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[Newest] RF Island (Just for a real Gamers)

May 18, 2012 12:49 pm
Just for you a real gamers !!!

CLOSE BETA : MEI 10, 2012
OPEN BETA : MEI 14, 2012

NO WIPE !!!!!!!!!

Thanks for you all before.
Thank you to all who have supported and helped in the completion of this server. Allow us to promote our new server with a statement like the following:

Info Server

Exp Rate x1500
Exp Animus x50000
Drop Rate 250x

Quest open exp Off
Auction is Off
Mail is Off
Free Upgrade +6
Max Level 70
No Over Donation
Full PVP @ Outcast
Farming @Sette
Elf Closed

NPC Item :
Assault Armor 70
ALL INTENSE +6 Already
Intense Weapon 70 Level
Granade Specialist Weapon 70 Level
Tower Specialist 70 Level
Saint Wing 65 Level
MAU 70 Level
PVP Weapon +3 Already
Elemental Ball Hammon
Elemental Flame Tiger Necklace
Stable 5-6
Relic 45 +6
PB Teleport
Dual Potion
Cash Shop
Tier 5
Booster 65

Drop List

Beginner Amulet @Flym
Wind Intense weapon @Lucky Cube
Talk Jade @Ops Lava / Lava
S Armor 55 @Scud Lava
S Armor 60 @Hook Brutal
Intense Armor 65 @Bio Lab LT 1
Ignorance and Favor Charm @Brutal
Gloves & Shoes 65 Intense @Kukra Vafer Adjudant

Piece of leon @Ring Leader Guard
Leon Blue Print @Lack Jaw

Quest Changer
Other Excelsior @Calliana Archer
Rune @Pit Boss Markas
Tier3 @Giant Baba
Superior Armor 65 @Jewel Cube
Didalos/Palmas/Knightwalker @Devastator
Special Rune @Great Kurr
Talic Crystal @Black Demolis
MAU Blessing @PB Scud Lava/Sting Bug

Beginner Elemental @Flym
Elemental High @ABA
Elemental Perfect @Black Sign
Special Elemental I @PB John
Special Elemental II @Izen kracker

Tier 4 @Kukra Vafer Light Warrior
Tier 4 @Cremul Snatcher Archer
Talic @ABB
Relic 55 @Draco Elan

Gold Pig @Bulky Lunker
Diamond Necklace of Kalliana Queen @ Kukra Vafer Gladiator
Shiny Gold Box @Cremul Snatcher Captain
Excelsior Y B W @Choty
Membership Coupon Silver @HSK
Crotalium @Naroom Crawler Captain


We will try to as much as possible to be able to give you the satisfaction of the players.
Help and your support means so much to us, so we always hope you will continue to support the RF Island to be able to continue to grow.

We provide a place for you who like chatting on the forum. So you can share to other players. You might have thought, the forum is useless and unnecessary visits. You are wrong! Because in the forum there will be many renewals of anything in the game. In addition, there will be many events in the forum, and of course if you do not often visit the forum and there is active, you will surely miss.

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Jul 26, 2012 6:52 pm
Open the game now .. please :D

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