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SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Guide

Jan 10, 2012 7:26 pm
Thanks Illian Amerond from our writer club for this detailed Sith Inquisitor Guide. I just re-post it here to help ppl who play Sith Inquisitor. Enjoy!

The best way to describe this class is as an anti-palidin or reverse of the Jedi Consular. Not every skill is mirrored with this class yet many of the original ideas with this class being one of the Sith's Main Healers or Off Tanks is consistent with that of the Jedi Consular. As before Alacrity is still an important trait if your going to Tank yet you will be switching out Willpower for Endurance gear. Keep in mind that although you will have off heals as an off tank your main role is to help the Main Tank stay alive by grabbing adds or wrangling the boss while they recuperate, in this, you save your healing for yourself and rarely support the healers if your near wipe.

Now lets gather the core set of abilities that will make up the base of our Theory Crafting discussion here today:
  • Saber Strike (Instant; basic melee attack.)
  • Shock (Instant; Standard/Weak targets are stunned 3 seconds.)
  • Thrash (Instant; Secondary attack hits 3 times.)
  • Mark of Power (Instant; Party buff lasts 60 minutes.)
  • Force Lightning (Channeled; 3 second DoT.)
  • Overload (Instant; AoE knock-back; Standard/Weak targets are Knocked Down for 3 seconds.)
  • Whirlwind (Instant; Main 8 second CC; Heals non Player/Standard/Weak targets until finished.)
  • Electrocute (Instant; Damaging Stun for 4 seconds.)
  • Recklessness (Instant; Increases force critical rate chance for 3 charges.)
  • Unbreakable Will (Instant; Free you from incapacitate and CC.)
  • Crushing Darkness (Charged 2 seconds; Damage with DoT for 6 seconds.)
  • Jolt (Instant; Interrupt with skill block for 4 seconds.)
  • Force Slow (Instant; Damage with speed reduction of 50% for 6 seconds.)
  • Tumult (Instant; Requires Incapacitated target.)
  • Sacrifice (Instant; Sacrifice Ally to near death to heal self 40% your total health.)

More detailed introduction and Sith Inquisitor skill builds can be found on our SWTOR GameZone:
Theory Crafting - the Sith Inquisitor Guide

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