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Triple Threat Incar Magician Build (PVP UPDATE)

Sep 12, 2007 9:25 pm
1. asdz
2. czxc
Stat building on a mage is pretty simple. you get ur requirement for ur wand/staff and put rest into heal. going staff or wand average out to be the same except that staff may be a little better in the end . i will go into more detail later.

The reason for going full heal build is because heal adds 20hp + 3def for each stat. which really helps on surviving and pvp. and each stat in spr adds 10 mana and +3 magic damage. now with mana force u rarely have to worry about mana so why even bother with more than your weap requirement. the magic damage you gain from spr really is very insignificant compared to the amount of health and def you would gain.

Now this isnt going to explain what every single attack incar magician does especially since the abilities lower than 36 are not gonna matter much after 36. except maybe fire fury. now here it goes

This is how the damage for ur elements are ranked Fire>lightning>ice. the mmosite has it wrong on there.

Your 36 abilities are your most important abilities until like level 92 so you would think to pump them the most but instead you could rather pump ur masteries that way itll help all ur abilities instead.  IE ur chain lighting and ur fire blaze. your 36 abilities are all aoe abilities in all 3 elements. you want to get all 3. You also wanna consider pumping up ur lightning and fire masteries more than the ice one since they do more damage.

Now for the passive abilities at level 36. i would just suggest to level up your mana force as much as possible its like a mana hack lol ull never run out of mana. and level up ur seize nimbus a bit because you will find a lot of mobs which do elemental damage. and it also increases your def. and also level up ur energy mastery most (itll give u one of the highest def in the ). and i wouldnt worry about magic power until higher levels for when u get more base magic damage. Magic power gives a % added magic damage. not a set amount.

just remember always to make sure u have enough stat points to level up ur fire and lightning masteries and your passive aiblities and buffs. you wanna use ur ice more for the push back effect it gives. but it also gives a lot of damage.

Now when you get to level 51 you're all probably going to be dying to get ur 51 abilities ... but i wouldnt recommend even getting them just yet since ur 36 abilities will be way better than them still. instead once u have ur fire and lightning masteries leveled up and ur passive abilities and buffs. start pumping up your magic power since ull be doin quite a bit of damage now.  i would also start to pump up my ice mastery as well.

at level 76 u wanna start putting ur stats into ur 51 abilities and then have 3 saved up for when u hit level 81 to get the new abilities after that just keep pumping ur level 51 and 81 lightning abilities as much as you can keeping in mind when you can upgrade your abilities

Level 92 you get ur final abilities. At these higher levels your incar will be one of the best at pvp so i would suggest leveling your 51 abilities but get your energy mastery and magic power maxed out first. just try and level up your more damage based abilities first though like fire and lightning. Try to focus in on one more than the other that way you can upgrade your weaps with +% gems and itll get the most use out of it. use ice for its effects more than damage.  your 81 abilities really arent that useful.  teh ice one takes too long to cast and the fire one is only a 1 hitter.  the only one u really need to pump stats into is ur 81 lightning since it will help loads later on.

After 92 you basically just keep pumping ur 51+++ abilities and. After this stage it also goes more into prefference on how you wanna create combos for pvping. most DPS for pvp build would be to stack your 92 lightning ability the most and getting all +% lightning damage items. but if you are finding a hard time out dpsing someone you should go for using your 92++ ice abilities to help you out. fire only really does more damage on a normal bases than other abilities and the only super beneficial ability may be the infernal pillar which allows you to travel a short distance (basically a teleport) which is a really great offensive/getaway move.

Here's how my end game mage would look like

oh and that stat build is with low level 115 staff and low level 115 armor. you'll have a lot more defense if you had highest level armor.  and also ur energy mastery would boost even more.  Incar magicians have like the 3rd highest defense in the game.

now this guide doesnt include the new abilities that we will get because i have no idea what effect they will have in this guide.  but once u do get em i would think the best action would be to reset and take stats off ur 51 ice and fire ability and any points u have in blast phoenix to ur new abilities.  and if u still need some points take it off ur infernal pillar.

