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Any guides on miracle cubing

Mar 22, 2012 3:44 am
Anyone has any guide on how to use miracle cube until have 12%, 18% and above using not too many cubes? Please teach and guide us. Please share

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Mar 28, 2012 1:55 am
Reply 0#  Sasaysatay

To change potential rank (rare->epic->unique)

1)  Try only 4~6 miracle cubes per day, do not spam cubes  ! This is very  important ! Spamming of miracle cubes does not change the equipment rank as always from my  experience.
Try again later(2~3 hours) or maybe the next day(2~3 days later)

2) Try to switch channels for every 2~3 cubes cubed.

3) Find odd number channels like channel 3,6,9 may helps.

If above don't helps, Try this

Buy 25 miracle cubes in the cash shop.
Go to a place and channel where there are almost no people around you.   
Spam the cubes

This works for me.



What is the rate of changing rank for cubing?
Based on my cubing experience.
For rare to epic, 5~8%.
From epic to unique-> 2%~4%

Changing location helps?
It may help some, spamming of miracle cubes in a place, normally, does not change the rank.

Changing Channels helps?
Yes, it helps, some channels are just cursed, staying on the Rare or epic rank,  no matter how many cubes you cubed.

I have asked some cubing professional players in MapleSEA, they said that channel 10,13,17 are good for cubing.

How much you need to spend from rare->epic->unique?
Average of 60~80 cubes you should get rank change from rare -> epic. That costs you around 100k @cash. However, for some really unlucky maplers, they used 150+ cubes still stuck at rare rank.

Next, from epic->unique, it may costs you more than 80~100 cubes. You may need more than 100k @cash to change from epic-> unique. Most of the players change their equip from epic->unique around 100 cubes.

Getting decent skills on helmet(mysticdoor), bottomwear(hyperbody), shoes(haste)?
Getting a decent haste shoes is the easiest among all of the decent skills, you would need about an average of 30-40 cubes to get decent haste.

Getting a decent hyperbody pant, you would need more than 80 cubes to do so. Some maplers used more than 200 cubes to get this skill. Decent hyperbody pant may costs you around 1b.

Getting a decent mystic door helmet, it is easier than getting a decent hyperbody, pant, you may need about 50 cubes to do so.

What is the rate of getting epic,unique equip on the first reveal using magnifying glasses?
For epic is around 3-4%, from my experience.
For unique, I never got it before, I assume that you must be super super lucky to get unique at first reveal, the rate might be lower than 1% to get unique at first reveal.

Cubing in potion shop? Cubing in Free market?
Many people said that, cubing in potion shops and FM can change rank easier. This is somehow not true.

My rank stuck at epic, unique? Help??!?
Try to cube more, don't spam miracle cubes, just use only 4-5 cubes per day.  

Timing for cubing?
Yes this is true. Try only at nighttime or midnight, late afternoon, early in the morning.
It helps to change rank. Usually at afternoon you would unlikely to see a changing of rank from my experience.

How much can I sell a epic or unique equipments? For maplesea aquila only

For 2 liner epic, normally it costs less than 100m like for epic 2 liner black neos pants, depending on what items actually.
For 3 liner epic, cost more than 170m like for rose earring 3 liner epic, costs about 190m-300m Normally 3 liner earrings and capes are demanding.

For 2 liner epic equips, 700m-1b for capes and earring.
For 3 liner unique equips, cost more than 1b+.

This is the prices as at 05 may 2011. Prices may change.

Clean equipments change rank easier than scrolled/godly equipments?
True, Clean equipments are easier to change rank like for a 3 liner rose earring clean with rare rank compared to a 10 dex 3 liner rose earring (rare rank).

Therefore most of the epic and unique clean equips are cheaper.

However, for some clean equips,  they are harder to change rank just like the REX earring clean.
The Rex earrings 3 liner epic costs 400m-500m,  and 3 liner rose earring costs 180m-250m.

All in all, it depends on what kind of equips you are cubing.


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