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Aion NA: Spring Harvest Event is Rewarding

Apr 24, 2016 10:39 pm

NCSoft has launched the Spring Harvest event on Aion's NA servers and there is still plenty of time to make the best of it.
The Spring Harvest kicked off during the last maintenance and will end on May 4 so you guys should consider jumping back into the Korean MMORPG. The event consists of three parts, the Fragrant Fruit Box, Fruit Trade and Fig, Fig The Magical Fruit.

"Spring is the time for fresh fruit! Help Hirinerk by collecting refreshing fruits and trading them in for prizes."

Players logging in will receive a Fragrant Fruit Box every day after 10 minutes of being online. This box will remain in your inventory for five hours and can be opened once every 30 minutes. Upon opening, you will receive a random fruit like Fig, Pineapple and so on, and Fig will be your main target since it is the rarest of them.

This is where the second part of the event comes in picture. Once you have collected a full stack of the same fruit you can trade it in for a Fig, so make sure you don't throw away the other types of fruits. As I mentioned earlier, Fig is the main focus of the event and the third part of the event helps you gain amazing rewards from this particular fruit.

"Collect fresh fruits and sharpen your chef’s knife to prepare a Refreshing Salad for Hirinerk! Event ends May 4, 2016."

Besides getting Fig through the previously discussed methods, you can also obtain them from instances. Once you have obtained them, you can create a Refreshing Harvest Salad that needs to be handed to Hirinerk and Hurunerk who are located in Pandaemonium and Sanctum. The NPCs will reward you with some nifty things.

Among the rewards are Idian bundles, Ereshkigal Legion Belt, Tempering Solution, Socketing Boxes, Enchantment Stones, Ceranium Medals, Supplements, Ancient Manastone Bundles and other great stuff.

If you are low on Kinah, or want to improve your gear then hurry and make the best of the Spring Harvest event in Aion NA.

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