Now for if your wondering about Staff VS Wand. I would honestly believe that staff is much better than wand in the end game. Let me provide an example


Wand is better than staff at lower levels but once you get higher levels staff will start to become even better than wands.  alright ... here is why staff is better at high levels. the average a wand adds to ur magic damage than a staff at say level 105 would be maybe 100 more magic damage. and also wand lets you have about 11 more stat points left over after weap requirements. now that 11 points extra should not be used in spr cuz spr really doesnt add much magic damage and you really dont need more mana with ur mana force. so you put the rest into heal ... so wand would give u about 200 extra health and 33 def. now in a pvp shield matters more than your hp. and how much can 33 def add to ur shield. not very much. now with the staff you would get an extra slot which can be used to add a +4% or +5% gem ... that would add maybe around 700 damage to what ever element u choose and fire would be the most beneficial. and itll boost all ur fire abilities and fire will prolly the one u use the most. and now about that 200hp and 33 def. you get a block rate instead of those! block rates shouldn't be underestimated. they can block any ability someone throws at u no matter how strong so thats pretty amazing if u ask me. so in the end Staff > Wand.

oh yeah .. they look cooler. lol

There is my incar mage build.

When you're level 1-36, don't PvP ... You're not going to win unless you fight someone a lot lower than you. If you do PvP, just try and get all 3 of your abilities out ( your level 16 ones and your level 27 lightning one. Don't use Ice Spike, since its pretty useless with its huge cast time and low chance of actually freezing. Use your 27 Fire Blaze whenever a melee character gets too close.) Use your slow to slow melee and just keep kiting them for hits. Your knockbacks will help you a lot.

Now for level 36+, all you have to do is spam your level 36 spells in continous motion and keep doing it, hoping your knock back takes them out. I still use my 36 spells the most at level 66. They are very essential especially, since your level 51 spells are pretty weak until you get much higher up. For hunters, you'll have the worst time. Just try and circle them whenever you fight them. They tend to miss a lot if you do that. Don't run at them or away from them. Try and stay just close enough to do your spells. Against melee users, use Fire Blaze if they get to close, because it does cause quite a bit of damage really quickly. Against Segnales, I would suggest to get out of their Curse Field as fast as you can.

Now for when you do get to level 81, I would imagine the best thing to do is always have them frozen with your 81 ice ability and try and hit them as much as you can with your level 51 skills (which will do a bit more damage because of your magic attack increase) and your level 81 fire and lightning skills. At level 92, I would imagine you just freezing them with your level 92 ability and getting close to do Intimid Flash so you can get a buff for your lightning attack and spam your strongest lightning abilities. Then do your fire spells and other ones until your level 92 ice ability cools down again. Then repeat Smile.

Against a Bagi

STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!!!! i realy dun recommend pvpin a bagi at ur level since ull just hate urself for it. but heres the best thing u can do and has worked for me. now whats gonna happen is bagi is gonna buff up all the wya before u start the PVP. what you should do is when he sends invitation to PVP make it wait as long as possible that way his buffs will wear out mid duel. in the beginning of the duel during the countdown u should keep runnin away as much as possible then as soon as u can do infernal pillar (hopefully he wont land a hit in to interrupt if u keep runnin before duel starts ). then once ur far away he will take some time to come at u. thats when u cast gracious eddy (it wont slow em because of their ability but it will do a lot of damage ). then afterwards do intimid flash then 81 and 51 lightning abilities. then do ur 51 fire and ice then infernal pillar again and repeat. also it would be very helpful to be a staff mage since when ever u block his hit he will be temporarily disabled.

