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Star Wars: The Old Republic - What went wrong?

Mar 17, 2016 1:15 am

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) was given plenty of attention and faith initially, but it seems that the title did not manage to live up to expectations

Is SWTOR dead? I usually hate seeing this generic question, and the Star Wars themed MMORPG is not dead, but if you compare the server populations and the activeness of its player base to the first few months after its release, then I can see why some of you use the term "dead" often, when talking about SWTOR.

Handling such a heavy title is of course not an easy task, right J.J.? SWTOR is missing some crucial MMORPG elements that many cannot accept. For one, I believe that the engine and the visuals of the game hint of some wrong choices made by the developers. SWTOR deserved far better visuals, especially character-wise, because honestly, the character faces and armor designs in the game are not exactly something to be proud of.

If you look at upcoming sci-fi titles such as Star Citizen, SWTOR should have received visuals like that and exploration freedom that does not hold you on a spaceship that cannot be freely flown around, but is basically a HUB from where you can "fly" to instanced zones. I think many of you would have been more than satisfied by getting an SWTOR that is more like Star Citizen in terms of visuals.

The game's mechanics are not bad, although this target of target confusion was slightly irritating and the healing/tanking could be more complex but that is probably not the main issue with the game. One of the biggest flaws of SWTOR is probably the pointless F2P nature of the game, as it is so frustratingly limited that you will most likely end up either paying or quitting.

I faintly remember that last year, players claimed SWTOR to be having a population that is around 500k-1 million, which if it was accurate, is not something that you expect such a huge title to have. Personally, I think that if the game was functional and well designed, it should be having somewhere well above 5 million but perhaps even 10 million.

All in all, SWTOR needs tons of changes to attract more players, but before changes are implemented, something clearly needs to be done with the subscription system, as it seems like a good joke to call this game Free-To-Play.

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Mar 19, 2016 3:05 am
First off I want to say I really like the story in SWTOR, but the fact is the game recently been dumb down to where you now have to chose one path instead of chose you talents from the 3 tree.  Simplified for the average 10 year old but sacrificed the cool more complex personalize talent tree.  On top of the worst F2P limitation, the chars model is bit out of date, so at the end game every1 looks like every1 else, is this the clone war?  Sure you can argue behind a helmet, why you even bother with how your char looks like.  Well, if I recall Star Wars is mostly about THE chars in those movies and everything else are secondary.  Look will become more important as the evolution of games goes on.

This article nailed on the head, let's face it SWTOR is OUT of DATE the visual is not on par with modern games.  I had played Fallout 3 and can NOT go back to look at Fallout 2 no matter how good those games were.  I know it and you know it and anyone had a chance to play Black Desert, the char model are crazy detailed, your pretty little eyes have set the bar to that level now.  If you're a gamer for a long time then you know what I mean and by no means those dated games aren't good just not good looking anymore that's all.

Now we are stepping even closer to VR which mean we will see the details of our char more closely than ever before.  Graphic are not everything if you're into pixel art but for everyone else the higher polygons the prettier and more realistic things are coming to life IMO.

~Character Customization is the Future of Games

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    Apr 30, 2017 10:16 pm
    Answer is simple...EA...remove EA from the equation and give BioWare freedom to do what they do best and i'd be willing to bet SWToR would massively increase its population. EA has ruined multiple games now, SWG (couldve been the king of MMO's but EA got its grubby little hands on it and BAM in the dumpster), Battlefront 2, long awaited sequel, phenominal flop, SWtoR...could have and SHOULD HAVE been FAR FAR better, but again EA made it flop. Terrible programming, terrible ideas, fantastic level of greed, horrific customer service, list goes on. Please Disney, fire EA from ALL VIDEO GAMES PERIOD.


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