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Guide to Liberation of Aswan in Maple Justice

Feb 2, 2012 10:42 pm
The liberation of Aswan has been released as the third part of Maple Justice. In it, there is a new quest which is called " party quest" for you to finish. This ‘sort-of-party-quest’ comes with two new ‘stats’, that can help make you even stronger!

If you are level 40 or above, you can talk to Tigun. He will tell your about the mysterious town of Aswan, a town taken over by one of the Black Magician’s commanders, Hilla. You can go to help the cursed city through the Mirror of Dimension.

You’ll be taken to the Aswan Obelisk, with some Cygnus Knights outside. Inside the obelisk, you’ll find the Aswan Refuge, where the cursed spirits of Aswan rest. You can see in this picture the king, Iason, the minister Chungrong, and Medisa. Through quests, you’ll learn of the battlefield and Hilla’s army, and how you can help them!

Here is the entrance to the battlefield, where you can fight to liberate Aswan! By pressing up on this portal…

You’ll see this window. It shows the World Match, where different worlds fight to control the most territory! You can see the current statistics. You can join in on this fight by playing the Aswan Liberation War between 2pm and 8pm. After pressing the big button…

This window will pop up! You can choose the mode you want to play, the difficulty, and whether or not you want to play in a party! There are many different combinations. The Normal mode is unlocked when you have level 5 Honor, and the Hard and Hell modes are unlocked at level 30 Honor. I’ll talk about Honor soon!

The first two modes are called Occupy and Attack. They are basically the same, I think the only difference is when the World Match is going on, and you must occupy new territory or attack other worlds’ territories. To win, you must defeat the Guardian Tower! It will not be easy though, Hilla will send her army of undead soldiers to attack! Thankfully, the Cygnus Knights have given you aid in the form of the Cygnus Hastati and Cygnus Centurion!

The third mode is called Defend. In this mode, you must protect the Cygnus Guard Stone, while at the same time, you must defeat a specific number of Destroyers, which are large weapons that hit great damage on the Guard Stone if allowed to shoot!

The fourth option is the Hunting area. It’s not really a mode, just an area with spawning monsters. It’s used for a quest, but you can enter at any time.

When clearing modes, you’ll receive Conquerer’s Coins if you clear any difficulty, and Emperor’s Coins if you clear Hard or Hell difficulties. You can get your coins by talking to Woodwan at any time, but you can only gain a total of 150 coins per day. You can trade these in for some special items, which I will talk about in a bit~

Now in this patch, you’ll see two new things in your Ability window, Honor and Honor experience! It’s a new stat that you can level up by joining the Liberation War. Every time you clear a mode, you’ll get Honor experience to level it up! However, you only get Honor experience between 2pm and 8pm (seriously Nexon…?). Honor itself does not give any stat boosts, but it does unlock something!

There’s another new thing in your ability window called Inner Ability. It is similar to… potential I guess! As you can see, there are 3 ‘slots’. Once your Honor reaches level 2, you’ll unlock the first one! Level 30 unlocks the second, and level 70 unlocks the last. These Inner Ability slots give you stats! There are many, and one is randomly selected when you unlock it. You’ll also notice that there’s a rank beside the Inner Ability, C. There are 4 possible ranks for Inner Ability, C, B, A, and S! These are very similar to the potential tiers of Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legendary.

What if you don’t like your stats? Use a Circulator to reset them! A Circulator resets your Inner Ability and also has a chance to raise the rank! Higher grade Circulators have a higher chance you raise your rank! 10 is the lowest and it goes all the way to 1.

the Circulators are not Cash items! You can buy them from Jangpiel for Emperor’s Coins! He also sells recipes for new level 130 items, called the Emperor’s set. However, the recipes are sold randomly, so you must check back to see if the item you want is sold.

You can also buy new Aswan scrolls from another salesman for Conquerer’s Coins. These scrolls are special in that they give higher stats but use up more than one upgrade slot. For example, the one in the picture is a 60% Aswan One-handed Weapon Attack Scroll, which gives 4 attack but uses up 2 slots.

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source:Liberation of Aswan

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