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Nunvice Shrine - Walkthrough

Sep 2, 2007 10:22 pm
The Nunvice Shrine - Walkthrough

Ok, so I haven't seen a decent guide out for this and thought it would be good to create one.

The Nunvice Dungeon is located in Requies Beach. I would suggest taking 50od basic potions and 20 large ones. The bonus will require you to take more but ill talk about that later.

Getting started....

- Instance Dungeon -

[ Lv.34 and up ] Nunvice Shrine

This is the entrance of sealed Nunvice Shrine.

Please save the goddess by releasing the seal that the fallen priests have set. We need your courage to bring Nunvice Shrine once more to light and favor of the goddess.

Time Limit: 30min
Required DIL: 10,000 DIL

Talk to Regena after entering the Dungeon and enter the shrine.


Run past the long corridor of spiders to the hallway of Sasquatch's and run to the last one before the lobby and kill all 4. In the lobby there are many spider/spider lavas and sasquatchs which you can choose to kill if you like, but to save time run strait to the Spider Soul and kill it quickly then go to the left door labled Underground Monastary and sing the blessing to enter.

Underground Monastary

Its easy to kill most things in here as it doesn't take much time.

First up kill the spider and sasquatch and run right, destroy the Small Wooden Door, inside is two Spider Souls. Kill them and grab the DIL from the treasure chest and continue back and run right.

Kill the spiders and sasquatch's along the path as you go. Destroy the next wooden door you come to and run in and kill the Spider Queen and then run out and continue down the hall to the next wooden door where you will do the same thing.

When you come to the T intersection run left along the path and destroy and kill the Spider Queens in the next two wooden doors. You will come to the Sacrifice Chamber at the end of the hall and if you have killed the 4 spider queens along the way you will be able to enter.

Sacrifice Chamber

A spider soul will start running at you as soon as you enter, kill it and then kill all the annoying spiders around it. You will see a diamond shaped treasure box in the middle of the room. Destroy it then exit the chamber.

Underground Monastary

Run down the hall and take your first left follow the hallway to the wooden door and kill everyone inside, you only have to kill the knight but its just easy to kill everything. Run back the way you came and take the first left and run to the end of the hall and kill the spiders/sasquatchs. You will see a door that will lead to the labratory. Heal and mana up before entering because you will get attack by two knights and 4 sasquatchs as soon as you enter. Enter the room and kill everything, you will see a small wooden door, destroy that kill the spiders and sasquatchs and continue down the corridor.

This room is just annoying sometimes, destroy the door and alot of mobs will come at you, many knights and a large spider. All you need to do is kill the spider and run back and leave the labratory. You can kill them all if you think you can, the exp is nice.

Run all the way back to the entrance of Underground Monastery and exit back into the lobby. Run to the opposite side of the room and enter the training area.

Training Area

Before clicking the Training crystal run right, kill the guys along the way till you come to another diamond shaped treasure box, destroy it. Run back the way you came and enter the Training Maze.


This changes each time you do it and I think there is about 4 sequences it will use, but the objective remains the same. After doing this a couple of times you will get used to it, but ill try to get your head around it with text.

You will spawn on a single square area, you will see bridges running off it. Take the path of one of the bridges, you will run to another square. You need to continue running from square to square and try getting to the ones that have the diamond shaped treasure chests. Destroy them and you will be told you can hear another path emerging, this is another bridge lowering allowing you to get to another area with a diamond shaped treasure chest on it. These areas usually have either a large spider or a frizkhan with a treasure chest. Remember to open the chests to get your DIL, you can usually easy make 20k each run. All up you need to destroy 8 Diamond shaped treasure chests and the best way to get your head around what you need to do is too do it yourself, you will get used to the sequences and just breeze through this area. Though annoying it needs to be done everytime. When you have destroyed all 8 diamond shaped treasure chests head west, the portal is alway on the same square everytime and I have never seen it anywhere else. It is easy to spot, its just a Red looking thing.

Enter the portal and exit the Training area, use the door and go back to the lobby. Now run north and enter the inner sanctuary.

Inner Sanctuary

Kill the mobs that attack you to begin with, then have a look around. You will see a statue in the middle (big budda thing) and a path behind it. There is a path to your right and left also. Forget about the path leading strait ahead for now. If time is on your side (10mins) kill all the mobs in both the left and right side paths then talk to the statue in the middle. Go left or right first, its up to you. Before destroying the statue health and mana up.

Destroy the statue and 6 Frizkhans will spawn, 3 of them right on top of you. Spam them with your AOE skills and whatever else while keeping your heals going. Kill the other 3 in the centre and then go kill the statue on the opposite side and repeat what you just did.

At this point you have finished and can receive the 50k exp by talking to the budda statue in the centre again.



If you have all three pieces of the dungeon, which are found in the maze at random ( Fang, Thread and Gem ) you can take the middle path, destroy the mobs and frizkhans then click on the chair statue thing.

I must say here that you will need about 5mins on the clock remaining and a load of large potions (like 50od) or use over 100 medium ones, your choice. Its all yours if you don't want to know what happens :P

- spoiler - - spoiler - - spoiler - - spoiler -

If you continue and insert the 3 pieces into the statue a massive spider will spawn. This guy takes a long time to kill, just keep spamming your skills and keep your heals up cause this guy can do a large amount of damage in a short period of time.

