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OriginRO - Ragnarok Online Old School Server

Jun 4, 2017 6:43 am
Hey guys,
For all the nostalgic people out there (Like me )
Let me introduce you to OriginRo, a Low Rate 3/3/2, Old School (Pre-Renewal) Server.
If you remember yourself playing RO 10-15 years ago, and you couldn't get up from the keyboard, then this is especially for you!!

here are some details:

Server website: www.OriginRo.com

Server Forums www.OriginRo.com/Forums

Download link: www.OriginRo.com/Download.php

Registeration link: http://www.OriginRo.com/cp/?module=a...&action=create

Server Information:
•Pre-Renewl 99/50 2nd job, 99/70 Trans
•Current Episode: 9(kRo)/6.4(iRo) - Yuno, Amatsu, Gonryun, Jawaii, Louyang and Ayothaya, Umbala, Niflheim, Rebirth. (Without Payon Remodeling)
•Max Base Level : 99
•Max Job Level : 50 2nd job, 70 Trans
•Max Stats: 99
•Guild Capacity: 76/76
•Classic Mob Spawn and Drops
•Old MVPs Spawn & Skills -Spawn Every 3 Hours
•Classic Skill Mechanics
•Classic Job Changer
•Enabled MVP and Mini Boss Card
•Current Available Jobs: 2-1, 2-2 class, Trans(Rebirth) - NO TEAKWON, STAR GLADIATOR, SOUL-LINKER, NINJA, GUNSLINGER

Server Features:
•On respawn, 0% of Max HP/SP will be restored.
•Hourly Points Reward System - can be used for HP/SP Potions.
•Vote For Points Reward System - can be used for Field Manual & Bubble Gum.
•Donation System
•War Of Emperium - 1 castle at prontera for the begining (when our community grows, all castles will be opned)
•Custom PvP Warper/Arena
•Costum Dungen - The Forbidden Realm - Gefenia
•Auto Trade Available
•No Dual Client
•Classic Old School Ragnarok Online Skins

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Jun 8, 2017 2:43 pm

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