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Rift: Planes of Telara

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RIFT 1.7 Hotfix #6

Feb 28, 2012 10:47 pm
This is the hotifx 6 of rift, now check it out


* Ember Isle can no longer be accessed by characters under level 48. Characters currently in Ember Isle below this level will be teleported back to their home city.
* Updated the way Rifts and Invasions track contribution so you should be more reliably rewarded for participating.
* A number of random Bind On Equip Rift drops that incorrectly had no level requirements to equip now actually do.
* Various fixes to Vote Kick while in a raid-converted group in LFG or Instant Adventure.
* Using /target with a partial name now prefers to select living targets over dead ones.
* Instant Adventure: Jerra Loves Hillsborough: This adventure should no longer fail to complete when you kill Androj too quickly.
* Guardian wedding instance is now accessible by RIFT Lite accounts.
* Gold Wedding Rings are now able to be equipped by RIFT Lite players.

* Piñatas that drop Hammerknell artifacts now drop a more appropriate amount of them - not multiples of the same item.
* Fixed a bug allowing characters to receive too many beads from grey-con Piñatas.
* Made some small tweaks to Piñata loot to balance out the relative frequency of 'bonus' drops.


* Zone Events in Ember Isle, Stillmoor, Shimmersand, and Iron Pine Peak are now aware of each other, and only one high-level zone event will be active at a time.
* PvP Quests obtained and completed within Port Scion as a Mercenary will once again grant Notoriety rewards.
* Caduceus Rise [Master]: The damage of the general population's Furious Shout has been reduced.
* Ember Isle: There are now 'breadcrumb' quests in Sanctum and Meridian to point players toward Ember Isle at level 50.
* Fall of Lantern Hook [Expert]: Maelforge is back to looking like his old self again.
* Hammerknell: Akylios: Tidal waves during the later phases of the encounter no longer knock players back.
* Hammerknell: Akylios: Added on-screen text warnings to Akylios' breath attacks.
* Hammerknell: Akylios: The damage over time component of Mind Decay now ticks half as quickly as it previosly did.
* Hammerknell: Inwar Darktide: Dead Water is now a Curse, and cleansable by abilities that remove Curses.

* Justicar: Healer's Creed: Now with 100% more WORKING.
* Sentinel: Banish: Tooltip now properly states the ability deals Life damage, not Death.

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