Against an AK

these guys are chicken feed. you should never lose to an AK even if he has +9 gear (well maybe u might lose). its the same thing as bagi. but what you can choose to do instead of doin infernal pillar first u can do gracious eddy first then get close and do intimid flash. after wards u do ur 81 and 51 lightning abilities then do infernal pillar (because he wil ahve gotten quite close by now). then do ur 51 ice and fire abilities (basically we are waiting for gracious eddy or intimid flash to CD). if ur eddy or flash have CD'd before u start ur 51 abilities go ahead and start doing them instead.

Against a TB summoner

summoners are really easy since they dont have any speed buffs at all and super low defense. against twin blade what u wanna do is start off with iintimid flash (u can actually start casting intimid flash before the PVP actually starts ) then start doin ur 81 and 51 lightning then do infernal pillar. u follow up infernal pillar with gracious eddy and start to hit him with ur 51 abilities till intimid flash is ready for use. now if the twin blade summoner starts running what u wanna do is first do Gracious eddy then do intimid flash first. ( u dont have to start off with intimid flash. u can do the same routine as u do against AK's and itll work). their summons really wont do much against u.

Against a Staff Summoner

these guys will be just as easy as TB summoners. since they ahve low def any move u will do will most def knock them back unless they got lots of resistance. what u do is start off a little way off from them. their summon will start comin at you and what you should do is just use ur infernal pillar to be back up close. tehn do u gracious eddy to stuck him into place then you do intimid flash and 81 and 51 lightning abilities then do ur other 51 abilities if infernal pillar/ gracious eddy/ or intimid flash havent cooled down.

Against a Segnale

this is where infernal pillar will ehlp you a lot. u wanna save ur infernal pillar for when ever he casts ur CF so always keep it ready and dont use it before it. sometimes after u use infernal pillar u may still be in the CF so waht u wanna do is just run out of it. after that what you do is gracious eddy
then start to do intimid flash ( its range will usually get teh segnale ) then do ur 81 and 51 lightning then ur 51 fire and ice if he hasnt done his CF yet. and if he doesnt CF again just do gracious eddy and intimid flash + lightning.

Against a hunter

these guys are gonna be pretty hard to get but with ur high def u have a definite edge. i havent personally fought many hunters to get a good idea of how to fight em but heres what ive tried. hunters are faster than u so tryin to just chase em down wont help much. waht u wanna do is start off with gracious eddy then do infernal pillar to get close. then u start doin ur intimid flash combo then ur 51 ice and fire until gracious eddy is ready again. then u repeat.

at these higher levels ur pretty much gonna be tankin all teh damage since ull be casting spells most of the time. but if u ever arent casting a spell and u see hunters doing their arrow spell. the best way to dodge them is to run circles around em instead of running at em or away.

use ur fire ability to either get closer to someone or to try and run away. or just plain dodge lol. use your last lightning ability to deal some mad quick damage.

now this mage build isnt perfect so let me know if you have any suggestions. and also id like to know how useful this guide has been to everyone.


My IGN is rotcev i usually play in kalibus,hosea, and oread in that order in Trieste.
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Sep 12, 2007 10:44 pm
nice job..[SMILE=s3]


I am Coffee Fish here. Nice to meet u.
Any help, add My MSN: aph0316#hotmail.com use @ instead of #

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    Sep 12, 2007 11:13 pm
    in the process of reading ... looking good though


    Hivemind, you can't resist it.
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    Sep 13, 2007 8:28 am

    Its a nice work grats i ll calculate if the full heal build is better it sound awesome but...

    I think u have mistaken in ur Staff vs Wand theory.
    U forgot to calculate with the -36 statpoints that u waste on str in order to wield the staff so its  36 + 11 = 47

    so the question is the following: " is there any stone or jewel or watever that worth to sacrafice 47 statpoins ? "

    Im not high lvl and i dunno wat things can i put into sokets on eg:150 lvl.

    About the block... this lvl 115 wand on the stat simulator says it adds 4 to block rate... it doesnt sounds too much.

    so here is the calculaton i made on lvl 150 (i didnt put any rings or armor or anything in it this only contains the most important thing to see with one is better):

    The Staff:

    The Wand:

    This post has been modified on Sep 13 , 2007 08:36:47 AM by   GaBrutal.

