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Review of Cubizone company that hosting Perfect World MY-EN

May 29, 2009 7:17 pm
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Is this a worthy company for you to spend your time and money to play with ?

Yes and No. But yes only if you are rich, and careless. Let's have a look.

Cubizone or Cubinet Interactive Sdn. Bhd.
so far, is the most incomplete and irresponsible online gaming company ever runs MMORPG in terms of either customer service or reliability. While other companies are trying to serve a fulfill promise of creating friendly gameplay as well as fun and enjoyable environment , Cubinet by the lacks of human resource in all departments, chooses to go the other way. Cubizone is currently known for serving Perfect World MY-EN, which is a great game blooms on a crappy company.

Games they provide, sometimes have not been through any testings, that they result in buggy and broken conditions. Followed by cruel and lazy support teams who treat players like young kids, or something less than that.

Since the open beta, lag, along with slow connection have happened ever since until now. The lag is known to be permanent.

Recently, they send out patches with promises to upgrade the game contents, but players soon realize the lies. There are only new cash shops items with lucky draw boxes that, by all means, just to milk the money from players. These boxes are a another cover of a type of gamble where poor players who can't afford to buy good equipment will more likely open some, with hope to get something out of it. It's absolutely normal until there are 2, 3, 4, 5 and more patches that come with only new boxes and no thing else! In comparison to other Perfect World servers where patches bring new look and feel to the game greatly, Perfect World MY-EN is a the biggest rip off to player.

When a problem arrives, the Contact G.M button will work well only after player has spent a few trumpets they buy from cash shop to shout on world chat in order to get Admin attention. Often, when a bug is clearly shown but these Admins who doesn't have a clue of how it works, will quickly denies the gamers opinion and disregards any concerns. If it is a serious bug or a missing function, such as an incident happened last year during Xmas event. Players were to be able to exchange for a rare type book but suddenly the NPC disappeared, leaving hundred of players with the required items to exchange but without a clue of what to do. They first, couldn't handle the waves of people who complains so they made up a story. Cubizone pretend they are getting help from Beijing, the mother company that designs PW game, by count of every day trying. For the last 6 months and still going, nothing has been done. G.M completely avoid any responds to players on their official forum. Moderators are active but all they should do is remove any negative comments from users. Fact, these negative comments considered as negative because they say the true ...

On the scale of 1 to 10, to be fair Cubizone will receive a 10 for lacking off, downward service, terrible customer support experience and bugs are reported daily on their main forum, with everyone's care but the Administrator's. Currently, more than 40% players have quit the game. Leaving 20% inactive gamers who log on sometimes for a few minutes to check out the perfect world that they always wish it was to be perfect in another hand of other better company. The 40% left are people who spent thousand of dollars in game and they are stuck with the guilty feeling of leaving the game after losing too much money. Nevertheless, they are and will still spend more money because this game is design in a way that gamers can barely enjoy without giving up their pocket.

A prediction is the game will shortly come to an end because GMs almost abandon everything (take a look at their Technical Support). Players are banned after maintenance for lame reason. The support team, after a week of waiting, just drops a line saying they are unable to help. True or not, it seems as though they are trying hard to drive the rest of gamers away by one way or another, since the game getting old and too many bugs as well as complaints have finally caught up to their nerves. But either way, it's a win-lose situation. Cubizone has earn millions of (us) dollar and now they are ready to shut the door. Maybe of Perfect World MY-EN. But look, they are planning on other great games too. If any needs for a MMORPG game to be ruined, broken and showing bad impression it is the best to let Cubizone or Cubinet Interactive Sdn. Bhd. runs it.

Please note -- There are tons of complaints about Cubizone but mostly are posted on the official forum. And this is where Cubizone gets smart. Only registered users can read these topics so they are completely hidden in the eye of search engines. Therefore, very less amount of these reviews about the service can spread on the Internet. If everyone else has a chance to read it before it got deleted and original poster is banned. It has been known that alot of players who feel too upset with the way the Cubizone cheats on them, they are signing a pertition. However, if it will do any good since this company is in Asia, Malaysia to be exact and known to the rest of the world for their lacks of serious attitude about customer care.

Do you play Perfect World PW-EN?
Do you have any comment about Cubizone ? Please share with us at tinyurl.com/cubizone-fails ! Your voice could be a story of truth

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