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Guide to New Changes to Socket System in GMS v110

May 9, 2012 11:14 pm
In this update, there is a big change that is Socket System revamp. Here is a guide about this change. Now check it out.
Here is another guide about socket system which not get revamped.

Nebulite Fusion

All characters have a Beginner skill called Nebulite Fusion which can fuse any two pieces of Nebulite.

To perform fusion:

    Have two Nebulites of any grade in your inventory.
    Double-click on the Nebulite Fusion skill from the Beginner skill tree (hit K to open).
    Drag one of the Nebulites you want to fuse into the left box, then drag the second Nebulite into the right box.
    The window will ask you for confirmation before you fuse your Nebulite. Price for fusion is determined by the highest grade Nebulite you are attempting to fuse. See the price table below:
    D-grade Nebulite: 3,000 mesos
    C-grade Nebulite: 5,000 mesos
    B-grade Nebulite: 1 Premium Fusion Ticket
    A-grade Nebulite: 2 Premium Fusion Tickets
    You can acquire Premium Fusion Ticket Pieces through the Nebulite Gachapon.
    Click Yes to fuse your Nebulites into a brand new one!

Nebulite Gachapon

The Nebulite Gachaponis located in New Leaf City, and works as any other ordinary Gachapon, except that it only dispenses Nebulite and Premium Fusion Tickets. Which makes it quite extraordinary!

You can purchase a Nebulite Gachapon Ticket in the Cash Shop, but you save more when you buy in bundles!

You can receive any grade of Nebulite from the Nebulite Gachapon - however, the higher grades are of course more rare. You also have a chance of winning a Premium Fusion Ticket.

Every time you play the Nebulite Gachapon, you will receive a Premium Fusion Ticket Piece. When you have 20 of these, you can double-click to combine them into a Premium Fusion Ticket.

At last is a video about this change

source:socket system guide

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Jul 13, 2012 8:59 pm
/ I enjoyed your blog. It's easy to read, the conetnt is good, and your an educated writer unlike most of the blogs I come across when searching on this topic. I will check back in the future and see if you have anymore articles. Thanks for posting this, I appreciate the infomration and the effort you put into your site.

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    Jul 15, 2012 11:52 pm
    Why do they have to change it?

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