    Sep 13, 2007 9:29 am
    Now to answer that question on staff and wands.  you arent losing 47 points ... what you are forgetting is ... staff take less spr but more str.  so at level 115 60+289 = 349 is the total stat points required for staff.  24+314 = 338 is the total points required for wand.  the difference in stat points is only 11 stat points and wand would give you the extra ones.  Now also what is flawed with ur analysis is ... u have level 115 weapons applied to ur incar magician which is level 150 lol.  we have no clue what teh future requirement for weapons are gonna look like.  but even so you have calculated your magic damage added amount incorrectly as well. what you did was you took the highest of both and calculated difference. what you need to do is actually take the average of both.  the average of wand in ur picture is 2263, and the average of staff is 2109.5.  now according to those calculations wand would only add 153.5 damage  now if u had the staff you could put another +5% attack gem in it ... and say you do it for fire.  your abilities for fire go well over 10k for each spell at this level.  so lets say your adding about .... 700-900 damage to fire with your one extra +5% attack bead.  now ... the way i see it.  if you were to have done that extra 153.5 damage to with all elements you would be adding about 450 magic damage.  tahts almost half of the bonus you would get from having a +5% fire gem.  

    Again with staff you do lose some hp opportunity and shield opportunities and mana opportunities.  but your a mage.  since when did we have so much health.  and the shield bit.  400 shield would prolly allow you to take 1 more hit but that 4% block rate can allow you to take strong hits as well as weak ones.  and your mana.  mana force should keep it steady through out.  
    This post has been modified on Sep 13 , 2007 09:31:08 AM by   rotcev.

    Sep 13, 2007 10:04 am
    First of all, thank you for recreating my guide
    Don't want to be mean, but here are some obvious flaws with your guide.
    I don't know what's the highest level you have achieved with an Incar mage, but it seems like you have not gotten past 80s yet. Otherwise you should know that lvl81 blast phoenix does not teleport you, lvl92 infernal pillar is the one that does. Also level 81 ice has very low damage, even with ice mastery maxed it will still deal far less damage than fire and light, coupled with a very long casting time, it's not a usefull spell PvPwise.
    Maxed 36s will deal more, i mean a lot more damage than the 81s at lvl1, that's why you should still rely on your 36s before lvl92.
    You should really max energy mastery as quickly as possible, it's essential in PvP and critical to your survival once you start running the lvl60 dungeon. We are talking about a 300-400 difference in def at lvl70 here, it will have a huge impact on your character's ability. It is mage's most important passive skill and enables them to have the highest defense out of all characters.
    Each point in heal add about 2 def with energy mastery at lv10, not 3.
    You will not find a lot of mobs that does elemental damage, the few ones that do you will not be grinding on them, but Nimbus is a useful buff for PvP anyway.
    Wand >>>> Staff before lvl1xx, you will be sacrificing a lot of magic damage for that 4% block, not to mention the load of points wasted on strength that would otherwise be spent on spr and heal. The extra slot staff give won't nearly be enough to cover the penalty. However staff will start to become better than wand once the % gems start giving you more damage bonus than pyramids. This is why I don't recommend using a staff until very high levels.
    At end game lightning is the one that gives most damage, so you will be using %lightning gems instead of fire.
    The highest known level wep is 115, and currently 2moons only allows you to use up to the 105 one. It will be a long time before we see a 125+ wep, if ever.
    Other than that this is an appropriate skill tree development, nice effort btw.

    Sep 13, 2007 3:32 pm

    Yea i really calculated with the max dmg but...

