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School item mall event!

Mar 11, 2011 5:50 am
during this school holiday, pirate king online show their kindness by giving insane discount to certain item mall item! such as unseal level 85, lv 5 gems, and much more! below are the listing and the price after discounted :

level 5 jade gem red jade,green jade,yellow jade : NP: 1.5k rum   AD: 1k only!
level 5 lock hits,feng's defense,chaitan aura,bing's dodging : NP: 1.5k rum  AD: 1k only!
level 5 azrael gem : NP: 3k rums  AD: 2k
level 5 unique gem : NP : 1.5k rums  AD: 1k only!
ref gem stack of 99 : NP: 699 rums  AD: 300 rums only!

all unseal lvl 95 equipment : NP: 10k rums  AD: 5k only!
all unseal lvl 85 equipment : NP: 6k rums  AD: 3k only!
Soul of Black Dragon: NP: 4.5k rums  AD: 2k only!

thats all i can share with u all! hope it helps u guys!

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