Once you kill him you will get a very nice reward. A ring of soul that give +95 Hp, +60 Mp, +35 Poison Damage.

Enjoy :D


This guide was made by me, please link to this guide if you post on another site. Thanks. Ill update the Maze area when I can figure out how to word it to make sense :P pm with ideas.
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Sep 3, 2007 8:57 am
Awesome! Thanks.


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    Sep 3, 2007 10:52 pm
    My Hero


    Sep 9, 2007 11:43 am
    Great guide.
    I got a question.You know when you said you find the 3 items thread,gem,and fang and find it at random.If you got all the treasure boxes would you have a 100% chance to get all 3 items or is the chance based on luck even if you got every box?

    Sep 10, 2007 11:26 am
    No, there is only one relic each time, so you have to go three times to get all three, or buy them in shops.
    Also, the gem is hard to find,
    chances are u will enter ten times find 6 fangs 4 threads 0 gems.

    PS there is a different ring for each class, the ring of souls is summoner.

    these rings CANNOT be traded and you can get as man as you want, as long as you kill the wrath vine (giant spider) each time.
    here is a pic of the spider


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    Sep 10, 2007 8:13 pm
    Paxn is right that you need to do it at least 3 times and hope to get a different item each time. But I never once got a gem ever until i was 47 when that was all I ever got.. its random I believe as some other get heaps of gems and no threads etc.

    As for the prize for killing the spider.... I don't know if each class gets a different item or not, because Paxn has said that the ring of souls is the summoners prize even though I'm a Bagi and the ring of souls is the prize I've receive twice.

    The spider isn't worth killing more then once, you can only wear one of the items you receive. For example, Ive got two ring of souls, but it will only allow me too wear one.

    Sep 11, 2007 4:38 am
    There is some problem when i reach the last stage where you have to destroy 2 statues if i am not wrong.. i did not see any.. there was only this 2 buddha statue on in center one at top.. nothing else.. really really need help. i talked to them countless times.. nothing happened. i explore the room countless times too.. i always failed to get the 50k exp even though i have like 9 mins left.. guys PLEASE HELP.. thanks a dozen

    another question i hope you would answer.. which is . when the 3 monster spawn was you destroy the obsidian time pillar at the last stage, i couldnt defeat them.. they are too much for a level 38 i think.. i am a dual wielding azure knight. please give me tips on how to kill those 3 TOGETHER. if it is a 1 vs 1 i could do it.. haiz

    (Kira here. YOU GET ONE POST. JUST ONE)
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      Sep 12, 2007 12:25 am
      Talk to the statue in the middle when you first get into the room, it will spawn the two statues.

      Destroy one statue and 6 Frizkhans will spawn, 3 of them right on top of you, the other 3 in the center area.

      You kill them, do the same to the statue on the opposite side, then talk to the statue in the center again to receive the 50k.

      Sep 12, 2007 6:59 am
      How much exp dos the boss spider give when you kill it for let's say a lvl 49?

      Sep 12, 2007 10:24 am
      dont think it gives any exp, but a SWEET ring and a fair amount of gold.
      after you kill it, go back and examine the statue in front of the door, and the "goddess" will give you 50k exp


      IGN: Jaxn
      Class: VS
      Guild: DipSet
      Level: 50+
      Server: Random Abaddon server
      Oct 26, 2007 4:30 pm
      After doing this quest, is there a normal dungeon when we re enter it?
      Or is it always like this?

      Oct 26, 2007 6:12 pm
      hey how do i get one of those coolio avatars? btw, im a lvl 22 summoner, cant wait till 34 to try this dungeon^^


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        Oct 26, 2007 6:24 pm
        heh ^^ i coulda used this when i was lvl 34....
        anyways, the dungeon stays the same no matter what your level, completion status, or race.
        as does the ring. EVERYONE GETS THE SAME. its sad -_-
        well it makes me sad =/
        oh well ^^


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        Oct 26, 2007 6:34 pm
        lol upload a pic after you post once. s'what i did.

        but yeah, nunvice is awesome. i first got in during a freakin double XP event.
        lol gained 6 levels during that weekend....heh.


        MONIKER: vixynofmourning
        RACE: Segnale
        CLAN: HiddenPower
        LvL: 45+ atm....
        SERVER: Trieste-Asray

        ~~Fertility is hereditary. If your parents don't have children, neither will you~~
        Oct 26, 2007 9:07 pm
        Thx! very helpful ^^

        Nov 2, 2007 9:19 am
        [SMILE=s44] the expi from the boss!!! hmmmm
        anyway its not important the drop
        item is the important and the 20k

        @Evil Asura i think u forgot to destroy 1 of the

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        Level: 78
        Server: Trieste
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        pvp - MAX
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        Nov 2, 2007 8:42 pm
        Awsome,nice guide...really help!!!hehehe!!!

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          Nov 4, 2007 8:47 am
          hehe im lvl 45 bagi so far, today i did 2 runs in the dungeon i got a lvl up and 1 copper aragate. i luv this dungeon


          Nov 11, 2007 11:53 pm
          And i thought i had to grind in Nunvice dungeon..
          I see how it lvls you up faster.. 50k exp for each time you complete the quest..

          Just got to lvl 34... going to try it later! tnx!

          Nov 12, 2007 1:33 am
          does the time stops when you summon the big spider?



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