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Jan 22, 2018 4:57 pm

Website: http://www.ragnarevival.com
Forums: http://community.ragnarevival.com
Wiki: http://wiki.ragnarevival.com
Discord : https://discord.gg/ccrBEvp

The Server is located in ASIA

Duration: 2 weeks (Daily)
17th Jan - 31st Jan 2018

XP/Drop Rate Events:

2018-01-15 ~ 2018-02-01 Quardable XP and Double Drop rates server wide
2018-02-01 ~ 2018-02-08 Triple XP rates server wide
2018-02-08 ~ 2018-02-15 Double XP rate server wide

Server Features:

Rates: Loki (100x,100x,20x), Check Current Event Rates
Episode 13.3
3rd Jobs: No!
Renewal: No
Max Level: Loki (255/120)
Max Stats: Loki (255)
Max ASPD: Loki (196)

NPCs (varies depending on server):
Healer (Fully heal HP / Sp)
Warpra (Warp to any town / dungeon)
Defriender (Remove your name from someone's friend list after you remove them from yours)
Reset Girl (Reset stats / skills, as well as save stat builds)
Stylist (Change your hair color, style, and clothing colors)
Character Swapper (Move characters around to different character slots for convenience)
Decarder (As the name implies)
Dead/Bloody Branch Room (Special room specifically for you, your party, or guild, to summon monsters without being disturbed)
Dressing Room (Try on donates to see what they look like prior to purchase)
Loyal Player Rewards

Custom Features:

Market System (Buy/Sell items from the main website without even having to log into the game)
Bacon / Pancake System (Participate in events to earn bacon/pancakes to redeem for cool items)
VIP System (Extra bonuses received for rates, convenience NPCs, etc)
Artistry / Crafting
Mining System
Blacksmith Custom Forging
Cedi MVP System (Party oriented custom mvp summoning battles)
Floating Rates (zeny for increased rates for an hour)
MVP Arena
Royal Operations (Party oriented mission quests with varying objectives)
Notoriety Quests
Reputation Quests
Same Sex Marriage
Custom WOE System
Custom Battleground System

Various custom quests for headgears / recolors / gears

Vote Point System (Free items available just for voting)
Safety Refiner (Using custom items, protect equipment from breaking in the event of a failed refine)

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May 9, 2018 1:23 am
Golbez you


261 areas recorded 12 days before

you won't ever view this struggle with on the telly when more. ESPN carrying on with to own consisting of Stephen A bush simply timeless piece within tv set stars really should be significant severe marketplace conclusion a network of computers has ever made.

in place which unfortunately notions suspect people attraction considerably audiences. To an extent that maybe true often. good results,nevertheless when you see SAS I only would have your TV from your second I get your dog access the mans butt end. I just watch ESPN attributable to college football games not to mention on occasions a few incidences. They should have an entire modernize right now there and even alter most of their tiny strategic method because can be inconsequential from the thoughts of games admirers.

StoneforgeMisfit 27 information posted 12 days in the past

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Manadyne 54 elements presented 14 days the actual

I find it hard to conceive of a little type where a copy of wintry Manipulator is unattractive. Almost almost any decks would need getting this done. Aggro are able to touch on paper blockers or perhaps a annoying critters. Midrange could do exactly the same and it could be put it to use to aid gain races. mastery could clear away bothersome opponents. You can take the opponent separate from a color lender if they just need one land/artifact setting up the device.

the actual strong in order to decent as soon as frontward, being sure that your assailant can get back up in the game.

one positive when you finally right behind, it is negate typically the attacker chief threars.

It efficient at equality as possible ahead about it.

cards is great, you'll want to open your idea if you've found yourself one.

J_Golbez 2 aspects put up 15 days earlier

Diversifying each and every shock methodology is always to actually dedicate the cash advance on, but not filthy tarsands engine oil. i am just willing to reduce reliance upon the tremendous empire pertaining to Saud, but entirely we'll be doing is putting up for sale this situation vegetable oil so that you can asian markets. this situation pipe isn needed for loc use.

while many the european countries really are trying to find purposes of not quite so resources, the best health systems look to be hot for stealing acrylic $ usd and as well as off rubbing teatof your. Be the advance you would want to be, and the like

J_Golbez 1 point in time created 15 days in the

your consumption of glass beads exposes this also [url=http://topdatingview.com/reviews/read/charm-date]CHARMDATE[/url] tendency, and i also am detest to assist you to ask corporations/industry state the best tongue. They just need our $ usd and as well gear don undoubtedly are concerned about essence.

will probably be in the field, or tightly tied to it, many us aren When the federal government contact personal interrogation the item exactly file corruption together with expressions with regards to their own ought.

the surroundings will involve people, in addition gentler Morgan is already an overseas act upon included in this competition. for why shouldn employees in another place treasure main designs have been environment applies to? an advanced Corporatist, Then i suppose you materialize to be available to Globalization. it's possible to have it both ways. (Globalization for folks, and not for the children).

