adult elin? Please no thank you.

    Atleast Sword-Girl is coming out and has the same clothing-style as elins in some of their cards. Pointless what En-Masse did and narrow-minded. Oh well maybe gamers will learn not to be such drama llama's about a little video-game that will be old news in a year or two.

    Especially when they don't like asian-themed mmo's to began with and half wouldn't touch one. Got games that came out way before Tera with the same thing and new ones on the horizon.

    Which is why i'm an ex-eme customer and now a GW2 customer.

    Feb 9, 2016 6:58 pm
    The customization is personally why I favor the Lyns better plus they look sm cuter in my opinion[SMILE=9][SMILE=15][SMILE=3]

    mobile forum
    posted via cellphone

    Apr 16, 2017 3:19 am
    I've played Tera and now I play Blade and Soul and i have to say that i prefer Lyns, they are way cuter and you can make them look really different with the B&S creator, while in Tera you can only change some things. [SMILE=3]

    mobile forum
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