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World Of Pirates Online 2016

Dec 10, 2016 11:36 am
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WORLD Of Pirates Online 2016
*Basic Information*
Website Server: http://world-of-pirates-online.com/
Register Server: http://world-of-pirates-online.com/index.php?act=register
Donwload Server: http://world-of-pirates-online.com/index.php?act=downloads&cid=1
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/worldofpiratesonline
FacebooK Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/951659268311277/?fref=ts
Forum Server: http://world-of-pirates.boards.net/

Features Information:

Solo Exp: 15x
Party Exp: 20x
Drop Rate: 10x
Fairy Exp: 2000x

Max Leveling: 120
Max Pet Leveling: 101 (Special Fruits to 126)

*Leveling Guide*
- First make a lv8 by Lucky Packet or kill monster ouside argent city
- Second find mentor or friend help u lv to 45 and follow to Leveling Maze if is open if not use Sand Bags you can find NPC in Argent City Leveling Helper
- If u earn Lv110 by bags then u must leveling in Aurora Area or Dark Area or if u are rich or have money buy bags from Leveling Helper Bags Lv 6 - 7 - 8
- Max Leveling is 120 you can leveling to disciple
- DS and FC Leveling u go to Dream Island and follow to NPC DS & FC and get card and click for it

*Money Guide*
- You can exchange Fairy Coins, Signets, to money in Fairy NPC.
- You can AFK in Game and ear money 50k for AFK
- You can go to Demonic World and every one kill by monster is 1 million dollar note
- You can earn money from bosses and chests and other monster... get rewards from maps
-... more ways u can check in game

*How to Get Kals?*
- You can chop wood and exchange for Kals in Angel isle
- You can get Kals in Demonic Worlds
- You can get Kals in Kyjj Arena Chests
- You can get Kals in Boss of Abaddon
- ...more ways u can check in game

*How to Get Gems?*
- You can buy unique Gems in Gem Seller
- You can buy advanced Gems by Fairy Coins
- You can get BD Gems by chop wood or Bounty PK Mobs and Lv 55 can farm in Kyjj Arena 1
- You can get Azrael Gems by boss, kals, win maps,...
- You can get Chipped Gems by reputation, win maps, boss, DS FC

*Server Quests*
- Newbie Quest
- Chaos Argent Quest
- Immortal Bosses
- RB 4 Quest

*Main Citys*
- Argent City
- Icicle City
- Shaitan City
- Dream Island
- Angel Island

*Server Maps*
- Chaos Argent
- Bounty PK
- Demonic World
- Demonic World 2
- Death Circle
- Death Match
- Wonderland Island
- Kyjj Arenas
- Ice Arena
- Spring Arena
- Summer Arena
- Dark Swamp
- Abbadon City 1-3
- Death Valley
- other maps by outland and ... other places

*Server Fairy*
- Mordo Junior
- Angela Junior
- Auguse Pets 1-4
- Dragon Spirit
- Thunder Pet
- Dark Pet
- Light Pet
- Green Mordo Junior
- Pink Mordo Junior

*Server Items*
* Unseal 55-85 / Weapons / Rings
* Unseal 95
* Kylin Set / Weapons / Rings
* Red Set / Weapons / Rings
* Yellow Set / Weapons / Rings
* World Set / Weapons / Rings

NOTICE: This is also less familiarity with the server is that much more needs to be just Register a game and download and see for yourself

Stay tuned GM TEAM WOPO!

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