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Classes Guide: The leveling systems and "Class" equivalents

Jan 20, 2007 12:25 am
I'm glad to have a new guide here. It's a useful guide from FearMeMortals ("__Kasumi" Bable server). I'll post it on forum first and then compile it with DW.


I have written this guide because i have not found another which i feel documents the class system of Silkroad in enough detail, especially in light of Silkroad's poor English translations in their help files. Though to be fair some of this information has been repeated in several of the other guides, however i feel that there was a gap that needed filling for players who are confused by Silkroad's lack of "classes" as such, when compared to other MMO's like World of Warcraft.

Table of Contense:

1. Tier Based Mastery System
  1.1 What is a Tier Based Mastery System
  1.2 What are the Masteries
  1.3 How do i use the Mastery System to the full advantage

2. Skill Points
  2.1 Why are Skill Points important?
  2.2 How do i know if i have enough Skill Points?
  2.3 How do i best go about gaining Skill Points
  2.4 What is "SP" farming?

3. Classes
  3.1 What are the Classes in Silkroad?
  3.2 How do i achieve a particular "character build"

1. Tier Based Mastery System

        1.1 What is a Tier Based Mastery System?

        Silkroad employs a leveling system very similar to that of THQ's Titan Quest (even though Titan Quest         came many years afterwards).  Very simply explained, to gain the various skills in Silkroad you must         level up your Mastery (ies) with skill points to "unlock" the skills. Once you have the appropriate level         Mastery you may purchase skills once again with Skill Points. An excellent example is the first skill in the         Fire Mastery, "River Fire Force Lv1". When you first begin the game press "s" to bring up your skill page.         Select the "Force" tab and then the "Fire" tab. When you put your mouse over the first skill (it looks like         a book until the mastery is at the appropriate level). It will say "River Fire Force Lv 1" Required Mastery         Level 5. This means that your Fire Mastery must be Level 5 before you may gain the River Fire Force         Skill. Additionally your Skill Masteries may not exceed your own level.

        1.2 What are the Masteries?

        There are four

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Jan 20, 2007 6:44 am
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    Jan 21, 2007 11:22 am
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