    On higher lvl the change of the requirements will be probably the same so the numbers will be really different but the RATIO will be probably the same...

    u are coming with that 700-900 extra DMG with an 5% thingy
    if thats 5% then (20

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      Sep 13, 2007 7:45 pm
      Now for warshot i know my guide is similar to yours but the truth is that i actually had this build mapped out before i saw ur guide.  i noticed that yours and i's build was very similar but i still think that its better to focus on damage since you will be in parties more often then not and people will rely on your Damage more than anything.  Thats why i personally put stats in magic power instead of mastery.  and also if u see my area on wand vs staff you will notice that staff is only better if you actually upgrade your weapon.  and i dont expect anyone to begin to upgrade their weapons until they get high levels.  so stick to wands for lower levels but high high levels get staffs. when you actually feel like upgrading ur weapons. oh yeah and the build of this before level 92 is all PVE ... ull see at 92 thats when i would shift as much stats as possible into energy mastery.  read the whole guide before you judge please.

      now for gabrutal ... ur doing ur calculations wrong again.  now imagine at level 66 you do about 8k damage with ur fire aoe.  1% of that is 80 now if u do 80 X 5 = 400 damage added.  now after calculating the actually magic damage added on average and also considering the spr difference and everything wand would give u 80 magic damage for each ability.  now if u span that damage out to all elements its about 240 magic damage added.  so you see that gem would actually add more damage even if it was +4%  and ive gotten plenty of those.  And also ur block rate.  in higher level pvp's you will take more than 25 hits ... and also in pve ur definitely gonan take more than 25 hits lol.  and u also forget about the freak chances you get 4 blocks in a row.  i really dont suggest going to staff mage until you are pretty high level and actually start upgrading your weapons. and also when you get higher levels that % added to ur attacks will actually start mattering a lot more cuz its % added.  having a wand would only give you a set amount added to your attacks.  its like choosing between a +80 magic gem or a +4% elemental increased damage on your weapon.  id rather take the % added.
      This post has been modified on Sep 13 , 2007 07:50:48 PM by   rotcev.

      Sep 13, 2007 7:51 pm
      adding this thread to "important threads" thread ... and making this a good thread ...

      Nice discussions!


      Hivemind, you can't resist it.
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      Sep 13, 2007 8:05 pm
      Oh and also warshot ... i actually did mention in my guide taht lightning will do the most damage in the end.  please read the whole thing.  you will see that i also didnt do a reset at level 81 but at level 92. but even then i wouldnt suggest a skill reset until maybe level 95 when u can actually upgrade your abilities more. im guessing u mainly just looked at the pictures.  you would also note that i said you could choose between getting magic power or energy mastery in the beginning.  and also i said you can choose what element to add on to the most.  but i also said that lightning or fire would be better choices than ice.  and also about that ice mastery.  any added damage is added damage.  This guide isnt made to make people just all be clones of each other.  its more of a GUIDE not a DO THIS OR YOU DIE. and i explain why i did what i did as to give people ideas.  and also i did give people the benefits of having a wand instead of staff.  the only reason why i stress on staff the most is because everyone on 2moons already thinks wands are 10X better than staffs even though they are very only a little bit better at lower levels but at higher levels staffs will come out on top.
      This post has been modified on Sep 13 , 2007 08:10:38 PM by   rotcev.

      Sep 13, 2007 10:53 pm
      I'm really glad that you put the status and skill simulator into good use.
      Hope to see more disscussions and guides soon[SMILE=s16]


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      Sep 14, 2007 2:42 am
      Well as i see now weve started to base our statement on 2 different things u are talking about numbers like 8k that u saw somewhere in the game im talkin bout exact numbers from ur and my calcs...
      so it doesnt have much sense to comare them
      and the 4%... i didnt forgot about freak chances cuz i talked about avrages there but lets say u get 4 blocks in a row... i say wat if u dont get any blocks from 100 hits ?[SMILE=s26]

      ///sry i misstiped the last sentence in my prewious post///so its--->
      and as i said about socketing... it has a very high dependence on luck that lvl... but that lil extra HP,MP,Shield is forever...

      and btw i think energy mastery is better cuz it has a constant effect but the magic power is a buff... a quite short livetimed buff... when im doing AOE train and i cast that buff when i start the train i lost it before we stop !!! i never get use of it maybe later in pvp...
      but i experienced that energy mastery has a very positive effect on surviving
      i dont need to cast it or wait for cooldown its really passive...

