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Phantom Quest Guide in Maple Justice

Jan 31, 2012 6:30 pm
This quest guide assumes you have finished all quests inside Crystal Garden at the beginning
Head to Edelstein and talk to Leonore
Kill Patrol Balloons to get back the ring.

Talk to Wonny then go kill 50 Strange Signs

Get the quest from Wonny
Talk to Bavan and go kill Serpents to get back the handbag. Return it to Bavan
Walk a little to your right until you receive a thought bubble and finish the quest

Talk to Bavan again.
Go all the way right till you reach Dry Road: Road to the Mine 1 and talk to Stephan

Get the quest from Stephan and retrieve 40 Batteries from Patrol Robot S

Thought bubble again.
You'll need to enter the mine and talk to Gabrielle.
Gabrielle's next quest wants you to kill 60 Safety First signs
Return to her to finish the quest

Talk to Gabrielle
Go inside the cave left of her and kill 10 Black Wing bunnies.
Finish the quest with the thought bubble. You'll then be warped to Crystal Garden
Accept the quest from the thought bubble.
Go inside the ship and into the Information Management Office and talk to Christine
Reward: Level 25 Cane

Talk to Mao right next to Christine. Now go to the Captain's Room and select the first option, to head to Victoria Island.
Go to Lith Harbor
Go into Tru's Info Shop and talk to him. He'll then warp to you Golem Temple.
Head all the way to the right and go down until you get to Francis' Room.
Defeat Francis. Talk to him again then defeat him once again

Talk to Francis. He wants you to collect 50 of Golem's Nucleus (from stone golems)
Return them to Francis and talk to him again.
Fight him once more

He'll now want 70 more Golem's Nucleus. Return them to him.

Accept the thought bubble quest and go back to Tru to finish the quest

Accept the next thought bubble quest.
Go to Christine in Crystal Garden

[30] 2nd Job Advancement
Go to Orbis and head to Orbis Park 2.
At the top right, press up. and then go inside the cave.
In here, you'll need to break the lock. Note: To actually finish the quest, you WILL need to break it
Go inside and click on the treasure box. Congratulations! You're 2nd job now

Accept the remote quest from Tru. He'll transport you to Rien.
Go one map left to be in town.
Defeat all the Black Wing bunnies and head to the left portal
Talk to Lilin
Go back to Crystal Garden and talk to Mao

Get the quest from Mao.
Head to El Nath and talk to Alcaster
Go to Orbis Tower Floor 5
Go inside the door and kill the Black Wing members
Return to Alcaster

Talk to Alcaster for another quest
Go back to Floor 5 and go inside the room
Click on the book
Return to Alcaster

Get the quest remotely from Mao
Go to Helios Tower's Library and talk to the Librarian

He'll give you another quest.
Go in the door on the top right and kill all the Black Wing bunnies
Go out the door
Defeat the librarian
Talk to the libarian afterwards

Accept the quest via thought bubble
Return to Crystal Garden and talk to Mao
Reward: Lv. 50 Cane

Accept the quest from Mao
Go to Sleepywood
Talk to The Rememberer
Hunt Tauromacis to get 50 Bottles of Blood
Return them to The Rememberer

Accept his other quest and he'll give you a tag
Go two maps right of Sleepywood and click on the stone which you'll be teleported
Talk to Suu, which he will then posses Mu Young. Defeat him
Talk to Suu again. You'll be teleported back to Sleepywood

Accept the thought bubble quest and return to Christine in Crystal Garden
Reward: Lv. 60 Cane

[70] Job Advancement

Head to Ariant. Go two maps right. Press up where indicated
Go inside the cave and defeat the Sand Dwarf thief
Go inside the room and click on the treasure box.
Congratulations, you're 3rd job now

Talk to Christine for the quest
Head to Edelstein
Go inside Verne Mine and head 2 maps right
Go inside the cave indicated with an arrow
Keep going right until you see Suu.
Talk to him and then he'll posses you. You'll then be transported to Ereve, where you will talk to Cygnus
Aria's ghost will appear. Talk to her.
Finish the quest by the thought bubble

Talk to Cygnus for the next quest
She'll then give you the Union skill, which gives 5 Acc, Avoid, Attack, and M.atk!

[100] Mount (Optional)

Go to the Butler in Crystal Gardens.
Receive the clipboard from him.
Head to Magatia
Talk to Bedin inside the Zenumist house
Pay 10M for the mount

[120]4th Job Advancement

Accept the quest
Go to Leafre
Follow the arrows leading to the left
Go inside the cave
Defeat the statue
Go inside the room and click on the picture of Aria

SOURCE:Phantom Quest Guide

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