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SWTOR Pets List (Including 1.2 Pets)

Apr 19, 2012 7:51 pm
Swtor vanity pets are non-combat pets which can be obtain in different ways:

- As a monster drop
- Purchased from the Collectors Edition vendor
- Purchased from Vendors with some restrictions like Social Level, Dark Side/Light Side Level
- As part of the Collector's Edition

Whether you're a pet collector or just looking for a cute little pet to follow you on your adventures, I think this guide will be helpful to you. And if you know any other pets, please let me know in the comments.

General information
How to summon your pet?
When you obtain a pet right-click the pet item in your inventory to add a pet to your collection of pets. You can then summon it from the ‘general' tab of your abilities page (press P for abilities window). By clicking on the pet icon the pet will be summoned.

How to unsummon your pet?
Press P for your abilities window, go to the general tab and click on the pet icon.

Tips & tricks
- You need 25,000 credits for your pet.
- Once a pet is summoned he follows you even if you are on a speeder.
- You can summon only one pet at a time.
- You can summon a pet and a companion at the same time.
- Light Side and Dark Side vendors on the Fleet stations sell pets for 25,000 credits. To purchase the pet you need to reach Dark/Light Side Level III. Once purchased the pet can be summoned even if you decrease your Dark/Light Side Level.

Swtor Pets List
Crimson Rakling
This pet is a reward for completing the "Rakghoul Pandemic: 5 - Origins of the Outbreak" event (part of the Rakghoul Pandemic Events on Tatooine).

Midnight Rakling
Dropped from the final boss Doctor Lorrick in Lost Island Hard Mode.

Pale Rakling
This pet can be purchased from the event vendor Jeelvic for 60 Rakghoul DNA Samples

This pet hatches from Unusual Egg found on Alderaan. Here is a full guide with screenshots on how to get this great looking mini-pet:
SWTOR 1.2 Orokeet Pet Guide

This pet hatches from Mysterious Egg (dropped from bosses in Lost Island Hard Mode).

This pet can be purchased from the Collector's Edition vendor on the Republic/Imperial Fleet for 200,000.

Taun Fawn
From the PAX East 2012 special code.

- Ice Scrabbler Jerky (scheme dropped by the 2 world bosses on Hoth)
- NVSCCS: Grappling gun vendor in Alderaan, located at 1867, 1088 (south of Tarlarn Outpost)
Just go to location 832, 747 (on Hoth), activate the ice scrabbler jerky buff, wait a few seconds and cath the spawned taunlet with your NVSCCS.

Fresh Cryomoss
The only information that we found about this pet is to be dropped by high level mobs, but only available to the Powertech and Vanguard advanced classes.

Hutt Observer
For Empire - This pet can be purchased from Nongta Collectors Edition vendor on Vaiken Spacedock - Upper Ring (Imperial Fleet) for 25,000 credits.

Interrogation Droid
This pet can be purchased from the Dark Side vendor (For Republic - Vindir located on the Republic Fleet Station) for 25,000 credits. Requires Dark Side Level III or above.

L2-P2's Call Signal
During one of the BETA weekends players got L2-P2 pet. I found several speculations about this pet - that can be purchased from the Stims vendors on Coruscant for 25,000 credits but I couldn't find any vendor that sells it. If anyone has any additional information about this pet please leave a comment below.

Lil' Probey's Codec
Another not confirmed information that this pet can be purchased from Stims vendor on Drumond Kaas for 25,000 credits. Requires Social Level I. If anyone has any additional information about this pet please leave a comment below.

Little Sandcrawler
This pet can be purchased from the Light Side vendor for 25,000 credits (on the Republic Fleet Station - Mira Light Side Vendor (X:-4512, Y:-4764)). Requires Light Level III or above.

Minimech CE
This pet is part of the Collector's Edition.

Mouse Droid
Available from the Security Key vendor for 25,000 credits (For Republic - Tamin Republic Fleet, For Empire - Toth Imperial Fleet Vaiken Spacedocks).

Rhythm Augmentation Droid
Available from Security Key vendor for 55,000 credits (For Republic - Tamin Republic Fleet, For Empire - Toth Imperial Fleet Vaiken Spacedocks). This pet serenades you for 30 seconds.

The Czerka Eye
For Empire - This pet can be purchased in the Dorn Base - Command Center on Hoth from Grady - Social Items vendor (X:-2639, Y:874) for 25,000 credits. Requires Social Level VII.

Source from: SWTOR Pets

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