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Aika Epic III: Descent Pack Giveaway Event

Jun 7, 2012 8:42 pm

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Prepare to purge your homeland from itsdemon infestation! The Caelium Cores havefailed, and Aika’s sky islands are failing to the ground towards viciousmonsters. Grab a pack full of experienceboosters and health potions today and jump into the battle in Epic III: Descent!

Learn more about all of Aika's holiday eventson the official Aika website.

About Aika Online
AikaOnline is an epic fantasy MMORPG developed by JoyImpact (now part ofHanbitSoft), creators of Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent.  Five nationsvie for control of Arcan in massive PvP castle sieges, relic thefts, and towerassaults, waging war on a scale never before seen in an MMO.  Assisted bytheir Pran – an intelligent fairy familiar whose personality develops throughconversation – players shape the fate of their country and the world, and caneven rise to rule as Lord Marshall. Since its 2009 debut, Aika has won manyprestigious awards, such as the Korea Game Industry Agency’s Best of Show:Prime Minister’s Award, Player’s Choice: Best Online Game, and Free MMORPG ofthe Year.

How to Redeem your Coupon Code
1. Create a gPotato account.

2. Download and login to Aika and create a character.

3. Visit https://billing.gpotato.com/Fillup/FillupFrm.asp

4. In the menu, select gPotato coupon.

5. Input your coupon code and click"Fill-Up Now!"

6. Login to Aika to receive youritems.


Giveaway will begin on June14th, 2012
Giveaway will end on June 28th,2012

3 Day Mark of Experience (2xEXP for levels 1-50)
200 Intermediate Health Potions

*Limit one per account,Non-Tradable

MMOSite Support
Post the giveaway in the contests/giveawayssection.

Aika Online Support
1. Aika will provide giveawaybanners in the requested sizes.

2. Aika will send 500 couponcodes.

3. Aika will post the event on SNSand forums.

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