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        Sep 14, 2007 5:56 am
        now lets see here.  magic power actually does have a longer duration ... but thats when u level it more.  so thats why its good to have it leveled quite a bit when u begin to get it.  and why are all you people lazy on casting buffs.  it really does only take like 2 secs to get em all out.  i actually like to feel like im doing something instead of just having massive passive passive abilities.  or else we'd all become bagis and str heroes not having to use much skill into fighting.  and also the reason why i use the in game damage is because i would use teh skill calculator to add the elemental damage but skill calculator has been proven to be very inaccurate at somepoints so thats why i did in game damage.  ur calculations however only measure the +% added from your wand/staff only and ur elemental damage outweighs your actually wand/staff.   and yes i do know that energy mastery is better for soloing and such but how much do u solo.  parties are teh best way to level.  and also my guide says that you can choose either energy mastery or magic power.  im not makin ppl go 1 set way.  your prolly mainly lookin at the pictures and not the whole guide.  i chose magic power cuz i like more damage.  im sure other ppl like more defense.   but i dont sacrifice all my heal for damage.  i try and make sure its worth the trade.  thats why ill never pick spirit over heal. unless its for requirements.  i am personally a wand mage.  im just trying to bring some light for why people should pick staff too.  trying not to make everyone rule out staffs completely from their options.

        Sep 14, 2007 8:26 am
        I did read through your guide. Actually having a high defense is more important than high damage in PvE from lvl50 on. This is actually more true when you are in an AOE party than soloing. Think of it this way, when you have a group of people all spamming AOE skills, the mobs will die FAST regardless of whether you are damage or defense focused. So the more important thing here is to not die when there are 20 mobs ganging up on you. If you are soloing then you should consider doing more damage to speed up the killing process, you will not be facing huge mobs so defense is not as vital. Once you start doing dungeon parties, defense is pretty much the only thing that matters. Mobs in dungeons hit fast and hit hard, you don't want to die in there easily and become a dead weight to your fellow party members.
        I'm not trying to degrade your guide here, I'm just trying to point out some mistakes and possible improvements to help you make your guide better. Whether you will utilize these suggestions is entirely up to you of course. So please don't take this the wrong way.

        Sep 14, 2007 1:46 pm
        well personally my mage right now does have energy mastery leveled up more than magic power.     the way i wrote the guide was too give people more options.  but i may update it considering what you said about the dungeon mobs.  but the thing is my mage friend which has energy mastery leveld more than me and is higher than me in level still dies more than me in teh dungeon and and i have a little of both leveled up.  thing is the mobs are gonna do crazy amount of damage anyways because they are so red to you when ur at lower levels.  but once u get higher and higher itll help out a lot more.

        Sep 15, 2007 9:07 am
        hi, i just wounder if u put only stat points thats recomended for ur weapon, and the rest on hp ?

        Sep 15, 2007 9:12 am
        well you would be a very weak mage IMO.  Your attacks will do a considerably low amount of damage compared to the 0/0/2/3 build. A full health build is playing defensively which will need micromanagement to work to its full potential.  On the plus side, you would have a lot of health but low attack .... a trade off pretty much.


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          Sep 15, 2007 9:50 am
          im lvl 39 and my stats are like this : 5 5 44 149

          Sep 15, 2007 1:15 pm
          well when i was at like 30 heal and almost 200 spirit.  i realized that spr only adds 3 magic damage is more used for mana than damage.  after i restatted i had double my hp and i only lost about 150 magic damage.  which was no where near half my total damage.  if u really want that little extra boost ull be sacrificing a lot of hp and defense and shield.

          Sep 15, 2007 3:06 pm
          Wow ... ok, full health doesnt sound so bad anymore ... When you put it like 150extra dmg or 2k hp, we can see which one would win.


          Hivemind, you can't resist it.
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