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Rift: Planes of Telara

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Rift 1.6 Upper Caduceus Rise Boss Guide

Nov 23, 2011 1:13 am
Here I just list the last two also the hardest bosses. You can check out the full guide later.

Cinderstorm - Diffculty - 8/10

*Cinder Storm - Must LOS it or you will die
*Mote of Flame - Orbs that slowly turn around in the circle - getting hit by it won't kill you but will cause you to take some damage and will slow you.
*DPS race - he will cast two Cinder Storm and then you need to move into the storm and kill him before the lasers kill you.

Cinderstorm is a DPS check fight that requires to LOS one of his abilities. When the fight beings, Motes of Flame will spawn that will turn around the room in a counter-clockwise fashion. Getting hit by it will damage you and slow you down, potentially killing you for his next ability.

Cinderstorm's ability that you must LOS is called Cinder Storm. Whne he casts this, the ground will pulse and you have a few seconds to run to a pillar and get out of LOS. A good spot is shown below.

After two Cinder Storms, the boss will change to his next phase. You must move from your LOS position and move into the room as lasers will come up all around the room and slowly move into middle. Touching the laser will kill you. It is a DPS race from this point on.

Caduceus - Difficulty - 10/10

*Magma Blast - A dot placed on three players, must be cleansed asap.
*Earth Rumbles - Spikes appear on the ground. Just eat it.
*Tectonic Distrubance - Everyone must stack behind boss or he will port around to people in the group and whack them.

Caduceus is the last boss in the dungeon. If you have good dps, you can ignore most of the mechanics and this boss just become a straight burn with cleansing.

Everyone should stack behind the boss on this fight as this will make certain mechanics a lot easier.

He will cast Magma Blast from time to time on three players that must be cleansed asap (stacking will make AoE cleanse work here). In between Magma Blast, there will be also an emote called The earth rumbles. Spiky things appear on the ground but they don't really hurt so can be ignored.

After about two magma blast and an earth rumbles emote, he will cast Tectonic Disturbance. Bascially, he will port to whoever that is far away from him and smack them. He will turn jump into the air and land a distance away and do a knockback to all party members.

Erupted Core and Erupted Ember will also spawn this phase. Tanks will need to pick up the Erupted Core. If you have good dps, you can choose to just DPS down the boss and ignore the Erupted Core and Erupted Ember. If not, the you might need to AOE down the Core and then target the Erupted Embers and kill them.

Healing: Lots of AoE heals on this fight. Must be quick with cleanse to remove Magma Blast. The part with Erupted Core/Erupted Ember can be nasty to heal through as everyone is taking damage.

Check out the orginal article (from MMOsite Rift GameZone):
RIFT 1.6 New 5-man Dungeon Walkthrough: Upper Caduceus Rise (Boss Guide)

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Nov 23, 2011 2:55 am
lol... Difficulty 10/10....  Well in Ember Isle everything is kinda tough... even the standard mob can wipe your arse if you are not careful...


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