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Rift: Planes of Telara

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RIFT Maps Collection. NPC and Crafting Maps!

Feb 15, 2011 11:33 pm
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Latest Updated: Mar. 10
Here are two nice articles about rift maps, check them out:
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Here are some maps you'll need when you start playing RIFT! I think the mod should sticky it for sharing!

Sanctum Map

NPC Coords:
1. Guild Master / Quest / Relics
2. Healers
3. Mage Trainer
4. Rogue Trainer
5. Warrior Trainer
6. Cleric Trainer
7. Artifact Collector
8. Auction House
9. Bank
10. Butcher, Outfitter Loom
11. Forager, Apothecary Laboratory
12. Miner, Armorsmith, Weaponsmith Forge
13. Runecrafter, Articer Workbench
14. Recipes
15. Spell Reagents
16. Throne Room
17. PvP Warfronts, Target Dummies
18. Mounts
19. Food Drink
20. Potions
21. Porticulum

Meridian Map

NPC Coords:

1. Artifact Collector
2. Auction House
3. Banker
4. Butcher
5. Dyes
6. Planar Merchant
7. Forager
8. Guild Master, Quest, and Relics
9. Mounts
10. Faction Leaders
11. Miner
12. Orphiel’s Spire
13. Planar Augments
14. Porticulum
15. Potions
16. PvP Vendors
17. Recipes
18. Rogue, Mage, and Cleric Trainer
19. Warrior Trainer and Target Dummies
20. Tradekill Trainers and Supplies
21. Warfront Master

Silverwood Map

NPC Coords:
1. Highglade’s Lookout
2. Kelgnaw’s Den
3. Marsh House
4. Old Man Statue
5. Overwatch Cave
6. Rudi’s Wagon
7. Sanctum Watch
8. Cave of Seasons
9. Shipwreck
10. Silver Landing
11. Realm of the Fae ( Dungeon )
12. Snarebrush Pit
13. Tavril Plaza

Crafting Maps

Let's work together to update more maps in RIFT!

Source from: RIFTJunkies.com!
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