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Ver. 1.2.197 Zero Patch Summary

Jul 22, 2013 3:04 am


The Birth of the Child of God Zero!

The Goddess Rhinne's child, the Transcendent of Time, Zero!
Zero is now up for Creation!

Zero Creation

Play as two characters at the same time, and get the look of a Zero!

Tip: You cannot choose the gender of Zero, and the appearances will be fixed.

Starting Zero

Zero is the youngest knight of the Templars.
Until now, the shadow monsters inside the temple was kept asleep.
So the knights have learned to fight the monster called Fate.
But then enters Zero, with a face not of a monster, but a girl.
The girl and boy then resonance with each other, and realize the power they will soon have...

Hint: After tutorial, Zero will start at Level 100

Zero's New Items

The weapsons Zero uses are Tachi and Greatsword, and the spirits are Lapis and Lazuli.
You can gain WP (Weapon Points) by killing monsters and use WP to change your weapons potential and random option!
Here is Lapis and Lazuli!



>>More Info!<<
You can change the roles of the main weapon, and even choose to disable the secondary weapon if you like!

WP Charging

You can charge WP by killing monsters.
Lapis and Lazuli will be strengthened the more WP it has.

How to Strengthen Lapis and Lazuli
After completing the first chapter of the storyline, you can open up the option by pressing the button on the BOTTOM LEFT.It is here the spirits Lapis and Lazuli can meet.

Please remember that Lapis and Lazuli will both undergo the same change if you decide to change the potential and/or Random Option.

Hint: After completing the tutorial, Zero will be given basic equipment, two kinds of weapons, and four rings.

* Souls can be mounted onto Zero's weapons.
* Wearing Zero specific armor and/or Common armor will be shown in separate Equipment UIs for Zero.

For more details, please visit here:


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