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The best Aion Private server

Oct 8, 2009 12:54 pm
The best Aion private server : Aion Romania - Best updated aion private server

Login with latest Aion EU and US Client - Char Creation with latest features - Login into the World - Attacking Mobs, Killing Mobs and get EXP and Drops from them - Get Level up if you have 100% EXP - Inventory work

We have 2000 + players daily...and the server need every day new improvements like bandwith,new team members.

What is Aion? Aion: The Tower of Eternity is a fantasy MMORPG, chronicling an epic conflict between the Elyos, the Asmodians and a server-controlled NPC faction, the warlike Balaur.

Basic Storyline
In Aion: The Tower of Eternity, players must choose a side between two warring factions: the Elyos or the Asmodians. Once their world was whole; a perfect union joined at the center by The Tower of Eternity. When a great catastrophe shattered The Tower of Eternity, it split the world into two halves - and awoke the Balaur, a warring race exiled within the extra-dimensional Abyss. The Balaur now seek revenge on both of these new worlds, sparking an epic conflict. The part you play, the side you choose and the decisions you make will help determine the ultimate fate of Aion.

Key Features
* Interactive gameplay systems
* PvPvE (Player vs Player vs Environment)
* Free flying and flying combat
* Beautiful and detailed graphics

Aion Romania Private Server Updates
1. Fixed Belt's being unequippable.
2. Fixed the inability to equip Rings in both Ring slots
3. Fixed the inability to equip Earrings in both Earring slots
4. Added support for quests that drop more then one item in one step.
5. Added support for quests that require you to kill 3+ mobs in one step.
6. Added support for toggle skills.
7. Added support for dual wielding.
8. Added support for consumable items.
9. Added Mercenary Fruit Juice to the start items.
10. Added proper bind animation when binding to an obelisk.
11. You will now become visible when attacking while using Hide.
12. Added support for Stun skills.
13. Repaired Ancient Cube quest.
14. Added basic Party support. (Note: Not everything is working 100% yet!)
15. Added bind points and obelisks for Beluslan, Besfer Refugee Camp, Red Mane Cavern, and Pandaemonium.
16. 108 Eltnen quests completed. Mysterious Water Source, A Treat For Adelphie, Dirty Chindu, Troll Hammers, Kerubian Weapons, Helping Memnes, A Feast for Phomona, The Manduri Polluters, Violent Frillneck, Bait and Switch, Plant Poison Antidote, A Strange Turn of Phrase, Krato Needs Lapis, A Daeva's Reputation (II), Magical Shugo Grass, Garnets For Krato, A Daeva's Reputation, Arkel's Signposts, The Garnet Earrings, Delivery for Hannet, Ore for Hannet, Letter to Ophelos, Mace Making Materials, A Tender Concern, Like Mother Used to Make, Delivery For Vulcanus, Combat Preparation, Untouchable Aether Crystals, The Vital Ingredient, First Aid, The Strongest Spear, Worth Your Weight in Gold, Desert Fess, The Price of Titanium, Medicinal Roots, Girrinerk's Potions, Stalking the Wily Lapia, The River Predators, Cleansing The Forest, The Frillneck Threat, Trespassers at the Observatory, Ferenna's Test, A Dangerous Potion, Trespassers at the Observatory, Encountering Akeras, Tigrics of Ill Omen, Crystals for Hylas, A Head Start on Hylas, Heart of the Mamut, Specialty Hides, A Lie Begets a Lie, Paion's Worry, Lepharists Amok, A Mysterious Crystal, RM-12b, Suspicious Pretors, Shumerunerk's Trade, Corpse-Hunting Viragos, Sentinel Viragos, Fire Feather, Griffon's Threat, Armor for Pilgrims, Drakie Hunt, Drake Hunt, Supplies for Hylas, A Mountain of Trouble, Arming the Watch, Warning to Laquepin, Food For Agairon Village, Isson's Betrayal, Mabangtah's Second Test, Mabangtah's First Test, Thanking Mabangtah, Mother's Keepsake, A Favor for Brirunerk, A Pain in the Nyerk, Interfering Skyrays, A Gift for Acteon, Eating Better, The Klaws' Secret, Seeking the Seekers, Raiding Klaw, Killing for Castor, Endymion The Slow, Killer Ksellids, Trinkets for Children, Basilisk Purge, The Scolopen Sting, Scout Leader's Request, A Package For Crios, Acheron Drake Research, Thirst-Quencher, Maeki Attack, When Statues go Bad, Killing Crestliches, Spiner Pincers, The Elim Tragedy, Kurin Hunt, Plague of the Elim, Scourge of the Elim, Preserving Forest Soil, Wily Kundu, Stolen Goods, Cleansing The Forest, More Manduri Frillnecks, Nature's Balance, Pluma Attack!, Aether Powder.
17. Fixed Blue Flame animation on dead mobs
18. Gear will now be shown on the character selection screen.
19. Players will now show correctly if they are in combat when you teleport/see them.
20. Added NPC Titles for Poeta.
21. Added NPC Titles for Verteron.
22. Added NPC Titles for Ishalgen.
23. Fixed negative time on Queue.
24. Possibly fixed client crash while waiting in the Queue.
25. Added NPC Titles for Sanctum.
26. Added NPC Titles for Pandaemonium.
27. Fixed bug with players being able to use skills when dead.
28. Fixed huge bug with knownlists (It required you to be EXTREMELY close to some mobs to see them)
29. Updated many NPC levels. Both town and monster types.
30. In addition to #16, more quests were added for the Eltnen, Vertgard, Beluslan, and Heiron areas.

31. Moved the server to a German host. (BAT FILE USERS WILL HAVE TO UPDATE THEIR BAT FILE)
32. Increased the max player cap to 3,000.

Aion Romania Private Server Second Updates

1. Fixed bug with player appearances.
2. Fixed stun duration.
3. Fixed Charge's effect on runspeed.
4. Fixed party member packet, would show their name incorrectly if they had buffs.
5. Fixed players being able to equip a shield with a two handed weapon. (And other various combos)

Aion Romania Private Server Thirth Updates

1. Added Looting rights. Loot rights will be awarded to the player who does the most damage.
2. Fixed Many missing drops in Poeta.
3. Fixed Many missing drops in Ishalgen.
4. Fixed Many missing drops in Verteron.
5. Fixed many skills. Too many to mention.
6. Added support for transformation skills.
7. Added weapon restrictions. You will now need the passive inorder to equip a weapon.
7. Added armor restrictions. You will now need the passive inorder to equip armor.
9. Added class restrictions to consumable items.
10. Added level restrictions to consumable items.

The most updated private server of Aion is Aion Romania

Aion Romania Private Server means:

The most populated server on the net
4000 + players
1000 x Rates
The higest rates on the net
Aion Romania Private Server is the first Aion Private server

Aion Romania Private Server have sponsors and have high bandwith

Aion Romania Private Server have Aion.exe , Aion EU client , Aion US client

Aion Romania the best updated Aion server

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