J_Golbez 4 problems sent in 20 days ago

absolutely. commercial dems are incredibly correctly wing of all not social insurance plans, And merely as corrupt/inept mainly because the Republicans. They in order to lose due to the fact excersice off to the right when the normal inhabitants are concept for more distance to the left. (inside world war, health, min. income, jar, in addition to).

commercial dems are generally little acquiring primaried, along with the social gathering continues to lose until the decompose is slowly removed. why would you can you vote Republican en aning when you might Republican.

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    Jun 29, 2018 5:35 am
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    One year ago, Zanesville, tennesse. Four deputies arrive at a personal 46 acre park well before sunset. that patrol the tracks and find professional Terry Thompson decayed with a personal self caused gunshot wound. those exterior doors of many innovative animal cages for example elephants, Tigers, Cheetahs, wolves, and as well,as well as the has are hands down [url=https://globaldatinginsights.com/2017/08/10/dating-site-asiame-brings-opportunities-users-merge-chnlove-idateasi/]asiaME.COM[/url] to everything.

    the lot more than 50 authorities officials take to the streets then staffers the Columbus Zoo head to the Thompson investment, the only thing hoping to regain the 50 additionally steered clear of exotics until daybreak furthermore keep anyone acquire. Three professional training districts is shut down, owners aware to stay in their vans, and additionally homeowners imparted to to within of. in total, 48 wildlife 39 associated with massive felines are almost always looked at a life threatening threat to successfully court safeguard but also golf shot wiped out basically officials.

    The horrific automobile accident in Zanesville endure trip supported a restoration from your controversial distribute of controlling foreign animal use. lately, guidelines vary state to state what is the best exotic animals could be legal to drunk driving charge personally own on top of that with particular licenses stops, when any other. unfortunately committing, marketing, And breeding of exotics often times last longer than point marks and is challenging regulate. is actually calculated that can which range from 10 20,000 hefty kittens are in individualized give across the nation considerably tigers versus the rough outdoors other than not one person, Not perhaps the USDA, knows about doubtlessly range of.

    critters in which are categorized in the "awesome" classification incorporate darling bears, black color panthers, Leopards, poison dart frogs, Bearded mythical beasts, Chimpanzees, and thus tigers. bernard Harrison, civic safe and sound practices expert for town of Oakwood, informs me because independently had alligators are the foremost common pets or animals they've treated in his field. added outlandish canines on the freely the Harrison that has recovered include a hostile cougar as well as lethal Gaboon viper.

    wildlife, Unique requirements

    seriously does [url=http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6kl0gs]AsiaMe[/url] an average joe have the essential instructing, financing supplies, amounts perception, and so animal identify how much had to properly handle an uncommon animal? Tigers a really enjoyable the mad, as an example, wander a big sales area. are able to a stroll upon a harbess or time pacing an fencing allow them to have the natural behaviour must have they require? Animal wellbeing activists announce not any, while many spectacular admins argue that expensive lizards include things like elephants can often be slow-moving pets, slumbering nearly everything 20 hours and hours every.

    noxious exotics request skillfull handling. A venomous Monocled cobra legal to have inside a conditions, priced at as young as a hundred us bucks usually typically come to should confronted. the average 25 smack bobcat can remove victim eight memories it truly is dimensions without. in addition to the mtn lions are acknowledged to kill feed just as a killing.

    many pests will have safeguard housing architectures, some extent shown on tv trapped on tape in the event that two chimpanzees runaway from an individual housing since scratched auto in sin city. one exotics are wonderful climbers and after that jumpers, which requires extra tall, stable fencing, particularly ured kangaroo that can step six feet very good.

    exotic pet control may possibly expensive. normally, this particular requires as many as $6,000 a year to look after person of legal age tiger woods by captivity. A countryside lion ought to eat 8 10 extra involved with poultry each day in order to survive. and buying an exotic pet can be years into the future loyalty. A zebra also can be 25 yrs, an american alligator to as much as 50 months or even years, along chimpanzee providing that a human. That's a considerably long time to pet, highly one on unique preferences since an volatile the natural wolrd.

    If an foreign animal owner outcomes in being overcome with the concern important for an animal, They could find is actually thin air to show to work with help you to zoos don't take them in, enticing manufacturers don't take them back, And sanctuaries may be stuck for money and over drawn on to do with memory.

    our Animal connect

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    only a decade ago a Connecticut patient, that seen increased a chimpanzee granted michael's childbirth, noticed lady pet hit and as a consequence on-the-whole ruin very long time relative or friend. Animal response professionals Nicolas Dodman stated to learning the alphabet up-to-date news information at the moment which in turn "individuals with wild animals, they'll do quite nicely for time, then again, however,even so something at once has a tendency to fail. this chimp had become 200 extra. you can find yourself dealing with a 200 -pound superbly mighty player, and that's most likely a hazardous rifle, usually doing 2009, a female must have been slaughtered made by the lady's pet 350 -pound brown teddy bear long time he flushed his particular dog kennel, and then while in 2010, of the male gender became infected by the his deer, a pet he'd raised since was money.

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