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Aion: Do Players Make Too Much Kinah from Events?

Mar 30, 2016 2:50 am

Aion is well known for its popular events  that often provide players with shockingly high-value items.
Events that take place during various holidays such as Christmas, Haloween and Valentine's Day, in Aion, often bring some rather amazing rewards that can be obtained by chance. In many cases, players have the opportunity to obtain Mythic items, tons of Ceranium Medals, huge amounts of Abyss Points, Godstones and even +12 Plumes.

These events enable players to make shockingly high amounts of Kinah by selling the rewards, and also brings huge profit to the publisher because a wide range of event-related items are sold in the in-game store during these times.

During the previous Shugo Tomb event, I was able to make roughly 3-4 billions of Kinah in just a bit over a week and I probably could have made more if I had invested some Kinah into reset scrolls and chest keys, and it also provided me with so much AP and medals that I was able to purchase a whole AP set. This seems slightly overdone to me, because, in many cases, characters above level 30 can participate in events, and players often level huge amounts of characters above 30 just to get more out of the events. Plus, if new players who happen to be above level 30 are given the chance to make billions of Kinah, that kind of ruins the whole "newbie" experience.

There are two major issues with these events, one of them is the fact that they often provide items that are too valuable and yet when half of the server obtains them they will cease to be special and hard to get. The second issue is the fact that the publisher sells a lot of event-related items for real money, such as the snowflakes during the Christmas event, which seems like a rather disgusting act.

Aion is already well known for providing players with some shocking advantages for real money, such as the Arena tickets and Katalamize reset scrolls that basically enable players to gain Honor Points at an extremely fast rate, and the event sales do not improve their image.

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Mar 31, 2016 8:15 pm
Aion have been released for so long and many veterans from the p2p days  still play the game to this date. You wouldn't even be able to imagine how much resources those players have, especially the smarter players who know restraint and manage their items extremely well, which is a major part of Aion's end game. Normally, new players will have absolutely no chance of getting to these player's level especially now with a smaller population. These events actually allow the newer players to catch up to these big shots and have a small chance of reaching the top echelons of Aion, believe me it is very hard to reach the top in this game, I know people who have tried for years and still haven't made it there.

Regarding "ruining" the newbie experience, it has already been ruined when they completely nerfed the levelling curve after the Balaurea update. Aion's leveling phase used to be a massive part of the game, it felt refined and your character becomes part of a living and breathing community. Now it's one of those standard " the game starts at max level" where players ignore everything and hit max level in 2 days which imo is far more "disgusting" than the snowflakes they are putting into the cashshop.

I have followed a lot of your articles in the past few weeks because they're always on the home page and I really think you should look more in-depth into the topics before making articles. Many of your article's content are very bland and similar to what a lot of players just slap onto their game forums, with the exception your posts come with a lot more manners lol. I'm not saying they're bad, they just need to be a bit more refined, in-depth and sometimes less biased.

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